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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

We hope your ready for our recap of articles in the last week of February! It has been a very chilly winter, but the weather is sure to warm up eventually! This week, Twitter starts promoting businesses through Twitter Search, Facebook updates its News Feed to extend brand reach, and LinkedIn updates your profile visibility.

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Search Optimization

Link building continues to be effective for search marketers as we head deeper into 2014. How do some of the top experts in the industry propose we go about building links? Anisul Islam asks 10 experts about proper link building strategies.

On the other side of the coin, there are industry experts who proport that the value of links are diminishing. Google has certainly tried experiments that include searching without links. Elisa Gabbert interviews 13 experts on the longevity of links.

Are you ready for more link building tactics? We’re sure there are some that you haven’t even considered. Welcome to the stage of Ste Hughes, and his seven ninja link building strategies.

Make no mistake, the SEO landscape has changed. Despite limitations on keyword data, marketers have an improved chance to make their sites relevant to users and not search bots. Gianluca Fiorelli writes about this interesting perspective.

Social Optimization

How well does your Facebook Fan Page perform compared to the average? You’re about to find out! Maximilian H. Nierhoff shares an infographic highlighting statistics for the average page.

Why exactly is Coca-Cola struggling with interaction and social engagement? The answer lies in a smart observation about the company’s strategy and content site. Urs E. Gattiker posts the full story.

Is your business struggling to get a handle on the Twitter market? We have got the answer for you right here! Stuart J. Davidson puts up a helpful infographic to learn the full story.

There is an abundance of online tools to bolster your LinkedIn management. The trick is in picking those that make the process easy and quick. Pam Dyer posts eight LinkedIn tools for your business.

Local Optimization

We feel that business owners think about a lot of misconceptions when it comes to local marketing. For your benefit, we’ll be busting some of the most common local myths! Chris Silver Smith presents 10 local marketing myths and why they are false.

Your local marketing grows significantly when you create more citations. Kunle Campbell shares 15 marketing activities to improve your local citations.

Do you want to hear from some of the most seasoned experts in local marketing and SEO? In this Google Hangout video, professionals like Mike Blumenthal and Ammon Johns, share their local SEO thoughts in a discussion presented by ISOOSI.

Optimize your listings to be as detailed as possible. We’ve got the tips here to help you do that in Google Places. Laurie Thompson shells out quick tips to jumpstart your Places listing.

Email Marketing

Everyone wants to build an immense list of subscribers. The truth is, you have to be willing to invest a lot of patience, time, and resources into considering certain responsibilities as an email marketer. Matt Ackerson writes a guide to getting more than 10,000 subscribers.

There are several other tactics email marketers can use to boost subscription rates. One such way is by using plugins specifically designed to capture email leads. Naimath Mujtahedi showcases top bloggers who use Feature Fox for list building.

When you’re in need of email marketing assistants, who should you call on? The experts, of course! Marc Andre collects 10 expert opinions for a discussion on fantastic email marketing tips.

 Mobile Optimization

Mobile’s impact on marketing is undeniable, as users continue to engage with content over their mobile devices. More than 72% of click-to-call conversations through Google lasts more than 30 seconds. Read more of Ben Davis‘s incredible statistics in this detailed post.

As more and more consumers move to mobile platforms, it’s necessary to rethink your websites design. Customize your content and presentation in order to mobile needs. Ian Rhodes writes valuable insight into mobile optimization.

Is mobile going to kill off apps? The landscape is indeed changing, and advertisers are taking note of mobile user habits. Mindshare’s CDO Norm Johnston speaks in a video interview with Beets TV, posted by Robert Andrews.

Content Marketing

How effectively can you manage your content marketing? With all of the content you need to craft to drive traffic to your website, you’re going to need tools to help you. Adam Connell gathers 48 content marketing tools for your business.

Any content marketer can tell you that their content doesn’t come from just anywhere. They have specific sources that inspire them to craft the best content. Ross Hudgens posts 10 content creators to inspire your marketing efforts.

Content plays an integral role in your business promotion. Rishi Lakhani helps marketing beginners understand what these terms mean for your marketing.

Nobody is perfect in the content marketing world. Oftentimes, you’re bound to pass over missed opportunities and crucial mistakes. Simon Campbell points out the top five content marketing mistakes we tend to make.

Conversion Optimization

To convert a customer, you must understand how he or she thinks. Without a proper understanding, no number of ads or content helps your cause. Mark Uzunian teaches us how to understand the psychology of your consumer.

The more you do, the better you get, right? Not in every context. Regarding conversion optimization, you have to test in order to be certain. Neil Patel includes a terrific infographic on reducing options to convert in order to boost them.

Reputation Management

The way you manage your image online reflects the way you serve your customers. You can respond when you hear of customer problems, or you can jump right on top of them as they’re tracked. Ann Smarty posts a brilliant guide to managing your online reputation on a much higher level.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.