It’s a new year – time for a new strategy? Maybe you’re just committing to a sharper focus on your online marketing efforts. In the spirit of keeping you on top of the latest trends and news, we’re introducing a weekly roundup including the top 25 posts related to SEO, social media, email marketing, content marketing and more. You’re welcome.

Search Optimization

  1. Afraid you’re making a major SEO blunder? Entrepreneur reveals the top five deadly sins of SEO and content marketing. (Hint: Don’t try to undertake this vast effort alone.)
  2. Have you heard about the Fiscal Cliff? If you’re not already sick of hearing that term, Search Engine Watch joins the “Fiscal Cliff” bandwagon and talks justifying your investment, achieving ROI and avoiding a fall from the SEO Fiscal Cliff.
  3. Using WordPress as a website platform? You’re not alone. But using an established platform or template doesn’t negate the need to focus on SEO. offers five tips for maximizing SEO with WordPress.

Social Optimization

  1. Should our schools be teaching social networking to students? The Independent thinks so, making some good points about teaching proper social media etiquette at a young age.
  2. Did you fall into the “Google+ is a passing trend” school of thought? Well, it turns out G+ isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Really – even The Wall Street Journal says so. But it’s not necessarily due to popularity, rather Google’s determined tactics which essentially force users to join.
  3. This wouldn’t be a worthy new-year roundup without a shout out to the many articles rounding up the best of 2012, whether a focus on the best applications, most popular social networks and so forth. One we found particularly intriguing is Digital Trends’ hit list identifying the top social network moves of 2012, proving once and for all that social media is in it for the long haul. Accomplishments include Facebook finally going public, Instgram’s rapid rise to the big leagues and more.
  4. Few things are more important than knowing you’re getting some sort of ROI from your social media efforts. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: Google Analytics. Search Engine Watch breaks the process down into five steps.

Local Optimization

  1. It’s 2013: The year the default number of items in a list post became “13.” To honor the beginning of this lucky-number year, Search Engine Land offers up a 13-step checklist for optimizing semantic markup to boost local SEO efforts.
  2. Is Foursquare conquering the local search market? Small Business Search Marketing discusses why Foursquare just might be the next major local search player.
  3. Among ClickZ’s 10 digital marketing predictions for 2013 is mobile’s influence on the local search market. The rise in the use of smartphones is making local search marketing a major point of influence for advertisers.

Email Marketing

  1. How can email be a viable marketing channel today, when our inboxes are cluttered with endless amounts of spam and we rarely have time to read the important messages, let alone a sponsored advertisement from a mailing list? That’s exactly the question Arshiya Khullar ponders in a post for Pitch On Net, reaching out to three leaders in the digital media space for their opinions on the future of email marketing.
  2. Pitching via email? Check out these five tips from Young Entrepreneur Council at Business2Community on making your next email pitch a winner.
  3. Email marketing isn’t just for the business-to-consumer markets; it can be a useful strategy for reaching B2B customers as well. ClickZ offers up eight strategies for using email as a business-to-business marketing tool.

Mobile Optimization

  1. Is mobile part of your 2013 marketing plan? Mobile Marketing Watch features an infographic demonstrating the top things on the mobile marketing wish list for 2013.
  2. Now that the holidays are over, is your mobile advertising campaign over, too? Mobile commerce is growing rapidly and doesn’t have to be limited to the peak shopping season. Fast Company talks about planning your mobile commerce strategy throughout the year.
  3. Adblock Plus is a newer app which helps mobile users block – you guessed it –mobile ads. Will it change the face of mobile marketing in 2013? In a post for Venture Beat, Oxygen 8 Group’s James Harrison offers his predictions.

Content Marketing

  1. Content marketing has been on the shortlist of small to medium-size businesses throughout 2012. Brafton outlines the most important content marketing takeaways from 2012.
  2. Content marketing is important. You get it. But many small and medium-size businesses struggle with implementation due to time or budget constraints. Find out what other SMBs struggle with in relation to content marketing at 1to1Media.
  3. Remember when SEO was the only thing that mattered? Then content marketing came around and now the two go hand-in-hand. Mashable investigates the way the rules of SEO have changed within the content marketing landscape.

Conversion Optimization

  1. All your content marketing, social media and local and mobile advertising efforts are meaningless without conversion optimization. CRO is one of Unbounce’s favorite topics and they hit the mark again with this roundup of 16 fresh conversion resources you shouldn’t miss.
  2. Most marketers are amazed the first time they’re introduced to heat maps. Who would have thought we’d ever have such a sophisticated insight into the way visitors respond to our web pages? But more importantly, how can we turn this information into useable data? ConversionXL outlines 19 things we can learn from those numerous heat map tests.
  3.  Could usability and accessibility be hurting your conversion rates? Without getting feedback from your visitors, you could be turning them away with simple – and easily fixed – mistakes. Multilingual Search investigates the ways usability and accessibility could be influencing your conversion rates.

Reputation Management

  1. Reputation management is so crucially important, one college is even offering students free tools to manage their online reputations. Check out the story at Chief Information Officer.
  2. Getting by with the bare minimum in reputation management? The U.K.’s Real Business talks about what true reputation management entails and how to avoid BP-esque blunders.
  3. What happened to Instagram? The company has faced the brunt of criticism in recent weeks. Read what Direct Response’s Rich Gorman has to say at Virtual Strategy magazine.

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