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It’s been a pretty busy week for Google — the company had its industry event where they unveiled some nifty wearable tech, it launched a new domain registration service, and slightly changed its Google Authorship display. Check out the latest news:

Hope you enjoyed catching up on this week’s biggest stories! Now, onto the top 25 articles:

Search Optimization

You might think that SEO and social media are vastly different, but in reality they exist in quite the same universe. Paudy Heal identifies how the two disciplines contribute to each other.

Whereas before people were afraid to link out, it is now imperative to link out to other valuable sources to gain traffic. Tadeusz Szewczyk posts a strong article on the subject.

Have a look at this intriguing guide to removing penalties you get from Google. Big thanks to the marketers at Datadial.

Google Analytics is simple to get the hang of once you spend enough time on the platform. To speed up the learning process, Kristi Hines shares the basics of maneuvering it in a post.

Social Optimization

Are you tired of posting generic posts on your social media platforms? Change things up with Jeff Bullas’s advice on crafting awesome content for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

How much purchasing power does social media influence on a regular basis. According to Americans, not very much — check out this post on buying decisions with Art Swift.

You can integrate your social media and email marketing for massive results. Check out this article and white paper presented by Kelly Hungerford.

Having trouble coming up with the perfect social media strategy? Here’s the how and why from Tom at Internet Folks!

Local Optimization

What are your plans for local search domination? Wesley Young offers up 10 tips for your local SEO success!

If you’re a beginner in the local space, you don’t want to miss this. Greg Smith shares his view on what you need to know for Local SEO 101.

Email Marketing

There are several reasons why your email list is growing at a slower pace. Adam Connell makes note of the factors that you can augment to boost your list’s growth to more than 700%.

Looking for examples of engaging email marketing campaigns? The writers at Sociafy.me prepare 10 examples for us to take notes from.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lauren Licata puts up 11 inspiring email marketing campaigns. Pay attention to these!

Mobile Optimization

What are the mobile open rates of your emails? Kristen Ciccolini informs us of a new study that showed nearly half of all emails were opened on mobile devices.

Get a quick lesson on optimizing your email for mobile from Lauren Smith.

Content Marketing

Always promote your content if your aim is to grow your traffic. Kelsey Meyer writes on the significance of being a thought leader by sharing your content.

Don’t write content just to rank higher in the search engines; instead write content that actually converts. Zetong Teoh puts together a detailed post on content strategy.

Why do your content marketing practices fail? One idea is that the content you’re sharing isn’t written well enough by marketers. Vince Koehler expands in his post on why content marketing fails.

How do you manage your content marketing? Chances are you’ll need some tools to keep tracking of your efforts. Kostas Papageorgiou proposes 13 tools to aid in our marketing.

Conversion Optimization

Social logins have been known to convert pretty well. Read Rakesh Soni’s complete dissection of the advantages of integrating social logins with your site.

Language in your ad copy matters a great deal. It can determine whether your ad fails or succeeds in sending customers to your landing page. Pratik Dholakiya makes a convincing argument for the language you use on your ads.

Everyone wants conversions: so how do we get them? There are many lessons to keep in mind as you consider improving conversion. Birger Krah drops the basics on us to absorb.

Does CRO have the best return-on-investment for online marketing? We believe it does? Nick Jakubowski makes the case for it in a blog post.

Reputation Management

The most useful thing you can do for your business is to measure your customer satisfaction. Not only does it alert you to when your customers aren’t engaging, it can give you ideas on how to improve. Marta from Userlike posts six proven methods for you to experiment with.

How do you learn the standards of customer loyalty to follow? Simply put, ask the experts! Entrepreneur Daily posts opinions from some of the most noteworthy professionals from within their companies on this matter.

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