In case you haven’t heard, there’s a snowstorm set to hammer the Northeast today. Of epic proportions. We can’t help but echo Jay Leno’s sentiments and wonder why we’d decide to name such a monstrous, nasty beast capable of causing mass destruction after a child’s favorite cartoon fish. That’s right: they’ve decided to call this thing Nemo. And we’re pretty certain that the real Nemo of Finding Nemo is offended. Whether Nemo finds us or not, no cartoon clownfish is going to stop us from delivering the Top 25 Inbound Marketing Articles of the Week!

Search Optimization

  1. Are on par with the optimization curve, or are you lagging behind? Seth Jennings describes the rise and plateau of three types of optimization tools – and one that’s recently emerged as a valuable tool for marketers. Get the scoop at BlueKai.
  2. Bloggers: You must optimize your blog to gain traffic, exposure, attract advertisers…you know the drill. But do you know how to optimize your blog for search? Become a Blogger has tips to help you do it right.
  3. Ever since Panda and Penguin, a new form of optimization started making waves: Over-optimization. StraightNorth has some advice to avoid being on the receiving end of an unfriendly smack from Penguin’s flipper.

Social Optimization

  1. Running a social media promotion? Why not optimize it? Jason Weaver outlines three ways you can optimize a social promotion over at iMediaConnection.
  2. Facebook Insights, pictures, and calls to action – all play a key role in social optimization. See what Katie Ingram has to say at Zooped.
  3. Reddit’s been around for a while, but in recent months it’s gotten more attention and recognition as a useful social media marketing tool. Chris Warden talks how to use Reddit to upvote your social media strategy at Social Media Optimization.

Local Optimization

  1. Who won the race, the tortoise or the hare? Phil Rozek explains how taking it slow with local search optimization can actually lead you to the front of the pack. Check it out at Local Visibility System.
  2. Want to make some improvements to your local SEO efforts? Beacon Technologies offers three easy ways to lift up your company’s local SEO.
  3. Are you relying solely on Google Places and similar location-based applications for local SEO? If so, you’re ignoring some obvious and easy ways to boost local SEO from on your page. Ramblin Jackson offers up some advice on how to write for local SEO, capitalizing on some on-page areas to get your site noticed based on geography.

Email Marketing

  1. When you’re running an email marketing campaign, you’re looking at a few key metrics: open rates, conversions, reducing spam reports, and so on. Asmaa Mourad is offering some tips on maximizing open rates and conversions in the second of a three-part series at e-Nor Blog. You can also check out the first part of the series here.
  2. Having your emails sent to spam folders is an email marketer’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, Firespring has some valuable tips to help you avoid those dreaded spam reports.
  3. Attention, guys: Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Don’t forget to show your gal pal some love! While you’re at it, step up to the plate and kick your email marketing campaign up a notch. EyesonSales is giving you 10 email marketing tips for Valentine’s Day, packaged up nicely in a visually appealing infographic. (We like infographics almost as much as we like roundups.)

Mobile Optimization

  1. Google’s throwing you a bone and revamping its AdWords platform to help mobile marketers monetize their campaigns. Mobile Marketing Watch has the scoop.
  2. TextMarks offers up a different approach to mobile marketing – how about an SMS flash sale? Get the details on the TextMarks blog.
  3. Is mobile marketing the next big thing? GuavaBox says no one can say for sure, but it is wise to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the fact that more and more users are consuming content on their mobile devices. Check out their three easy ways to get started with mobile marketing.

Content Marketing

  1. Is your blog a content marketing magnet? It could – and should – be. Social Media Examiner hashes out how to go about turning your blog into a content marketing hub.
  2. You know us. We can’t resist a top-notch roundup, and that’s exactly what Success Works has created in its latest SEO/content marketing roundup for the week ending February 6th. They’ve rounded up the latest great advice in SEO, upcoming industry events, social media and of course content marketing. Check out Laura Crest’s picks for the week.
  3. What’s one of the biggest driving factors behind a share-worthy blog post or article? A killer headline. Heidi Cohen reveals 10 tips for crafting attention-grabbing titles.
  4. Do you ever consider video as part of your content marketing plan? Sometimes marketers ignore video as a potential content marketing channel because it doesn’t fit the typical copy mold. Danny Brown delivers five compelling reasons you should incorporate video into your content marketing plan.

Conversion Optimization

  1. If you’re in e-commerce and using Magento as a platform, you must check out these 70 conversion optimization tips from
  2. Do you dread seeing the words “Not Provided” at the top of your keywords list in your analytics platform? Few things are worse than a big ol’ chunk of missing data. Blue Fountain Media has some advice on making peace with the “Not Provided” keywords – and saving yourself from a few more gray hairs.
  3. Oli Gardner of Unbounce is our CRO hero. Follow Oli’s Conversion Rate Optimization Rulebook to find out what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Reputation Management

  1. We have another roundup for you this week, and we promise this is one you’re going to enjoy! We’re total tool geeks, obviously – and things like lists of the latest tools that make inbound marketing easier tend to get us a little excited. Reputation and influence scores, competitive analysis, social notifications…Higher Visibility makes our day with the Top 10 SEO Reputation Management Tools Online.
  2. Mike Brewer reveals his take on reputation management with a summary from Robert Fulghum’s All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Think play fair, share your toys, and all those really unreasonable, ridiculous rules we were forced to follow in elementary school. Does that mean we still have to play by the rules? Darn it, we think he’s right.
  3. What impact will online reputation management have for businesses in 2013? Quite a lot, according to Jhon Ray Magno. He reveals why online reputation management will be vital for your business this year at Digitalmoz.