What’s been happening this week in the world of inbound marketing? Plenty. In addition to the continued trend of all those awesome end-of-2012 and 2013-trends roundups, we scoured the web and uncovered dozens of valuable gems covering everything from local optimization to integrating social and SEO. Check them out below!

Did we miss anything? We want to know about your favorite inbound marketing resources, too — so hit us up with a comment!


Search Optimization

  1. Want to know how search optimization can possibly work for you? Look no further. Leucabiz.com offers up some incredibly simple coding tips to help you SEO your site with ease.
  2. There can never be too many tutorials on search optimization. Why? The game is always changing, everyone has a different perspective and you can almost always learn something new. Check out this great search engine optimization tutorial from BusinessBolts.com.
  3. So you’re implementing some SEO tactics. But how can you make sure they’re successful? WattBot has some solid tips for ensuring the success of your SEO campaign.

 Social Optimization

  1. It’s not over yet! We’ll still be reading 2012 roundups and New Year’s resolutions for most of January. Fortunately, many of them are packed with solid info, like Cheryl Burgess’ list of 14 experts’ New Year’s resolutions on social optimization. See, we told ya it would be good!
  2. SEO and social go hand-in-hand: One can be used to boost the other. ReachLocal offers a few tips for using social to drive SEO.
  3. Did you know you can actually SEO your Facebook brand page? As Google continues to include more social content in its search results, SEO for your brand’s social networking presence is increasing in importance. Plumb Web Solutions suggests seven simple and time-saving tips to improve the search-engine friendliness of your Facebook page.

Local Optimization

  1. Broad SEO is critical, but in some cases, local optimization can provide a bigger benefit. Check out Ruben Xavier’s thoughts on the subject at NewAffiliateMarketingTips.net.
  2. Semantic markup is a great way to boost local search momentum. Michael Scotty offers five easy ways to improve your semantic markup for local search at LocalSurgeMedia.com.
  3. Some key trends emerged in the local search field in 2012, many of which will influence the direction marketers take in 2013. Ted Paff shares the most influential local search trends at Blumenthals.com.

Email Marketing

  1. Lackluster email marketing campaign? You could be missing out on major profits. Don’t take it from us; Take it from Cara Olson, Director of Digital Direct/eCRM at marketing consultancy DEG. Check out Olson’s expert insights at MarketingLand.
  2. Despite what you may have read, email marketing isn’t dying. Erin Griffith says it’s time to face the facts: It’s not going anywhere, so it’s time to do it smarter.
  3. What can we learn from Pinterest when it comes to email marketing? Turns out, quite a lot. Optify’s Jennifer Wong tells us how a Pinterest-style email marketing design can help drive click-throughs.

Mobile Optimization

  1. Are you testing your mobile campaigns? Tsk, tsk. Daniel Burstein evaluates the results of the 2012 Mobile Marketing Benchmark Report at the Marketing Experiments Blog. If you’re not testing, you’re not the only one. But you should be.
  2. If your website isn’t yet optimized for mobile viewing, you must read this how-to post by Tammy Lam on the Intuit Blog, complete with an infographic by Column Five.
  3. The Verizon Small Biz Blog wants to know how mobile technology has improved your business. As customers increasingly rely on tablets and smartphones to access info on the fly, how are you ensuring you’re reaching that audience? What are you waiting for? Share your story! (Bonus: Be sure to click through to the link identifying three small bus trends – YouTube marketing makes the short list!) And…don’t forget to check out their latest roundup with great posts for small biz!

Content Marketing

  1. We love roundups. (Naturally!) Few things are more satisfying than big lists of content marketing tools. Check out Kari Rippetoe’s favorite 26 content marketing tools to use in 2013 at Online Marketing Institute.
  2. Does content marketing have a bad reputation? Wait a minute…read what Tom Bishop has to say over at KnowledgeVision.com.
  3. Remember what we said about roundups? Yeah, we really do like those. Here’s another worthy one: Andy Crestodina describes his essentials for the content marketing utility belt at Orbit Media.
  4. Can content marketing help your brand connect with social consumers? Of course. Cas McCullough describes how to make that happen.

Conversion Optimization

  1. The Daily Egg identifies seven crazy conversion optimization mistakes you may have been making in 2012 – and which you should leave behind in 2013.
  2. Bobby Hewitt of Creative Thirst nails down the most valuable takeaways from Econsultancy’s “Conversion Rate Optimization Rate Report 2012″.
  3. Bryan Eisenberg gives away his best tactics in “Conversion Optimization 101” with tips on planning social media landing pages.

Reputation Management

  1. Everyone knows that Yelp is one of the major contributors to a company’s online reputation. McKremie takes a look at how to create a reputation management strategy for Yelp.
  2. Looking to enhance your brand? You can’t do it without a solid reputation management plan. 60-Second Marketer Jamie Turner tells us how to get it done.
  3. Don’t have time to adequately manage your online reputation? Check out Online Reputation Booster’s two-minute audit. That’s right: Two minutes.