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Breaking news: Facebook has finally decided to support #hashtags. Well, it’s about friggin’ time, and if you missed our post on using #hashtags to boost your business a couple weeks ago, now’s a good time to check it out. Oh, and Twitter has rolled out free Tweet analytics for all.

But before you trot off and start #hashtagging your way all over Facebook and obsessing over your newfound free Tweet analytics, we have a few more things in store to satisfy your thirst for the latest and greatest from the world of inbound marketing from the past week.

Search Optimization

  1. Michael Martinez unleashes a slew of information to answer all your burning questions about SEO. And we’re not kidding. If questions like “How complex is Google’s algorithm?” have been preoccupying your mind, check out Michael’s post at SEO-Theory.com for the answers.
  2. Julia DiNardo of Independent Fashion Bloggers reveals her picks for five of the best (and free!) WordPress SEO plugins.
  3. SEO is all about keeping it fresh. And it plays a big role in the content creation process. We’ve said it a million times: It’s all one big, happy family. Webtrends weighs in.

Social Optimization

  1. Are you using social media as more than a mere marketing channel? Tamar shares why you should be thinking of your social strategy as more than just a marketing campaign.
  2. SEO and SMO are like two peas in a pod. Or, as Zog Digital points out, more like PB&J—good old peanut butter and jelly.
  3. Sean Donahoe offers a four-step process to letting feedback guide your social media optimization strategy at IMSC.
  4. Stuck on Pinterest? Smart SEO Designs has six smart tips for using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site.

Local Optimization

  1. Local and mobile, along with search and social, continue to drive SMB marketing opportunities. Get the details at the SCORE Small Business Blog.
  2. Blog Marketing Book offers 7 tips for improving your local search listings.
  3. Struggling with where to go with your local search strategy this year? At the midway check-point, it’s a good time to re-eval your roadmap. Search Engine Guide provides a thorough guide to Local SEO for 2013.

Email Marketing

  1. Google seriously won’t give us a break with all these changes. The new inbox might impact your email marketing delivery rates. MailerMailer.com discusses the impacts.
  2. Email marketing is more effective when you can make a personal connection with your audience. And when you’re dealing with a massive list, that’s pretty challenging. SuperMedia weighs in with some expertise on bringing the personal touch to your email campaigns.
  3. You know you do it: Make silly mistakes in your email marketing campaigns that you could easily avoid. Enterprise Nation reveals five of the most common email marketing mistakes you can easily stay away from.

Mobile Optimization

  1. Litmus shares some insightful commentary on mobile-optimizing through the entire subscriber cycle—from email messaging, to landing pages.
  2. Are you doing mobile SEO? Daily Blog Tips reveals some recent revelations from Google on how mobile may impact search results.
  3. In mobile marketing, everything has changed—yet nothing has changed. Intrigued? Read more at MarketMotive.

Content Marketing

  1. Get the five essential tips to effective content marketing at Search Engine Journal.
  2. Are you sharing your best stuff? Pam Moore and her pals at The Marketing Nutz reveal 12 tips to measure whether what you’re sharing meets the bar.
  3. Can you use SlideShare for content marketing? Sure can. Magnet Media Labs reveals how in a short video and accompanying summary.

Conversion Optimization

  1. Formisimo enters the optimization scene with five resources on conversion rate and online form optimization.
  2. Have a web store? Clearly, you want the best conversion rates you can possibly achieve. CPC Strategy shares some effective ways to boost your conversion rates.
  3. You gotta find the sweet spot—that magic budgetary division that lets you put just the right amount of effort (yeah, and cash too) into optimizing your landing pages and the precise amount you should devote to your ad campaigns. Sphinx shares a few strategies for finding the magic breakdown.

Reputation Management

  1. Sproutloud has a different take on online reputation management, pointing out that the big dogs should be taking a stake in the reputations of local affiliates. Makes total sense to us!
  2. Reputation management can be handled in part by effective SEO. TalkORM weighs in.
  3. Modo Networks shares five tips for effectively managing your online reputation. Check ‘em out.


  • Are you suffering from online marketing ADD? Yeah, we can totally relate (if you haven’t noticed). Not to worry: Jonathan Jeeter shares some avoidance strategies at SuperMedia.
  • Tripwire magazine has an awesome roundup of mobile-optimized WordPress themes—a must-read if you’re using the WordPress platform and don’t yet have a mobile optimization strategy in place.
  • Unbounce shares one of the greatest infographics we’ve ever laid eyes on (courtesy of Inklyo), revealing 15 content marketing stats that will make you say, “I told you so.” And who doesn’t love saying “I told you so”?