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Hope everyone had a fantastic fourth of July weekend of fireworks and celebration! This week, the excitement continues as we traverse the latest inbound marketing articles. Facebook recently rolled out its Graph Search feature to its U.S. users, and new Twitter Analytics tools are available to track the effectiveness of tweets. No matter your preferred marketing method, we have a great roundup of interesting news and case studies that will definitely pique your interest.

Let’s get started with the compilation of this week’s learnings.

Search Optimization

  1. New to understanding SERPS (search engine results pages) in 2013? This post is one of the top comprehensive guides we’ve seen on the topic. Jeremy Rivera, SEO Specialist of Caddis Interactive, gives a very simple breakdown on Google search and how it displays results pages.
  2. Every business owner who starts learning SEO and wants to get his or her hands dirty in keyword research should read this post. Kristina Allen, a marketing consultant for AdEspresso, talks about the right way to conduct SEO and increase your traffic.
  3. Sometimes it is best to read advice straight from the minds of blogging experts. Matthew Barby shares a collection of insightful link-building wins.

Social Optimization

  1. Graeme Benge of Koozai demonstrates markup to add to your website, which will provide an easier experience for users to share content with their audience.
  2. SiteProNews publishes a detailed overview on the bevy of analytics tools now available on Twitter.
  3. Facebook Graph Search was recently released in the U.S. What does this mean for your business? Read the latest from HubSpot.
  4. Sprout Social also shares its innovative thoughts on the rollout of the new Facebook Graph Search.

Local Optimization

  1. In a bright and revealing infographic, Techmagnate provides seven helpful tactics to improve your business’s local SEO.
  2. Getting verified with Google is the official standard if you want to be listed as a local business. B2C provides the scoop on the significance of placement in SERPS.

Email Marketing

  1. Marketo compiles a variety of helpful tips to optimize your emails for mobile devices.
  2. Are your emails converting poorly? Chris Hexton, the co-founder of Vero, discusses the right way of sending emails to your lists.

Mobile Optimization

  1. We know smartphones are the nifty gadgets of the future, but do you understand how people use them? Mobile Marketing Watch delves into understanding the mobile consumer.
  2. Want to see inside a company’s mobile marketing strategy? The folks at Wordstream break down a case study for a local law firm.
  3. Mobile is slowly but surely coming into its own. Pressly reveals the evolution of mobile content marketing and the future that awaits publishers.
  4. There is no better time to jump on the mobile monetization bandwagon than right now. Business Insider unveils five astounding mobile data points.

Content Marketing

  1. KISSmetrics complies 50 content marketing tools to publishing your valuable content. Some platforms on this list you may have heard of, but many you also haven’t. Check it out!
  2. Similar to getting ranked in Google, content marketing requires patience and discipline. Search Engine Journal’s article teaches you the tools of the trade.
  3. Blogging not doing it for you or your business? GetElastic has 13 excellent alternatives that will put you back on track.
  4. New to content marketing or just looking for quick ideas to get you going? Neil Patel of Quicksprout provides you with 30 things you need to know.

Conversion Optimization

  1. Have you ever optimized your website ? If not, get ready to read the critique of a landing page by FOUR optimization pros on the Daily Egg.
  2. Looking to attract your first 100 users? Better yet, looking to acquire even more? Read this esteemed guest post by BabyCenter’s Seth Berman on how to do just that.
  3. Aaron Harris, the co-founder of Tutorspree, shares his opinion regarding Google slowly phasing out organic search for local businesses. We encourage you to check out this interesting read.
  4. InstantShift writes a similarly intriguing article on user interface and visitor psychology.

Reputation Management

  1. Want to hear discussion from marketing veterans about brand controversy? Listen to this Convince and Convert podcast for their opinions on social media engagement and transparency.
  2. It’s always exciting to view how different companies and individuals tackle the trials and tribulations of online reputation. In this Forbes article, Cheryl Conner shares her thoughts about Pierre Zarokian, the CEO of Reputation Fighters, and managing digital reputation.


  • Ever wonder what is going on inside the genius minds working at Google? Check out Stone Temple Consulting‘s comprehensive and distinguished interview with Matt Cutts on the significance of link-building.
  • Whether we know it or not, our minds are affected by the way we perceive a site ,and the behavior of a brand affects how we perceive the brand itself. Geekless Tech writes a notable piece on how psychology impacts social marketing strategy.
  • You can always learn more about what leading experts think about landing pages. Check out some great tips from Search Engine People.