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Welcome to another edition of the inbound marketing roundup! Hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving weekend. We’ve got some great news going around this week. On the helm of social media today, Twitter readies retargeted ads for mobile, a new social network has launched by introverts for introverts, and Cyber Monday social mentions overtake Black Friday mentions. Everything’s going swimmingly in the inbound marketing world today! Now for our top 25 inbound marketing articles of the week:

Search Optimization

SEO is more than outside link building and acquiring mentions online. You also need to ensure your site structure is in proper care and crawled by search engines. Joel Klettke lays out the definitive infrastructure for any indexed website.

Google’s reign is not without its downsides; it has the ability to significantly hinder a site’s web visibility. How can a company get back in the game after receiving a penalty? Jennifer Slegg provides words of wisdom to help webmasters with this issue.

Google ad placements are not always subtle in their appearance. They tend to take up a fair amount of SERP real estate, much to the chagrin of regular search users. Will cleaner ad placements create a solution? Alex Graves summarizes the case.

SEO is a major part of increasing blog traffic. A key to attaining visitors and targeted audiences is implementing a tight strategy. Theresa Navarra posts a superb infographic on creating a long tail keyword strategy right at your webfront.

Social Optimization

The Twitter search function is quickly becoming one of the most important tools for marketers. We find that optimizing for Twitter people search will help your Twitter handle get discovered. Matt McGee shares his experiment with Twitter people search.

As it stands, Google is the most popular search engine to use today. It is only natural for the behemoth to want small businesses to engage in its social network, Google Plus. Joe Williams gives us five concrete reasons Google wants you on Google Plus.

An often overlooked metric of shared links is through the concept of “dark social.” Dark social means direct traffic through deeply embedded links, email, and messaging means. Ashley Moreno further explains the concept in a video.

Social logins mean more than connecting your social identity to a site. They also keep users’ login information secure to prevent repetitive sign-ins. In the context of ecommerce, does incorporating social logins work? Linda Bustos shares her perspective through a smart article.

Local Optimization

Local businesses should be learning SEO at a quick pace! These businesses benefit the most from locally positioning themselves as the best in their niche. Rocky John Tayaban gives up some low hanging fruit for business to take into account.

Hyperlocal campaigns require lots of directive, hard work, and planning in order to find the highest prime results. With the right tactical goals, local businesses will produce huge wins! Lynn Schwartz provides six steps for a successful hyperlocal campaign.

Multi-location business often run into confusing problems. Is it duplicating if you own more than one place of business with the same name to create listings? Let’s find out from an expert! Paul Bruemmer teaches three steps to crush this form of local search.

Email Marketing

Are you still stuck trying to find email addresses for people you want to cold-contact? Upon learning this tactic, you will find it is quite simple. Greg Pietruszynski offers another neat trick to grab anyone’s email.

Many companies offer tools to aid you in email marketing. Which applications will best serve your needs? Vertical Search Works posts some great tips to choose the optimal email service.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time when sending emails. However, sometimes those mistakes can turn out to be lucky! Rick Siegfried recounts an intriguing email marketing tale on the Marketo blog.

Mobile Optimization

Twitter announced new ad retargeting capabilities for mobile devices. Essentially, mobile Twitter browsing is connected to desktop Twitter browsing, so that Businesses can target customers with the similar advertisements. Larry Kim puts up a more detailed breakdown of the upgrade.

The Thanksgiving weekend saw a big push for mobile devices and online sales on the platform. From the statistics you are about to see, mobile creates a huge impact on the year’s shopping trends. Mike Abasov lists 15 insights from the holiday weekend.

Mobile lead generation is another excellent way to build your business. However, the strategies you use for regular lead generation are slightly augmented. Seema Nayak shows us ideas to get mobile leads.

Content Marketing

To be an effective content marketer, you have to work on more than craft content. It is imperative to check whether or not your marketing efforts are impacting your traffic in any significant way. Kelli Simpson brushes us up on how to measure the effectiveness of content.

Moving your blogging content far ahead of the pack is difficult for many reasons. The easy answer is that they do not write a lot of content, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Adrienne Smith tells it like it is on getting noticed in a sea of bloggers!

Believe it or not, non-profits are not that effective at content marketing. Only 26% of non-profits were confident enough to affirm their proficiency at the tactic. Check out this data infographic on how content marketing significantly benefits your company by Frank Berry.

Can you believe that it is nearly the beginning of another year? 2014 is going to be an amazing time, and Google will expect higher expectations for your content. Does your business have what it takes? Richard Eaves has the scoop on next year’s standards for content.

Conversion Optimization

Are you interested in learning conversion optimization from the best of the best? We hope so, because we’ve included a great roundup of 13 top experts in the industry. Kathryn Aragon takes the reins on this one. Check out the post!

Any part of your marketing funnel can be analyzed for conversion. In this post example, Richard Millington dissects his online communities touch points for success.

A lot of conversion optimization is focused on usability, but very little is spent talking about the not-so-tangible factors of a page. In this case, we’re talking about persuasion and the effect of psychology on the user. Joshua Porter demonstrates to us the usefulness of this metric.

Reputation Management

It’s easy to understand how your online reputation can be affected by what people see in the search engines. When visitors get a first impression, it stays with them for the few seconds they stumble upon an iffy review or off comment about your brand. Nick Hantge presents tips on protecting your company’s reputation.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.