So for the past couple weeks, we’ve been seeing a lot of articles surrounding the value of Google+ for SEO. You didn’t actually think Google was going to let this one fall to the same fate as Google Buzz, did you? The social network is here to stay, and Google is making sure that brands have to take advantage.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. Google+ does have some cool features. Even President Obama and the First Lady host hangouts on Google+ from time to time. If you ever doubted that Google is the Master of the Universe, today’s roundup might change your mind: The resounding theme in today’s roundup is everything Google. Well, that and the announcement that Burger King has been purchased by McDonald’s. Or was it?

Search Optimization

  1. Who doesn’t want more traffic? We all know by now that focusing in on a single metric, such as visitors, is meaningless amid the context of today’s social web. But that doesn’t mean more traffic isn’t a good thing. Web SEO Analytics offers 8 strategies for increasing the relative traffic of your site with a well-rounded approach including tips that will also benefit your other important metrics.
  2. Remember we mentioned Google+ for SEO in today’s introduction? Here are 10 solid tips from Kim Garst to help you get the most SEO value out of Google+.
  3. Google always has something up its sleeve. We’ve been discussing Google+ for SEO for a while now, but have you heard about Google Authorship? Check out what Author Media has to say about Google Authorship and how you can use it to your advantage to reduce piracy and boost SEO.
  4. The WordPress SEO Plugin is a great tool for bloggers. But one question that comes up frequently is the fact that you can only input one focus keyword for your posts. Yoast explains why this is so and how to choose the proper focus keywords. Don’t forget to check out the related posts on cornerstone content and keyword research basics.

Social Optimization

  1. Think social media is only for the big dogs which can pay a full team of executives to professionally manage their online presence? Street Fight Mag has 5 easy ways SMBs can capitalize on social media marketing. Great tips in this article, especially in tying in the importance of content to a successful social media campaign.
  2. Google+ isn’t solely an SEO tool. It’s a plethora of valuable information, too. Jeffrey Vocell satisfies our undying love for roundups this week by naming 12 Google+ communities for marketers. These communities include those focused on conversions, social media, content marketing…you know, all our favorite topics. Check it out at Social Media Today.
  3. In case you haven’t noticed, Google+ is not dead. Social Media Optimization reveals some interesting developments, such as Facebook Fatigue, which could push more users in the direction of Google+.

Local Optimization

  1. Local Visibility System made our entire week with a roundup of infographics, charts and doodles on local search. May we suggest printing these graphics and redecorating your cubicle? This is data you’re going to want to reference often.
  2. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide taking you from start to finish in local SEO, look no further. Radical Mustache has compiled dozens of resources, tips, tricks and guides, complete with forms you can print out to help map your plans and more. Make sure you bookmark this page, because you’ll need to make several visits to get through all the information.
  3. It’s all about Google. When it comes to local search optimization, it’s all about Google Places. identifies the top 20 factors that affect your Google Places rank.

Email Marketing

  1. Mobile is leading the email revolution. As more and more users are primarily reading their emails via their mobile devices, it’s increasingly important to keep mobile optimization in mind when designing your email marketing campaigns. Find out what happens when a user opens an email not optimized for mobile and other important facts at ClickXPosure. Bonus: It’s an infographic!
  2. Remember E-Nor’s 10 Tips to Maximize Email Marketing Open Rate and Conversion three-part series? Part 3 has arrived, and it’s a must-read!
  3. It’s easy to find posts with tips and tricks to improve your email marketing campaigns. But what about what NOT to do? Even major brands can make email marketing blunders. InboundPro reveals one and outlines some lessons we can learn from major brand email mishaps.

Mobile Optimization

  1. has published The Definitive Guide for Mobile Website Optimization, and they’re not kidding. This article is packed with valuable information and essentially takes you step-by-step through the process—including real-life examples of mobile websites that effectively maintain the company’s brand image.
  2. What’s the point of mobile optimization? The power to turn your customers’ phones into your very own sales tool. Bretheon talks sending offers, testing and mobile marketing.
  3. Does your business have a mobile app? Droidologist offers up some useful advice to improve the effectiveness of your mobile apps through simple interfaces, user feedback, offline usage and more.

Content Marketing

  1. If you think content marketing is merely a matter of typing up some content and posting it to your blog, you’re a bit behind the curve. But that’s okay, because WordStream identifies 50 things every content marketer needs to know.
  2. The world of content marketing is broad, and there are dozens of different approaches to take. Upriver Solutions identifies the four pillars of content marketing, complete with tips on bringing it all together as a cohesive strategy.
  3. We told you content marketing was multi-faceted. SnapApp takes a look at the various components of content marketing within the context of the “Battle for Content Supremacy.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the many formats and opportunities within content marketing, this is a post you’ll want to bookmark.

Conversion Optimization

  1. With endless design options, it’s difficult to imagine how all the elements of your page could possibly come together in a visually appealing way that will also drive conversions. Made with Real Juice has a nice roundup of 9 e-commerce sites with great designs. But they don’t just give you a list and say, “Look, aren’t these sites pretty?” They explain exactly which elements make the design stand out and boost conversions. If you need some solid examples of how it all comes together, this is one to check out.
  2. Are you terrible at optimizing conversion rates? Lots of people are. Tweaky names a few reasons why you might suck at this marketing task, and how a CRO audit could be just the help you need.
  3. Everyone wants to improve their conversion rates, but are you listening to your customers? Find out why user feedback is critically important and get 5 tips for optimizing the user experience from Rebecca Murtagh.

Reputation Management

  1. Did you catch the news this week that Burger King’s brand was hijacked on social media? Crazy world we live in when some hacker decides to prey on a child’s favorite fast food restaurant. What’s the world coming to? Even worse, the hijackers proceeded to claim via BK’s Twitter account that the company had been purchased by none other than McDonald’s. Gasp. Altimeter analyzes this hijack and other major brand hacks on social media. When your entire web presence is tied in so closely with social media these days, a brand hijack could be a reputation management disaster in the making.
  2. Adcap Network Systems weighs in with some commentary of its own on social media hacking in light of the Burger King mishap this week. Great advice here on the different types of hacks and protecting your online reputation.
  3. Vysibility outlines the process for achieving online reputation management and link building through brand monitoring. Why not combine two important tasks into one?