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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

It’s inbound marketing time, folks! Welcome to another week of top articles from around the web. This time around, we see Facebook tweaking its algorithm to promotes status updates and embedded links, Pinterest testing out GIFs in stream, and HootSuite acquiring UberVu.

Think about how these changes affect your marketing practices, and then jump on down to our main list of articles. We hope you enjoy our top 25 list this week!

Search Optimization

It’s easy to get lost in the keyword and backlinks mumbo-jumbo you constantly hear on the SEO airwaves. At long last, the true ranking factors are here and tested for your learning! Tom Shurville shares his latest insights on search ranking factors in his post.

Organic search is not the only way to get traffic back to your site. You can also enlist the aid of paid resources to increase your search visibility. In a smart article, Francisco Rosales teaches us the benefit of paid media for marketing content.

In life, the good sometimes comes with the bad. This is the case in SEO, where some practices are not as ethical as others. Charles Floate highlights sneaky link building strategies for us to avoid using.

There’s more than one way to effectively build links. The key is to not let any one strategy become the full focus for your search optimization plan. Sean Si provides his interpretation of the top secret key to link building in any given situation.

Social Optimization

Content can often times spread a lot faster on some platforms than others. In the case of Facebook and Google Plus, the key difference in sharing content on these networks lies in how each treats good content. Mike Fitzpatrick explains why Google Plus beats Facebook as a content platform.

Facebook continues to innovate its marketing capabilities as more businesses flock to the network’s growing audience. Curious on how to work through your Facebook marketing? Lester Balingit tells us seven easy tips to effectively promote on the social network.

Building a community requires you to do more than share content: you have to engage your audience. Thankfully, we can learn from experts with the skills to foster communities online. Evan LePage shares what HootSuite has learned from growing its Google Plus community to 25,000 followers.

Believe it or not, every social media platform has its own intricacies. The way you use Facebook isn’t the way you would use Twitter or even Google Plus. Huxo Digital Media posts a helpful Facebook infographic to help manage your company’s Facebook page.

Local Optimization

As new local marketing solutions emerge for small businesses, we see local integration seeping into larger scale platforms (Pinterest, Facebook, etc.). Court Cunningham describes 10 local marketing trends to keep an eye out for in the coming months.

Local SEO is hard enough for small business owners who are new to online listings. Let’s make the listing verification simpler and spend more time talking with customers and creating new products. Damian Rollison expands on this idea in a full article.

How do you optimize your local SEO on a mobile device? There are three key strategies you must keep in mind as a local business. Marci James shares the full story in a detailed post.

Email Marketing

If you want to effectively market your business, you need to master the art of the email. Whatever you include in your email reflects on your brand and how the customer receives it. Andrew Youderian shares this lesson in a detailed post.

When writing out emails, you will want to make the most out of your list. Knowing the ins and outs of who is included on your list can enforce positive changes  to your business’s email content. Adam Tuttle gives us five simple steps to improve a website’s email marketing.

When starting to create emails, make sure you have the basics down. You should know the best times to email content and the optimal content for your audience. Charlotte Ottaway presents the top email design practices to use this year.

Mobile Optimization

A mobile strategy is more important now than ever before. Once you shift your brand to mobile, you will instantly see changes that must be made to optimize for a mobile audience.  Daniel Newman shares 22 statistical reasons to have a mobile plan in action.

The mobile landscape is constantly shifting and influencing new markets. $400 billion will be generated in 2015 from mobile marketing! See the rest of the statistics in Rick Noel’s helpful infographic.

Content Marketing

We’re not sure if you noticed, but guest blogging is under very public fire by Matthew Cutts. Guest posting for SEO and search rankings will effectively put you in Google’s bad books! Here’s Matt Cutts laying down the law on his blog.

Content marketing is quickly becoming a necessary part of business if you want to be relevant online. To carry out this practice, you have to distinguish between the facts and myths in marketing content. Tom Foran debunks the five biggest myths in the content industry.

To be clear, guest posting is not a bad practice; it’s the negative motives for guest posting that causes the backlash. SEOs need to ethically create content for guest posts to be effective. Ryan Jones shares his perspective on guest blogging in this engaging read.

There are several alternatives to simply writing content on your blog or website. You can make use of visual media to draw in an audience. Donna Moritz publishes an article on snackable content that you should check out.

Conversion Optimization

To convert visitors, you have to optimize the critical points where customers make decisions. One way to increase your conversion rate is to include “trust badges.” Andy Hagans offers five examples of trust badges for your business.

Trends often signify a fad or pattern worth following in order to take advantage of the popularity. However, it can also mean you run the risk of replicating everyone else and turning off potential clients. Milad of Infinite Conversions presents 14 trendy ways to lower your conversion rate.

In the inbound marketers world of site visitors, page views, and other metrics, its easy to become clouded by growth in these categories. Online business owners may be unaware if their site is converting the way it should. Rich Page lists 25 signs your website has conversion problems.

Reputation Management

Building your reputation online takes lots of effort before you begin to see the benefits. It will require a calculated plan on all fronts in order for your brand to grow positively. Carolyn Capern tells all in part two of her series on building online reputation.

The way people view your brand online exists whether you actively participate in reputation management or not. This is why your business needs to engage where and when its customers are talking. Ivana Taylor teaches us about the process of effectively managing your rep.

The recap list above includes some of the most interesting articles that we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.