Baby, it’s cold outside! January is coming to a close and we have a few more months of freezing winter temperatures. Unless you live somewhere like Florida – in which case, try not to rub it in, okay? The temp may be cold outside, you can still warm up your prospects using some of the tips from this week’s Top 25 Inbound Marketing Articles. Check out this week’s top stories below!

Search Optimization

  1. Attention bloggers: Do you know how important search engine optimization is to your readership? It’s a critical component many bloggers overlook, instead relying on the “If you build it, they will come” philosophy. Step out of the Field of Dreams and check out Alpha Tree Marketing’s 5 SEO tips for bloggers.
  2. Yeah, you’ve probably heard it: SEO is dead in the water. Or so it seemed after Google’s massive crackdown on shady SEO tactics. But Expecter explains how search engine optimization is alive and well.
  3. If you’ve given up on search optimization thanks to Panda and Penguin, you’re not alone. These algorithm changes threw the SEO industry for a loop. An upcoming PM Digital study is set to outline how to use SEO despite constant algorithm changes and crackdowns. Laurie Sullivan gives you a sneak peek at MediaPost News.

Social Optimization

  1. Social networks have had their fair share of copyright issues. From Facebook privacy concerns to the rumored unauthorized use of your personal photos in advertisements, there’s a slew of copyright issues which can arise in the social web. Twitter has extended its embedded Tweets feature, which allows status updates to be much more comprehensive. Check out the details – and how this new feature will play into copyright issues – at PandoDaily.
  2. Facebook has launched a new conversion tracking tool, which can help brands optimize their posts and promotions. Find out exactly what this means for you at Likeable Media.
  3. Are you heeding your social media presence like you should? Search engines are looking at your social profiles – so you should be utilizing social networks to the full advantage. See what Assist Social Media has to say about it and why you should treat your social networks like a business card.  

Local Optimization

  1. You can’t talk about local search optimization without mentioning Google Places. After all, Google is the giant in pretty much everything and Google Places has been around for a while now. Check out Daniel Hebert’s advice on using Google Places for local search optimization at SteamFeed.
  2. Will Facebook’s new Graph Search give Google Places a run for its money? Find out how Facebook Graph Search will make a big impact in local search, how to optimize to your advantage and how it will connect several vital pieces of information for a unique search experience. Practical Ecommerce has the scoop.
  3. Is it better to have a single, national Website or separate local pages for each physical location? It’s a common problem – think chain restaurants or assisted living facilities. Senior living facilities may have hundreds of locations throughout the U.S., making the idea of a local site for each location pretty impractical. Find out what Marios Alexandrou has to say on the subject at ClickZ.

Email Marketing

  1. Email marketing is a tricky initiative. You’re constantly trying to find that sweet spot which drives open rates and reduces opt-outs. One thing that can help: consumer data. Elyse Dupré evaluates how Natural Partners boosted their email marketing campaign by using consumer data at Direct Marketing News.
  2. Ah, piece of cake, you say. You’ve got email marketing in the bag, kicking #@! and taking names later. Sorry to burst your happy bubble, but Jasmine Henry lays down nine reasons your email marketing campaign will fail at Inbound Marketing Agents. (Not to worry, they’re all fixable issues!)
  3. Overwhelmed with the dozens of email marketing tools out there? MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, 1 Shopping Cart, the list goes on and on. MindValley Insights has done the dirty work for you and rounded up the top email marketing platforms, resources and blogs to follow for the latest tips and tricks.

Mobile Optimization

  1. Mobile advertising is a major priority for marketers in 2013. Mobi AD News evaluates the latest findings from Econsultancy – in which 43 percent of respondents said mobile marketing was their top priority this year. Check out the full post for more facts and findings.
  2. Duffy-Marie Arnoult, Director of New Media at PageWoo, provides a step-by-step breakdown for optimizing a Website for the ideal mobile user experience. Check out the post on the Kissmetrics blog.
  3. Last week, we mentioned the importance of optimizing your email marketing campaigns for mobile users. This week, we have more on the subject: This time, Brian Sisolak of Trilogy Interactive tells SilverPop how it’s done.

Content Marketing

  1. Content marketing is becoming far more than just copy. Today, the most engaging content is that which contains a visual aspect. Search Engine Watch takes a look at how visual storytelling can transform your content marketing campaign into a lead-generating powerhouse.
  2. If you pay attention to Google’s constant flow of changes and feature launches, you may have heard about Author Rank. While the rel=author tag has been supported since 2011, content marketers and publishers are trying to figure out how to maximize the potential to improve their authority and Author Rank. If you’re not sure how to use this feature to your advantage, why not learn from the best? Check out Vertical Measures’ roundup with 10 content experts who weigh in with their ideas for using Author Rank and rel=author in 2013.
  3. Who doesn’t love a good case study? If you’re the type of learner who absorbs information more readily when you’re given an example, we’ve got you covered: Silicon Cloud takes a look at five content marketing campaigns that meet the mark.

Conversion Optimization

  1. Heinz Marketing lists eight reasons why your lead conversion rates suck – and how to revamp your processes to fix it.
  2. Are you using personas in your marketing plan? Copper Bridge Media offers convincing evidence that you should – complete with real data demonstrating how their own campaign improved after implementing personas. The great thing about personas? It’s simple to implement.  
  3. What’s the next step after SEO? Conversion rate optimization, of course. Once you’ve built up all that traffic, those visitors don’t really mean anything if they’re not converting to paying customers. Internet Marketing for Business lists some useful questions to ask yourself to determine how you can convert your visitors.

Reputation Management

  1. We’ve all made a PR blunder at one time – whether it was so insignificant you didn’t even realize it or if it was a massive scandal that went viral on Twitter within minutes. ChaosScenario discusses how to ruin your reputation and some tips for redeeming yourself.
  2. The most important aspect of reputation management is earning – and keeping – your customers’ trust. As Warren Buffet once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and just five minutes to ruin it.” Internet Retailing elaborates on why maintaining trust is so important in today’s hostile online environment.
  3. You know you should be monitoring your online reputation, but the idea is overwhelming. How can you possibly monitor every social network, review site, comments on blogs and everything else? The Social Media Hat names the top five tools for reputation management which can make your life a little easier.
  4. Even Jeff Bullas gets the importance of reputation management – and what a cumbersome process it is to adequately track and monitor your rep online. Check out Jeff’s three vital tools for online reputation management.