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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

Welcome to the last roundup before the Christmas holiday! We’re super excited for this roundup in particular because we have 2014 predictions for inbound marketing in many of our topics today. This week, check out the rise of Facebook Video Ads, Lyft outpacing Uber in growth rate, and Inc’s top five predictions for social media in 2014. Exciting times are surely ahead, don’t you think?

Let’s not keep you waiting: here are our top 25!

Search Optimization

A basic SEO fix to your blog is altering the URL’s permalink structure to reflect the name of your pages and posts. Rohit Palit takes you through the process with his TechTage post.

It’s difficult to analyze SEO in a vacuum, especially considering that a large part of SEO is understanding your competitor links. Dion Bastian pens this article on the importance of competitive analysis.

If SEO is not exciting enough right now, consider its implications in the new year! Much of what we do now to rank in search will end up changing. James Norquay gives us 27 expert opinions about future backlinking strategies.

Do you think you can write content better than an SEO agency? Think again! Laura Lippay fills us in on the advantages of hiring SEOs to complete your marketing.

Social Optimization

Acquiring shares in social media isn’t easy. However, some pieces of content manage to spread and go viral more than others. In a guest post, Taryn Degnan breaks down the aspects of image content that receive more than 25,000 shares on Beth Kanter’s blog.

With all this social media content flying around the web, how do we keep track of the conversations swirling around content pieces? Hashtags, of course! Erin Washington points out the positives of using hashtags.

Your social media strategy may potentially become outdated with the approach of 2014! Social media visitors want to be dazzled by the eye and the mind. Emily Taing provides 15 social media design tips just in time for the holidays!

Facebook is a huge monster of a social network. Therefore, we understand that small businesses want to hit its audience. To help, Amanda DiSilvestro presents the complete guide to getting started with Facebook Ads.

Local Optimization

Most local business owners can tell you it’s difficult to reach the top of Google search results. This issue is often compounded with Google Hummingbird and differentiating between SPAM and legitimate local results. Mike Blumenthal is back (and with a stylish new redesign) to provide the full story.

More new year’s action is here! Local SEO next year will be different, and Guillaume Bouchard offers six ways to accelerate your local SEO in 2014!

We know local search will change drastically in 2014, but by how much? What will you have to start doing to compete on the local web stage? Chris Marentis posts six predictions that will get you to rethink your site’s local strategy.

Email Marketing

We know video is one of the most popular forms of Internet media. Have you thought of incorporating that medium into your email campaigns? Pam Neely posts big stats for video and excellent tips to make your emails oh-so-effective!

An email list requires detailed strategy to create success. It’s always a great idea to map out the exact goals and intentions you have for your subscribers. Robert Mishovski delves into deep discussion about optimizing a proper plan for email.

Are you unsure of what your readers prefer in your newsletter? Just because you don’t receive complaints doesn’t mean the content is effective. Ginny Soskey shows seven examples to compare to your own newsletter list.

Mobile Optimization

2013 has been an incredible year of amazing ads, social media, and videos. There were many excellent mobile campaigns too! Lauren Johnson shares the top 10 location-based mobile ads for 2013.

If your business is mobile-optimized, it will have greater reach in terms of audience. Are you getting your site mobile-ready next year? Chris Ainsworth explains why 2014 is the year of mobile!

We’re all for mobile optimization, but could creating a mobile site bring some potential downsides? If you are creating a mobile site, make sure the links and redirects are proprely operating. Jenhao Chan of Branded3 provides conclusions on mobile search conflicting with your main site.

Content Marketing

Everyone predicts the future (check out the ones we linked above!), but few people can back up their claims with experience in the field. The future of content marketing looks to be an exciting industry in the next year. Content marketing veteran Joe Pulizzi displays 50 predictions for 2014 in a Slideshare presentation!

Your content can always be improved. You just need to know where to look for the improvements. Dustin Stout publishes four ways to create better content for your blog.

If you operate in a traditionally unexciting industry, you may think content creation won’t work for you. At first blush, you may be right, but that doesn’t mean the content you create must be limited to your niche. Ross Hudgens presents a slideshow on crafting content for boring industries.

Conversion Optimization

Landing page conversions require rounds of testing. Even then, you still might not be finding the results you want. Adam Connell of Famous Bloggers writes nine ways to solve your conversion page problems.

It’s not everyday that a company can be completely transparent with its conversions. You can learn a great deal from sites that show both their advantages and improvements. Alex Turnbull shares his companies metrics with an interesting twist at the end!

Accumulating conversions is always a top priority, but what happens after? Any ideas on how to keep your customer (besides your amazing product or service)? Tim Ash gives us tactics for customer retention.

Reputation Management

Google never forgets what is online. That’s why you have to make sure your online reputation is prim, proper, and pristine. Andy Beal, the CEO of Trackur, advises us on how to clean up our online act.

Thanks to online reviews, businesses have to stay on their toes and listen to the customer. This effectively puts both parties on equal footing. Tom Fishburne adds a quirky cartoon about online reviews to a comforting lesson to marketers.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.