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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

Welcome to 2014! This week’s roundup focuses on the year past, with articles on trends and predictions for 2014. Not much news happened as the world crossed over from 2013, but take comfort in the fact that this year has only just begun! There is much more to discover in the world of inbound marketing!

Now check out our top 25 inbound articles for the week:

Search Optimization

Previously, social media and SEO were distinctly separate from one another. Nowdays, that is no longer the case. James Parsons shares his insights on the effect of social media on SEO.

Stacking pages upon pages to your website may enhance its rankings, but interlinking between pages will boost your SEO to a higher degree. Arbaz Khan presents the benefits of internal links.

Keeping a clean PPC campaign can prove to be a difficult challenge, especially  duplicate keywords. When is it okay to have duplicate keywords in your ad campaigns? Erin Sagin gives us the complete rundown on the matter.

Still having trouble with your website’s visibility under the reign of Google Hummingbird? Working with Google rather than against it, may be your best bet. Katie Pietrak shares advice on “getting lucky” with Google’s latest algorithm.

Social Optimization

2013 was a wonderful year for digital marketing. Courtney Seiter gives us a stellar snapshot of some of the best moments and strides in inbound marketing from the past year.

If 2013 was any indicator, much will be changing within the world of social this coming year. You can bet that more budget will be pumped into social media, and Heidi Cohen drops seven pearls of wisdom from last year’s digital marketing plans.

One of the easiest ways to bring quality backlinks to your site is to bookmark sites. Submitting to these websites will surely benefit your website ranking. In this article, Krish of Online Passions complies a massive list for your efforts in 2014.

Another look back into 2013 shows us many updates to our favorite social networking platforms. It makes you wonder how much is going to change in the year to come! Kunle T. Campbell posts 84 significant boosts to our top social media sites.

Local Optimization

Local SEO should be top-of-mind for every small business this year! Learn from a slew of top local marketing articles, and David Gray publishes his favorite local optimization articles in a post.

Getting better at local SEO requires an understanding of the basics. Luckily, we’ve picked up some of the best material out there for you to take lessons. Len Ward demonstrates what are the top citations in a local 101 article.

Another year passes, and old wisdom is bound to be forgotten, skipped, or plain missed. Here are a few local marketing highlights for 2013, presented by Freddie Fulton.

Email Marketing

What are your business resolutions for this year? We hope they include a healthy dose of email campaign improvements. Jill Bastian points out some important email resolutions for this year.

Your email marketing can never be 100% perfect. However, you can always optimize properly for your given audience. Pamela Wilson lists four items to improve with your email campaigns.

It is easy to look at an email subscriber count and determine it as your newsletter’s success mark. To gain greater insight, why not go beyond the numbers and into the context of your data? Mad Mimi asks smart questions about our email information in this informative article.

Mobile Optimization

Are you ready to enhance your mobile marketing practices beginning this year? We certainly are! To get you in the mobile spirit, Jennifer Lonoff Schiff puts up six mobile marketing trends to keep an eye on.

Many business have not yet figured out the key to the mobile device. Content is important for mobile, but filter that through the perspective of a mobile user. Barbara Starr enlightens us on how to succeed in a mobile world.

In the inbound marketing world, the only limits are technology. We have seen how customers evolve their purchase cycle through mobile devices. Curt Finch shows how technology is affecting how we market to consumers.

Content Marketing

Before you begin your 2014 content strategy, it is crucial to dive deeply in understanding your target audience. The results from your demographic research significantly impacts the content you end up creating. Rae Hoffman breaks down how to identify your target group.

Only half of content marketing is acrual “content.” To be effective at “marketing,” you must excel at syndicating it as well. Andy Nathan provides us with eight places to promote our content.

Don’t fall behind the pack in content marketing without the most fitting tools in your arsenal. No need to worry though, as Navneet Kaushal gathers together 25 content gadgets to push our branding efforts forward.

Letting your content go stale is one of the cardinal sins of content marketing. You must consistently keep your audience engaged and entertained. Divi Fernando displays the top 10 places to find ideas for fresh content.

Conversion Optimization

Your conversions are what matters this year, and this time around you have the knowledge to increase them! In case you need more insight, Tommy Walker offers top-notch conversion rate case studies that you won’t want to miss.

SEO and social media are not the only industries that evolved in the past year. Conversion optimization also endured its fair share of growth. Arun Sivashankaran writes about the top seven CRO trends to take note of in 2014.

When you live in the world of conversion testing, you can always experiment with new fixes and strategies. Change up your landing page using Scott Taft’s five tips to increase conversions.

Reputation Management

As much as we hate to admit it, negative reviews will never go away. Of course, positive reviews won’t disappear either, and this works in your business’s favor. Brian Thackston describes the principal way to overpower negativity toward your brand’s reputation.

The recap list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.