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It’s interesting to analyze the content trends that exist in the land of inbound marketing. You can sometimes predict what the most popular buzz is going to be from week to week as a clear pattern emerges: The anticipation, the announcements and then the analysis. Panda 2.0 loomed on the horizon, and thought leaders weighed in with their predictions on how it would impact different types of websites. Then it hit—and what followed was an analysis about how it actually did impact sites, and what to do to remedy the situation if you’d been hit.

The same pattern holds true for Facebook’s #hashtag announcement last week. Last week, the Web was abuzz with announcements to let Facebook users know that they can now “officially” use the beloved hashtag on Facebook—if they weren’t doing so already. So what would you expect to see this week? You got it: Lots of analysis about how this new development will impact social networking and SEO.  We already have some discussion rolling in on Instagram’s just-announced new video feature, as well. So this week we have a collection of different professionals who are offering up their creative juices and providing in-depth commentary on these changes, the general theme being that the world of SEO is changing. Are you keeping pace?

Search Optimization

  1. DreamScape shares five simple tips for boosting SEO using your WordPress blog.
  2. Video and SEO for YouTube? Dustin Riddle shares the ins and outs at Grizzard.com.
  3. Are Facebook’s #hashtags going to change the game of SEO? Digital Trends weighs in.
  4. Speaking of game-changers: Jennifer Van Iderstyne talks setting expectations in the changing game of SEO at Search Engine Watch.

Social Optimization

  1. Are you stuck on chasing fast revenue? If so, you’re probably missing out on the long-term value of social media. Great post at AdAge Digital, where Ian Schafer points out that old tactics just won’t cut it anymore—your focus must be content-first.
  2. Jeff Korhan shares some tips on using the new #hashtags on Facebook to enhance your marketing efforts.
  3. Verndale addresses the changing landscape of social optimization with tips on getting the most from both Facebook’s and Instagram’s new features.

Local Optimization

  1. Auto Revo takes a look at Google’s new Carousel layout for local search results, with a detailed breakdown of the obvious differences between the new and old layouts and what you’re getting—and not getting—from Carousel.
  2. Your Google Local Business Page is a critically important component of your local search strategy. Get tips for optimizing it to its fullest potential from Taylor Clark.
  3. Theresa Delgado shares 10 amazing—and hyperlocal—marketing strategies for small business.

Email Marketing

  1. Name.com has a great primer for those new to email marketing, covering all the basics of using email to get more traffic. This is Part 1 of a series—stay tuned for more in-depth tips and strategies next week.
  2. dotMailer’s Email Marketing Intelligence Report. Need we say more? Go get your download on!
  3. Email Answers has some cool ideas for getting your subscribers to open. How do you back your car out of the garage?

Mobile Optimization

  1. How does Google’s new Keyword Planner affect mobile search marketing? Crest Media weighs in.
  2. Doing it wrong? Eight ways you could be messing up your mobile campaign from ClickBooth.
  3. If you’re in the information marketing business (who isn’t these days?) and you’re not focused on mobile optimization, you could be hurting your business. Fred Gleeck discusses why instant gratification is so important in the information business—and identifies the number one mobile optimization snafu that could be costing you.

Content Marketing

  1. What do you get when you add content and social media? Link building. Kristi Hines shares tactics for using content and social to generate links at Search Engine Journal.
  2. A roundup of amazing content marketing posts is just too good to resist. TopRank Blog identifies the top 10 blogs on content marketing that will guide you through 2013.
  3. Got great content? Awesome. Now what? Great content doesn’t equal great content marketing, as you know if you’ve been following our blog for a while. Innovative Marketing Resources reveals a new way of thinking: Building a marketing machine, then filling it with content. Brilliance.

Conversion Optimization

  1. “Leveraging content relationships and social proof for conversion rate optimization.” The title of this post alone is enough to make us drool with content-envy. Get it at SuccessWorks.
  2. Checkouts are a sticking point for some customers, and a point at which you can make your break your conversion rates. Rejoiner shares 10 checkout usability techniques that will delight your customers—and keep them converting.
  3. Peter van der Schaar at 365Online reveals the four keys to conversion optimization success, based on his extensive work with businesses undertaking optimization programs.

Reputation Management

  1. Mediaite points out that one of the biggest threats to your reputation could be your former college classmates. Oops. Read the full story for the scoop and a pretty drastic example of how an old college classmate could destroy your rep. Beware the roomies!
  2. Found yourself with a damaged reputation? Have no fear: SocialMedia.biz has five tips to repair it.
  3. TalkORM keeps it simple with five easy steps to creating and managing your online reputation.


  • We LOVE these big-name examples of social media reputation management from Smart SEO Designs.
  • In fun news this week, Google has decided to hang up its hat on asking job applicants to complete impossible brain-teasers, according to Mashable. Hmmm.
  • Here’s a great infographic at Bitrebels covering 10 email marketing tips.
  • Technori names three free Google tools startups should be taking advantage of, but might not be. Nothing’s better than a roundup of free Google tools to round out this week’s roundup!
  • Or maybe there is something better: How about this list of five free deep-checking reputation management tools. If the post about your college pals damaging your hard-earned reputation has given you anxiety, these tools listed by Search Engine Land might help you breathe a bit easier this weekend.