Valentine’s Day is over. Whew. And just a day after the day of love, the Earth is apparently being targeted by meteors. That’s not entirely true—although it is scheduled to be the closest-recorded pass of an asteroid to Earth, it’s actually not supposed to hit us. Well, other than the 10-ton (supposedly unrelated) meteor that hit Russia early this morning, which fortunately seems to have caused mostly only minor injuries. Crazy stuff! But before we go huddle down in our underground bunkers, we have to share our Top 25 Inbound Marketing picks for the week. Now, hurry up and go implement some of these tips!

Search Optimization

  1. How do prove SEO? With improvements in analytics, the task of showing evidence has come a long way. John Rampton learned his lesson long ago when he spent about $5k and got an outdated spreadsheet in return. Now, he’s revealing what he’s learned and sharing his tips for proving SEO. Check it out at
  2. The Title Tag is dead. Right? Maybe not. Paul Tietelman shares some advice on getting the most from this still-usable tag as well as some common mistakes to avoid.
  3. Got a blog? SEO it with these top-notch tips from Stacy Stokes of Thinking to Inking. Even if you’re not managing a blog but you do use some content as a part of your marketing strategy, you’ll find this advice useful.

Social Optimization

  1. offers up some great tips on improving your social media skills. We’re talking about building relationships, providing value, and avoiding getting sucked into the, “I can post updates all day long so I’m going to take over your news feed with updates about me and my business” mentality.
  2. Miklin SEO shares an experiment that proves the value of socially optimized keywords. If you need evidence that social optimization is the key to getting better exposure in organic search results, this is worth a read.
  3. Social media goes hand-in-hand with content marketing. Read more about this and other tips for social optimization at The Pastime Shelf.
  4. When you have 140 characters to get your point across, how valuable would it be to have something worth 1,000 words? Rev Local makes the case for using images.

Local Optimization

  1. ZogDigital talks about the benefits of Google+, including its usability for local SEO purposes.
  2. If you’re in the healthcare niche, pretty much all your digital marketing should be focused locally. See what Digital Strategist Neil James of Russell Herder has to say about using local search marketing for the healthcare industry.
  3. Is it possible to make money with local lead generation? Of course, but you have to do it right. takes an interesting—and rather humorous—look at generating local leads and how it can go very, very wrong if you don’t use appropriate follow-through.

Email Marketing

  1. Is your email marketing campaign a massive failure? There are a couple probable reasons why. Elizabeth Yin, CEO and a co-founder of LaunchBit, shares the likely reasons your email marketing campaign sucks—and what you can do about it in a guest post at
  2. Jeremy Reeves guest blogs at The Daily Egg with useful tips on what does and doesn’t work in email marketing today. Get the full article at The Daily Egg—and check out for more usable marketing tips.
  3. Tamara Gielen rounds up some recommended reading on email marketing at her Be Relevant! Email Marketing Blog. What you’ll find: Ways to segment your contact list, Postini and how to prevent your emails from looking like spam.

Mobile Optimization

  1. What are the benefits of mobile marketing? Increased traffic, a boost in conversions…you know, just a few of the core reasons why you use online marketing at all. Learn how to make your business mobile and use mobile marketing to convert customers at Local SEO Sites.
  2. What does the future hold for mobile marketing SEO? Steve Olenski gets feedback from experts about what’s to come in the mobile marketing optimization world at
  3. Can your mobile marketing efforts go viral? Padalog has some tips for improving virality in your mobile marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing

  1. Is content marketing just a buzz word? There’s no question that the practice is important. But are we taking things like headlines a little too far to try to get clicks? See what Susan Murphy has to say about the current state of affairs at
  2. Google+ and content marketing are a match made in heaven. (How appropriate for everyone’s post-Valentine’s Day amorous attitudes, eh?) Check out this infographic at, compliments of to see exactly how you should be using Google+ to prop your content marketing efforts.
  3. The last thing you probably want to hear is that you need a bigger content marketing budget. But you might, especially if you’re a B2B marketer. See what JD Rucker has to say—and check out another awesome infographic—at

Conversion Optimization

  1. Great news: Conversion optimization can be lean. Landers Optimized reveals how it’s done.      
  2. If you’re using an online form, you want as many people to fill it out as possible. But you can lose visitors partway through the subscription or signup process if your forms are too complex or asking for too much information. Orbital Alliance has some tips on improving the conversion rates from your online forms.
  3. Stop listening to the HIPPOs! No, we’re totally serious. HIPPOs don’t always have the right opinions. Don’t know what a HIPPO is? Check out Karen Wood’s article on the webtrends Blog and learn why HIPPOs are bad for conversion rate optimization.

Reputation Management

  1. Taiga Company names five social media tools which can help you attain sustainable reputation management.  Sustainable is the operative word here—you need a solution that can help you monitor and maintain your online reputation continuously, not a one-shot, shotgun approach. Online reputation management is anything but a once-and-done kind of process.
  2. Check out SEOrigami’s live case study on reputation management. It’s the first part in a series, so this is one you’ll want to follow.
  3. You know we have to do it, so we’re going to end this week’s roundup with a roundup, and a worthy one at that. Life Think provides a roundup of the top ten reputation management tools. And most of them are FREE. No more excuses for not monitoring your online presence!