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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

It’s been a wonderful week in the world of marketing and new innovations are coming to light! Facebook releases a new content app called Paper, Google sells off its mobile device company Motorola, and Foursquare now allows direct orders from restaurants.

Now, without further ado, here are our top articles!

Search Optimization

It doesn’t take much to learn from some of the greatest SEOs in the biz. When you get a chance, ask them about the state of the industry and where it’s going. Moosa Hemani interviews Bill Slawski, the president of SEO By the Sea, in an engaging article.

Is organic SEO helping your business or is it not doing enough? Try using Adwords, an excellent Google-based paid alternative! Joshua Uebergang demonstrates how using this tool can triple your ROI.

SEO in 2014 has raised a whole slew of questions from marketers. Are backlinks still valuable, and how significant is the impact of social media? Learn all of this information and more in Sean Markey’s audio interview with Travis Jamison of SupremacySEO.

If you are not an SEO person, don’t hit the Back button! There is still much to learn about the power of search, especially if an SEO guide was written specifically for you. Ana Hoffman releases the SEO traffic guide for non-SEOs on her blog.

Social Optimization

We all acknowledge Twitter is the powerhouse for a social network. To make use of it effectively, harness the positive force of hashtags for tweet engagement. Ryan Olson guest posts his thoughts on the Hashtagify.me blog.

The key to social media comes in offering value to potential fans and followers. In addition, you have to find ways to give that value. Navneet Kaushal shares the 36 rules guide to social media.

Facebook’s been dogged lately for the low organic reach statistics on text-only page posts. However, adding links can be extremely valuable, as Jenn Herman found a way to make her Facebook post reach 10,000 people organically! Read the full story on her blog.

Social media is a lot more difficult than it looks. Yet if you engage in the right way, your business can master it in no time! Ian Anderson Gray writes 20 steps to become a social media guru.

Local Optimization

Local SEO, in regards to Google Plus and its other applications, can be disorienting. Thankfully, we have a guide here to sort out the confusion between Google Places and Google Plus Local. Sam Turner sets the record straight in a well-formulated article.

If you are a business owner interested in starting local optimization, you won’t want to miss this post. Check out this neat Slideshare presentation on the basics of local SEO on Phil Rozek’s blog.

Link building continues its prominence as one of the most useful strategies on the web! Jitendra Vaswani lists intuitive ways to build strong links for companies seeking local optimization.

Do you know your market so well that it’s obvious what your customers are doing online? Probably not. Alexis Gui embeds an outstanding infographic for us to visualize fascinating recent local stats.

Email Marketing

The online identities of your prospects will be forever unavailable to you… unless you find a quick strategy for them all! We introduce FullContact API, the service that allows you to mine user data. Tyler Brooks presents a rundown of the service on his quality blog.

How does your AB testing process compare with competitor tests? If you are not sure the answer to this question, read this post by Shana Carp. You will find an idea of how to perform AB analysis on your email blasts.

Email marketing campaigns have the opportunity to provide customers with a new product or service for their well-being. Nevertheless, campaigns will be ineffective if they don’t go in for the kill (call the reader to action!), or experiment with emails. Carol Casey writes four ways to develop extraordinary campaigns.

As an e-commerce business owner, your email marketing should be split into several campaign options to contend with any situation. As a result, you may retain many more customers down the line. Todd Giannattasio jots down nine campaigns to implement for your online store.

Mobile Optimization

The Super Bowl is on its way, and that means more astonishing advertising commercials! Not only that, but we’re sure to see smart uses of the “second screen” experience. Vi Tran publishes her thoughts on the mobile-TV experience in a fun-filled post.

You can get the most out of mobile apps and optimization simply by using other apps. See how they compare to your mobile service and contrast usability. MentorMate posts some of its employees’ favorite mobile apps of 2013.

Content Marketing

Do you ever ask yourself, “How epic is my website content?” Our guess is not very much. First, you need to know what qualifies as “epic.” Marc Andre markets a useful guide on the subject.

While content marketing can hold its own, its influence multiplies drastically when paired with social media networks. This way your content can spread over a much larger range. Kunle Campbell declares five reasons to combine content marketing with social media.

For many companies, their growth strategy depends heavily on the marketing of website content. In the case of Creative Market, the team’s content was a huge part of the company’s growth this year. Read this interview with Chief Growth Officer (CGO) Zack Onisko to learn more.

We have heard of growth hacking, but can you hack your content? We believe so! Delve into Jakk Ogden’s interview with the founder of CoSchedule, Garrett Moon.

Conversion Optimization

You can improve your website in nearly every way by utilizing the data collection tools within Google Analytics. See what type of content performs well with your audience and which pages attract the most engagement. Rob Wormley expounds on this advice in a blog post.

To easily convert visitors, it is important target their search queries. Use the Keyword Researcher to target their questions. Rehan Khan breaks down Part 2 of the Best Seller thought process.

Reputation Management

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you might think you have it easy managing your reputation because most customers are right in front of you. You’d be wrong, of course. In the digital age, customers aren’t just in front of you; they are everywhere! Chris Silver Smith lists 10 reputation management tips for small local businesses.

The recap list above includes some of the most interesting articles that we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.