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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

Welcome back to our inbound marketing roundup of the week! Are you enjoying the Winter Olympics? If you are, we ask you to take a break, kick back, pull your laptop in close, and read through some of our top headlines. This week, Facebook turned 10 years old, a new photo sharing platform hits six million users, and Twitter opens up its private music data in order to unearth hidden talent and emerging artists.

There’s a new surprise around the corner where inbound marketing is concerned! Check out our list of top 25 posts right here. Enjoy!

Search Optimization

Google is putting the smackdown on illegitimate authorship holders that are providing little value in their niche. Do you want to learn how to promote yourself properly as an author of Google Plus? Kevin Getch pens excellent advice on establishing yourself the correct way.

When consumers think of Google, they most often think of convenience, quality, and search. However, marketer sometimes perceive a different set of emotions regarding Google; specifically fear. Henley Wing presents a phenomenal article on 40 marketers about what keeps them awake at night regarding the massive search engine.

There is more than one type of search query users type into search engines. These types are dramatically different and should certainly be considered in your SEO strategy. Casey Kluver walks us through the differences and how they benefit our search efforts.

SEO is dead! Except that it isn’t and is more important than ever for marketers wanting to reap the most rewards. Mike Cunsolo reassures us on the necessity of search optimization and how it will get even better as 2014 continues.

Social Optimization

Social media’s advantages reach farther than we know. We can use it to predict consumer behavior, anticipate their reactions to negative situations, and create content based on previous customer behavior patterns. Diana Kilner expounds upon the concept of social listening in a post.

When you create a website, there’s no where it can really go, but outward. If you want to expand your website’s presence, give it the legs to do so. Maria Mincey lists seven social bookmarking plugins for your site’s growth.

When managing your company’s social media, there has to be some ground rules. It’s quite common for a company account to post a status, only to have it taken down and apologized for later. Tim Boylen shares 10 must-have social guidelines for your business.

Becoming socially inquisitive don’t take much in the real world, other than constant exposure to actual people. To be social in the world of marketing, pay attention to your audiences data and engage at the same time. For top results, Darren DeMatas demonstrates how to use social signals in crafting shareable content.

Local Optimization

If you’re a small local business, you might want to invest in a point of sales (POS) system to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. A lot of smart retailers are already joining the fray! Ramon Ray interviews Justin Hotard, VP of NCR Small Business on companies making the transition.

What did you guys think of the Super Bowl last weekend (don’t ask..)? Besides the actual game, we saw that local and mobile marketing strategies are on the rise! John Heggestuen shows us his data-backed perspective on location-based marketing in a Business Insider article.

Is your website up to local optimization standards? If you’re not sure, write out everything you need to perform at your best! You can even use this convenient checklist, completed and set up by the good folks at Synup (more of a tool than an article, but it’s definitely a keeper!).

Email Marketing

Email is not staying plain, old, regular email for much longer. Email marketing is going to take advantage of real-time targeting! Alyssa Nahatis pinpoints the rise of the real-time inbox in a detailed article.

For a normal email, readers tend to see text as simply running together and can easily ignore your call to action. Do you want to learn how to make your CTA stand out, front and center? Ilma Nausedaite provides us with simple ways to aid in email conversions.

Mobile Optimization

What makes an app go viral? You might think it’s the amazing concept that brought it to light, or the marketing dollars invested into building its awareness. In reality, most of what makes an app awesome comes from this infographic Social Strategi created on its website. Check it out, now!

We can learn a lot from successful mobile marketing campaigns. Making transactions over mobile devices has never been easier, and it’s astounding to see campaigns encourage that. Justin Olch makes the case for texting campaigns in mobile marketing.

A lot of people see mobile marketing as indecipherable; it’s simply not a platform that is commonly used. However, there is much in the way of strategy that you can use to make your mobile marketing some of the best on the market! Megan Van Vlack posts 15 strategies to boost your mobile presence.

Content Marketing

Read after us, traffic is not the goal. Those are actually the words from this article, but we generally agree! Make the most of the niche you cultivate with targeted content; don’t solely focus on the traffic metrics. Joel Klettke has the full story.

Authorship and guest blogging has become a touchy subject for some in the marketing world. However, there are many ways we can make this right again! Jimmy Daly displays three ways to effectively guest blog.

There are many ways to promote your social media app. The one of the most helpful ways, by far, is by creating content in combination with socially sharing your application. Boris tells all in an informative post.

Content marketing is a noble industry to operate under for many people. Today, we’re going to hear from content marketers who are inspired by content! Jean Spencer compiles the thoughts of her team in an inspiring post.

Conversion Optimization

Companies can learn a great deal by performing A/B tests on their ads and websites. It’s because of the platforms available today that we’re able to test several variable and see what gets the most conversions. Fabian Liebig releases a case study on A/B testing with Sony’s ads.

It isn’t enough to just gather data; you have to be able to decipher it. Not only that, but automating your data collection will make the process of analyzing it that much easier. Polly Pospelova provides a remarkable walkthrough on multi-channel ROI calculations.

Are you a beginner in the conversion industry? If so, you might not benefit from a couple of the other articles we have here, but conversion optimization is still well within your reach. Andreea Filip jots down four quick fixes you can make to conversion rate on websites.

As we always say in regards to increasing conversion rate, test and fail in order to improve! Knowing what doesn’t work is much more important than finding out what does. In this article, Vero helps UnHaggle increase its click through rate by 378%.

Reputation Management

A big part of local SEO is reputation management. When optimizing your presence online, you need to have a deep view of the way your customer perceives you. Chris Dreyer talks about launching a campaign for strong reviews of your business.

Reputation management doesn’t have to be completely online; it can reach into the offline market as well. Build your reputation by writing ‘thank you’ cards! Rhonda Walinga writes out her advice in a full blog post.

The recap list above includes some of the most interesting articles that we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.