rsz_december_5th_top_25This week’s round up has helpful tips to help you tackle the tall task of creating viral content, developing a Local SEO strategy for 2016, optimizing your site for mobile and improving your social media marketing campaigns.

Learn how to dive into email marketing, manage your reputation online and how to create useful content for the holiday season. We’ve covered all of this news and much more, below.


Search Engine Optimization:

  • Looking for ways to boost traffic to your business site? Hicks Crawford’s blog put together this list of good SEO tips.
  • The SEO landscape is ever evolving. It’s good to stay on top of the trends, and Aarif Habeeb’s blog outlines seven upcoming SEO trends to prepare for.
  • Increase the likelihood of your blog post achieving a high ranking in Google with advice from Jewel Rahman’s blog.
  • With the new year approaching, it’s a good time to review – and possible revise – your SEO strategy. Gina Jone’s blog has a strategy checklist to help you through the process.
  • Shreya Ghodke’s blog compiled a list of eight essential tips for a search engine optimized website.

Social Optimization:

  • We often talk about the importance of optimizing your site for search, but it’s becoming increasingly important to optimize for social, as well. Kevin Shively’s blog post has some helpful tips for social optimization.
  • Mars Cureg’s blog post is full of insights on the benefits of social media marketing.
  • Looking for ways to improve your social media marketing campaigns? Valerie Levin’s blog outlines a monthly plan for optimization.
  • If you’re a social media marketer, it’s very important to understand the relationship between Google and Facebook. Adam Levy’s blog post fills us in on important updates.

Email Marketing:

  • Email Marketing is an incredible channel for business growth. Lynne’s blog explains why list building and email marketing are so essential.
  • Everyone loves expert advice. Allison Smith’s blog post has six email marketing tips from Toni ‘The Turnaround Queen’ Harris.
  • If you haven’t used email marketing before, check out Bryan Fleming’s convincing post on reasons why you should take advantage of this medium.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Sheri Taber’s blog has the inside scoop on how to increase conversion rates on your website.
  • Conversions are great, but what should you be doing post-conversion to keep your customers and clients? Shane Barker’s blog has eight post-conversion strategies to help retain customers.

Content Marketing:

  • New to content marketing? Increase organic traffic with these content strategies from Michael Cirillo’s blog post.
  • Annie Pilon’s blog post goes above and beyond, providing 35 different strategies and tactics for creating content marketing campaigns that generate sales.
  • In need of holiday and end of the year content ideas? Armando Roggio’s blog post has five ideas to try for December 2015.
  • Nikita Mittal’s blog does a great job of explaining five tips for a successful content marketing strategy.
  • Creating content can be difficult. Creating viral that goes viral is even harder. Roger C. Parker’s blog explains the power of viral content and why it can be worth the investment to go the extra mile with your content creation.

Local Optimization:

  • Become a master of local search engine optimization with tips from Terry Van Horne’s blog post.
  • Have you started developing your Local SEO strategies for 2016? This blog post from Chris has you covered to make 2016 your best year yet.

Reputation Management:

  • Not convinced on the importance of online reputation management? David’s blog post does a fine job of outlining why it’s crucial for your business.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Gary Cowan’s blog outlines five ways to mobile optimize your small business site for success in 2016 and beyond.
  • Going mobile? This blog post from Ariel Valley beautifully describes 22 tips for creating an unforgettable mobile site.
  • Mobile is the future, and optimizing for mobile devices is important now more than ever. Nikunj Chauhan’s blog explains how to optimize your site for mobile.