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It’s been an incredible July, filled with industry stories, Google updates, and company acquisitions. Now it’s August and we’re ready for what this month brings us! Just so we don’t forget last month, here are some of the top stories out from the week:

Let’s get this roundup rolling! Here are our top 25:

Search Optimization

As a marketer in search, chances are you spend a lot of time using Excel. Sergio Aicardi highlights five easy Excel tricks to use in your spreadsheet.

What is your unique search value proposition? Reef Digital Agency shows us how to determine it for our SEO efforts in a blog post.

How does Google determine the search value of your content or website? Brian Dean shares an entire list of the top 200 Google ranking factors in a post.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your social SEO, check out this article by Erick Carlson — its six steps will put you over the edge!

Social Optimization

Learn how to rock it on Twitter from the very best! Graham Todd gives us thirteen powerful tips to learn from.

The community you harvest depends a lot on your management philosophies. First Round Capital publishes a piece on Erik Martin, the former Community Manager at Reddit.

Where is Google Plus heading for us users? Andy Meek posts an interesting piece of the state of Google’s social platform, in addition to what lies ahead.

It’s time to uncover the myth of social signals and SEO once and for all! Ralph C. provides knowledgeable evidence in this great post.

Local Optimization

Google has updated the local algorithm code for its search engine. Check out the implications in Mike Blumenthals report on the situation.

Manage your Google my Business page with the best of them! Eric Driegen shares an informative infographic to help you optimize it.

Are you wandering in your local search strategy, struggling to find out what actually has an impact on your visibility? Bill Connard defines the KPIs for local and how to get a better ROI.

Email Marketing

Ready to take your subscriber numbers to a higher level? Get the tools for the job from Reginald’s post on how he gained 1,000 subscribers in less than six months.

Close your deals with email objections with this excellent rundown of tips from Fred Spring’s post.

Let your welcome emails become the doorway to a new beginning! See examples of how to make emails that convert from Wesley Yu.

Mobile Optimization

Optimize your videos for mobile for increased levels of viewability. Michael Litt points out three ways to do it in an article.

Tim McLain presents seven tips for mobile marketing your website.

Content Marketing

Chandra Clarke shares six article marketing tips to use for your content.

How does it fare to post content to LinkedIn Publisher? Greg Ciotti sheds light on the lessons he’s learned from 30 days of publishing on LinkedIn.

The best way to get your content noticed is to write good content that’s relevant. Janet Choi writes about how Buffer got her more than 4,000 social shares.

In order to get the most exposure, share your content multiple times and at the right time. Sarah Brown shows us the right way of promoting content.

Conversion Optimization

Chris Dyson shares more than 80 conversion optimization tools for marketers.

Kalle Tiihonen gives us a little lesson on the world of Facebook ads bidding.

Looking for more creative ways to have your website convert? Brian Staples presents 10 tips to improve conversion rates.

Reputation Management

You can certainly build enough trust with your content to solidify your reputation. Ali Luke delivers nine ways to do this.

As a business, you can’t afford to make any serious mistakes with your online reputation. Kathi Kruse tells us how to avoid the error that can destroy it completely.

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