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It’s the last Friday in August, everyone! Summer’s nearly over and we’re glad you’re here to soak up the last of it’s inbound marketing news and articles. With Fall just around the corner, it is already shaping up to be a great year for the industry! Here are some of our top stories in the social media space right now:

We hope you continue to come back and read all of our other roundup articles. For now, here are the top 25 inbound marketing articles of the week:

Search Optimization

Think very carefully and methodically about your SEO strategy. In order to work, it needs to be deeply researched. Barry Adams outlines four crucial ingredients for a successful SEO strategy.

Make use of the link removal process with Google’s Disavow tool! Rank Treasure posts a step-by-step guide to go through the disavowal process.

We’re not recommending this method to improve your ranking, but it’s good that you’re aware of other ways people try to do better in search that could put your site at risk (if you’re linked to them). Read Leith Andrews’s post for the full story.

Check out 18 ways to develop better content for SEO by Swapan Chandra Sutradhar!

Social Optimization

If you think only SEO can be “black hat,” you may want to reconsider that notion. Social media can and has been used to boost rankings inauthentically. John E. Lincoln writes an interesting post on black hat social media.

Social media followers are useful, but converting them to email subscribers would prove more effective for your website growth. Kendall Guillemette takes us through the process of adding Twitter followers to your email list.

It’s widely viewed that social logins have a great advantage over custom login screens. Elie Chevignard addresses this belief by pointing out seven social login myths.

You don’t always have to go for the latest tools that come out. John Paul highlights some of the more seasoned social platforms that can still be put to good use.

Local Optimization

Learn to track your local carousel traffic with this hack demonstrated by Matt Hoff.

Foursquare is relaunched and ready to go! Ben Larcey explains to us why it’s good for your local business.

Small local businesses have a lot of advertising capabilities at their disposal. One example is Google Adwords Express. The folks at Olbuz Consulting jots down the application’s features in a post.

Email Marketing

How many email subscribers do you have? One hundred? Several thousand? Noah Kagan shows us how he got from zero to almost 150,000 subscribers in a guest article.

Email marketing is much more complex than you think. You’ll need to humanize yourself, have calculated positioning for your CTAs, and more! Jordie van Rijn shows us how the email marketing VIPs get the job done in their campaigns.

Tracking your emails for engagement levels is certainly a good idea for gathering your marketing data. However, where could this go wrong in certain emails? Joe Christopher shows us why our email tracking statistics might be wrong.

Mobile Optimization

There ways you can increase your mobile email marketing list. Brett Relander teaches us 12 that will get significant growth to our list in no time.

Mobile design is often regarded as the next step in web optimization needed in order to grow traffic. However, there are a lot of nuances to mobile design that should be addressed before jumping on the bandwagon. Dylan Hepworth presents the mobile dilemma when performing optimization.

Content Marketing

If you’re a newcomer to the inbound marketing world, seeing so many obscure terms all at once can be daunting. Loz James puts together a content marketing glossary we can learn from.

Joel Klettke reveals 10 brand publishing tools you probably have never heard of before.

When thinking about content marketing, you don’t have to stick to the written word. There are many ways in which to put forth your ideas. Here are six types of content you can choose from by Helen Scheuerer.

Your company blog is one of the single most important sources of traffic for your business. In this podcast, Gael Breton interviews Breanden Beneschott, COO of Toptal, on how to create a great one!

Conversion Optimization

Cross selling on your product page can very well hurt your conversion rates. Linda Bustos offers insight through smart examples of tested product pages.

Your marketing analytics are there for a reason — so that you can get better at figuring out your audience and what drives them to your site.  Isaac Rothstein shares special techniques that help increase your sales.

IFTTT has many social media and content-related uses in regards to its capabilities. Even more impressive is that you can use this platform for offline conversion tracking. Check out David Taylor’s guide to get a better view of the process.

Reputation Management

Louise Myers gives us a helpful infographic that depicts 10 top tips on monitoring our online reputation management.

Read this massive guide to all of the basics regarding online reputation management from the folks at Confident Brand.

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