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Woohoo! Happy Fourth of July, everyone! On the off chance you’re still online, we’re glad to decided to stop by. The festivities might be roaring outside, but in the inbound marketing world, marketers and technology are always on the move.

Google, Twitter, and Facebook seem to be making big moves in the social media, video marketing, and ecommerce space as of this past week. Check out the latest news:

Hope you’re enjoying your Independence Day! Now, onto the top 25 articles of the week:

Search Optimization

There are an immense number of website auditing tools and companies out there, but not enough that provide a comprehensible analysis for customers. Jason White offers seven tips for creating relevant audit reports for clients.

Do you know exactly where to start when developing your ecommerce site? Kothapally Arun publishes an incredibly detailed guide to ecommerce SEO.

Are you a beginner, but you want to improve your site’s SEO in a jiff? Plato Web Design crafts a speedy guide to ranking higher in 180 seconds or less!

This is another example of what Google overlooks in its quest to rid its search engine of spam: user control of the situation. Bill Hartzer makes note of an issue with Webmaster Tools you want to look out for.

Social Optimization

What are the best ways to integrate your online and offline communities? Laura Petrolino gives us strategies to better combine the two.

Interested in learning why people like HootSuite? Check out this breakdown by Ben Jacobson.

When content gets shared, it’s a sign that that content is trusted. Ivan Widjaya demonstrates why this is the lifeline of any website.

Using Twitter is one of the best ways to grow your brand recognition and consumer base. Zamir Javer writes a top post on how to smart tweet your way to fame.

Local Optimization

What do customers think of local businesses as a whole? Myles Anderson shares an insightful survey shedding light on their local usage, opinions on customer reviews, and more!

Make sure your local SEO doesn’t fall by the wayside! Jon Ball presents the five local SEO factors that matter most to your business.

Get the reviews you want for your firm starting right now! Luis Galarza shares an extensive post on improving local search rankings for your site.

Email Marketing

How effective is your email marketing? John Hayes posts nine metrics that should give you a clear picture of your standing.

If you want to perfect your email marketing, always check up on the latest tools. Jean-Luc Brisebois posts three of his must-have tools for you to use.

Promotional emails are certainly worth optimizing, but transactional emails often lack in creativity, despite the higher open rates. Jimmy Daly writes a terrific guide on how to improve your transactional email campaigns.

Mobile Optimization

What’s the process you take when designing for mobile? If you’re interested in mobile application optimization, the Emersian team puts together a smart guide on the subject.

How much do you know about mobile app SEO? Alan Smith gives us a quick review on the concepts and factors to consider in an article.

Content Marketing

Here are some ecommerce content ideas you can use for the month of July, written by Armando Roggio.

What are your most efficient ways to promote your content? Chad Pollitt delivers a content promotion ecosystem to take notes on.

Content seems to be all the same these days. Malcom Chakery recommends some tips to add an edge to your content that customers want to read!

You don’t have to create entirely new content each time. Sarah Harris illustrates various ideas for repurposing content.

Conversion Optimization

You’ve just finished a successful A/B test — where do you go from here? Tristan Handy provides useful next steps for establishing the next conversion test.

Jojo Giuffra types up a neat post on tips for growth hackers.

Headlines aren’t the only means of growing your traffic and getting conversions. Luke from GainBits sheds light on his theory of higher click-through rates.

Is everything really worth testing? Alex Turnbull continues on his startup joining, highlighting six A/B failed tests to learn from.

Reputation Management

Keep your reputation top of mind before you make any moves. Hannah Atkins posts the full story on brand ambassadors.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.

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