Top 25 Inbound Marketing Articles of the Week: July 3rd 2015This week there was plenty of great reading material for digital marketers and inbound marketing enthusiasts. Exciting developments in mobile search results and social media content integration, lots of tips on content generation, and a deeper look into Google’s link graph have given us plenty of food for thought leading up to the holiday weekend.




Search Engine Optimization

  • If you’ve submitted your website for an SEO audit, it’s important that you know what to expect and understand the results. At Adonis Media, Jamie Rutherford has the key points a thorough SEO audit should address.
  • We all know that the context of links is just as important (if not more) than the type and number of inbound links to a website. At the Moz blog this week, Russ Jones has a very good analysis of using proportional representation to Google’s link graph to evaluate link indexes. If you have an active linking strategy, this is worth the read.
  • The Knowledge Graph is one of the most interesting aspects of Google search, given that it’s constantly evolving and can offer up so many different types of content to searchers. Neil Patel wrote a very detailed introduction to the Knowledge Graph this week that’s insightful for anyone new to SEO.
  • If you aren’t familiar with linking strategies, putting together a link building campaign may seem intimidating at first. After all, there are so many warnings out there about link spam and quality scores; you don’t want to accidentally hurt your SEO efforts. If this is you, then Andrew Dennis’s post at SEMRush on launching your first link building campaign is for you.
  • Yelp teamed up with a Columbia Law School professor on a very interesting study recently titled “Is Google Degrading Search? Consumer Harm from Universal Search”.  Their conclusion? Google’s promotion of its own content in SERPs provides a less-than-ideal experience for users. Larry Dignan has the details at ZDNet.


Social Optimization

  • Social media marketers have had plenty to geek out about this week, and one of the most interesting developments is the arrival of Facebook’s new Lead Ads. They’re currently only available to a small group of testers, but the prospect of a lead form that can auto-fill phone numbers and emails of users is very exciting. Josh Constine has a good write-up at Tech Crunch.
  • We’re already halfway through 2015, so it’s a good time to review what we’ve learned and what’s happened in the social media landscape so far this year. Lucy Hitz at Simply Measured has a roundup of 10 facts to know about social media in 2015.
  • Brands that have international social media audiences need to strategize a little differently than those targeting local audiences. Kingston Benjamin at Yorke Communications has five great tips for connecting with global social media audiences this week.


Conversion Optimization

  • Your forms are only as useful as the leads and the data that you can get from them. At the KissMetrics blog, Sherice Jacob has great tips for obtaining more actionable insights with several top form builders.
  • To serve up content that users like and interact with, and to improve your chances of earning their conversions, there are many factors marketers should consider when building product pages. In fact, Graham Charlton has 31 of them at the Econsultancy blog this week.


Local Optimization

  • Facebook Place Tips offers a unique blending of social media and local optimization. If you haven’t checked out this feature yet, stop by Megan Pruitt’s post at Social Media Today covering five key aspects of the feature that every marketer should be aware of.
  • At this point, most digital marketers (and small businesses) know that local SEO is an important element of their marketing mix. Jayson Demers has a few interesting points this week at illustrating why local SEO is now more important than ever, and why it deserves to be the top priority in a digital marketing campaign.


Mobile Optimization

  • Voice command technology has been around for a while, but it’s just beginning to impact search behavior (and marketing) in a big way. Luke Rees gives us an interesting look at some key ways that voice search changes how we interact with search at PageWiz this week.
  • If you’re marketing a mobile app, then app store optimization is an important aspect of your promotional strategy. At The Next Web’s blog this week, Rahul Varshneya has three handy SEO tips to help more people find and download your app.
  • Google’s updated its mobile search offerings once again: users now see a new carousel of social results including content from Pinterest, Vine, and popular (or in Google’s words, “favorite websites”) sites in their mobile results. At Search Engine Journal, Matt Southern takes a closer look at the feature and its implications for SEO.
  • At Uplift this week, Quincy Smith has nine key areas where marketers should focus their mobile optimization efforts, including micro-moments, CTA adjustments, and more.


Content Marketing

  • Google Tag Manager has many uses. Bloggers can use it to analyze reader behavior and engagement, and in turn inform their editorial planning. At the Cambridge Technology Partners blog, Andrea Rapanaro has a very in-depth guide to setting up tracking and measure visitor reader type and scroll depth on your blog.
  • Your blog is a great place to drum up more leads, and there are quite a few tools available to turn your blog into a conversion machine. Jeff Bullas has 27 great tips at his blog to get you started.
  • Speaking of blogging, Marcus Sheridan has some very useful suggestions for writing effective, attention-grabbing headlines this week at The Sales Lion.
  • One great benefit of being a part of the online marketing community is having access to the ideas, success stories, and advice of other marketers. At Copyblogger this week, Sonia Simone has some wisdom for content marketers that you won’t want to miss.
  • If your job is writing-heavy, chances are you’ve got a lot of deadlines and little time to waste dealing with writer’s block. Noemi Tasarra-Twigg has ten tricks for dispelling writer’s block, staying organized, and staying ahead of your deadlines at The Blog Herald.


Email Marketing

  • Automation is a godsend for email marketers, but it is possible to overuse it. At Vero, Jimmy Daly provides an in-depth look at best practices for automating in a variety of marketing scenarios.
  • How frequently should you email your contacts for the best results? As Walter Chen writes at this week, “Increasing your sending frequency (while avoiding annoying email blasts) also increases the chances for your emails to hit home with your subscribers.” Head over to his post to find out how to double your open rate.
  • We mentioned the new Facebook Lead Ads in development above, but also wanted to share John Davier’s post at MailMunch this week, which examines the feature’s potential from an email marketing perspective.
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