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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

Happy Friday and of course happy Valentine’s Day! The inbound marketing world is once again making waves this past week. Taking a look back, Yahoo partners with Yelp for local results, Twitter undergoes redesign testing, and Verve brings mobile advertising to small businesses.

If you are looking for the latest knowledge, here are the top 25 inbound marketing articles of the week!

Search Optimization

Thinking about becoming a Google Partner? Well, you won’t need to much more than buying online advertising from the behemoth, at least according to Tadeusz Szewczyk. Read his perspective on obtaining Google Partnership.

Link building is still one of the most reliable ways to improve your SEO. Learn from the top SEO experts to view their strategies on building high quality links. Cory Collins has the full post.

Some webmasters will stop at nothing to achieve results in search. Today, we advocate against black hat SEO practices! Ben Norman outlines what steps you should not follow if you want search success the legitimate way.

Larry Dayag has some interesting thoughts on Google. We all agree that Google is an excellent free service, but its bottom line is profit as a company. As Google evolves, how will this continue to change the search engine?

Social Optimization

Facebook recently celebrated its ten year anniversary! Since then, a lot of surprising facts have surfaced on its current state. Care to take a look? Pat Parkinson shares six statistics on the gigantic company.

Google has started to adopt some of Facebook and Twitter’s link features by featuring the original owner of any post, regardless of who shares it. Want to learn more about Google Plus Smart Links? David Iwanow fills in the details.

What are the best social media marketing apps for your business? We think there are a suite of marvelous apps, but Mila Nikolova has narrowed down her list and chosen her top two. Check out her stylish infographic that compares her favorite apps.

It goes without saying that inbound marketing is going to get even better in 2014. The same goes for social media, as new platforms spring up in relevance. Alicia Lawrence breaks down four reasons why social media will erupt this year.

Local Optimization

Are you a local business owner who needs clarity on the process before you invest in location-based ads? We have a great infographic for you! Marketing Land presents an informative graphic for you to learn from and lift sales.

Local businesses, give us your attention! If you don’t update your business place listings within the next three weeks, your listing will be lost. Fortunately, it should be a simple process, according to Jennifer Slegg. Read the article for more information.

Local ads and mobile marketing are excellent ways to promote your local business, but are there other tactics you aren’t utilizing? Vishal Gaikar provides four more marketing tips to further bolster your business reputation.

Email Marketing

Are you a beginner to email marketing? You’ll need to know the best marketing platforms to promote your email list.  Michael Korolishin release a one-stop guide for the novice email marketer.

You don’t have to tell us the obvious; important people are difficult to reach when it comes to email. Thankfully, there are specific apps and strategies you can use to bypass some of highest barriers to entry. Evelio Pereira passes us the secrets to effective email lead generation.

We’ve heard a lot on how email lists can be purchased for your own marketing purposes. However, not everyone agree with the practice. Paul Jorgensen shares eleven reasons to never purchase an email list.

Mobile Optimization

What does your business’s mobile marketing strategy look like? If you are interested in getting into the mobile space, but are unsure where to begin, read these helpful tips from MDG Advertising.

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for mobile! Even small businesses stand to gain much innovations in mobile marketing. Oscar K highlights five mobile trends to watch this year.

Content Marketing

Content marketing doesn’t have to end when you hit “Publish” on whatever text you’ve created. You can hold it accountable for the results it produces. Track the effectiveness of your content with the aid of John Bell’s seven tips.

If you have not already noticed, content marketing shares many parallels with journalism. They both market for attention and tell stories to their audience. Jimmy Daly interviews Danny Lyon on the transition from journalism to content marketing.

The number one, simplest way to generate content is through the user. How do you induce user-generated content? Adam Stelle tells us how he hacked his way to user-generated content with an FAQ plugin.

Content curation is a powerful way to amass high value content. This strategy enables you to build links, relationships, and quality all at the same time. Chris Meier gives a short rundown how you can curate meaningful content.

Conversion Optimization

In order to get conversions, you need traffic. Easier said than done, right? In this case, Peep Laja demonstrates to us how he grew his blog to more than 100,000 visitors in less than a year.

What is conversion rate optimization? Well you’re about to find out. For marketing beginners, Dan Reilly wrote an apt definition on the valuable concept.

Signup forms are the beginning and end for many marketers. A single field can make all the difference in getting a conversion or a bounced visitor. Stephen Da Cambra posts five CRO tips to better convert your signup form.

Converting landing pages comes in all shapes and sizes. However, the most successful pages provide a great deal in common with one another. Shelly Koenig publishes a killer infographic detailing the chemistry of a converting page.

Reputation Management

What marks the difference between a valuable review for a business and customer ? More specifically, what type of reviews should you be focusing on for your customers? Vit and Christy post their view on the breakdown of strong reviews.

The recap list above includes some of the most interesting articles that we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.