Another wild and crazy week in the world of inbound marketing. This week, Google revealed some changes to its Google Places for Business feature, with a more intuitive interface designed to let you more easily update your company’s information.

Thanks to @BusterBabycakes who entertained us on Twitter this week by sharing the news that the U.S. meat industry is officially re-naming pork chops as ribeyes, along with the comment, “Does the marketing department really have nothing else to do?” Is it really necessary to re-brand a cut of meat? Will the meat industry sell more pork chops if they’re called ribeyes? We’re on the fence on this one.

In bonuses today, we have a couple of mobile marketing infographics for you, some interesting insights from Forbes and a quote from a Twitter user we think you’ll like. Enjoy!

Search Optimization

  1. Majon offers a good primer on SEO linking, covering different types of backlinks, how to get them and how they benefit your SEO.
  2. Are you using title tags appropriately? Check out these 10 tips from OC Search Consulting to make sure you’re optimizing title tags to the fullest extent.
  3. This one is from January 2013, but it’s packed full of useful advice you need to remember throughout 2013. Since we’ve entered the second quarter, it’s probably time for a little SEO refresher—so visit Digital Aptitude and check out their “Forget Everything You Know About SEO (And Read This)” post.

Social Optimization

  1. Attention employers: Letting your staff use social media during the workday increases productivity. Say what? It’s true, according to new research published in the Information Systems Journal. Get the full story at LeadersWest.
  2. Do you post on Facebook while inebriated (PWI)? That’s a major faux pas. Joking aside, names the 12 most common social media mistakes you could be making. (Yes, PWI is one of them, but there are other legit mistakes you could be making with your business page.)
  3. You know how we’re always talking about managing your online reputation on social media? Brian Rotsztein reveals how to manage your social media footprint at Social Media Today.

Local Optimization

  1. You know by now that everything related to online marketing is, well, related. Find out how local SEO is tied into blogging and content marketing at
  2. Mastering local SEO can be a tremendous boost to your bottom line. But don’t put all your eggs in one basket. SmartOnlinePros talks about the importance of diversifying local SEO by using PPC ads.
  3. Looking for a few linkbuilding strategies to boost your local SEO? RevLocal has a few suggestions.

Email Marketing

  1. Every time you communicate with someone, via email, social media or on the phone, you’re marketing for your business. That’s why it’s important to use proper email etiquette in all your email communications—not just when you’re sending blasts to your subscriber list. Web Search Social has some great advice on staying tactful.
  2. Your email opt-in form is one of the most important elements of your website, so you want it to stand out. Jordie van Rijn offers up some useful tips for optimizing your opt-in forms by directing readers’ eye path, using contrasting colors, a clear CTA and more. Find it at Get Response.
  3. If you’ve just started your email marketing campaign, you might not be paying much attention to your metrics. But you should be. Find out why email marketing metrics are critical even to newbies at Managed for Mimi.
  4. Are you a good-girl sender or a bad-girl sender? Find out what category you fall into and how to become a good girl at ThoughtReach.

Mobile Optimization

  1. Optimizing your email campaign for mobile devices is critical. Research from email marketing provider BlueHornet reveals that more than 80 percent of consumers won’t engage with an email that’s not optimized for their mobile device. Get the scoop at BizReport.
  2. With such a wide variety of devices on the market, how the heck do you properly optimize for mobile? Chris Goward shares some advice he revealed in recent presentations he gave at SES and SMX.
  3. Want to know how the major brands are finding success through mobile? Luxury Daily shares 10 examples of top-notch mobile marketing campaigns for the first quarter of 2013.

Content Marketing

  1. Jacky Tan offers tips on approaching your content marketing strategy the right way, including storytelling, targeting your audience and the importance of focusing on valuable information. Get all the tips at Business2Community.
  2. SEO Nick shares an amazing collection of digital marketing resources in a variety of categories, including content marketing, local SEO, link building and more. This is an impressive resource you’re going to want to bookmark!
  3. Quality or Quantity? Or both? It’s a never-ending debate, but Onboardly has some valuable insights to help you balance the two.

Conversion Optimization

  1. What good is a lead if it’s not a quality lead? You want more visitors, more subscribers and more prospects—but you want those that will actually convert. A subscriber list of 250,000 is useless if only 10 of those people are actually in your target audience. Diamond Website Conversion offers some advice on designing forms to improve both lead volume and lead quality.
  2. HostGator provides an easy, five-step process for proper conversion rate optimization. It doesn’t have to be hard, but you DO have to test!
  3. Is your website stuck in the 90’s? The old, static websites of that decade are long gone, and if your site is still stuck in the past you’re probably losing out on conversions. Get the scoop at March Communications.

Reputation Management

  1. Buzz Outsource shares 10 simple, yet effective tips for online reputation management.
  2. If your primary business is blogging, you might think reputation management isn’t as important for you—but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your online reputation is what builds readers’ trust. Blogging Tips shares insights on how your reputation can make or break you as a blogger, and what to look out for.
  3. Your online reputation is closely tied with your offline reputation. Take a look at this story by Kevin Pho, MD, about a neurosurgeon who sued a patient’s husband for a blog post that he claimed ruined his online reputation, and how your social activity can overshadow negative publicity. Definitely an interesting read on the power of social media and an active online presence in controlling your online rep!


What is it that your social media department really does all day? Is it possible to fill up a full workday with nothing but social media marketing? It sure is. Deborah Sweeney reveals what your social marketers should be focusing on to build a successful campaign. Find it at Social Media Today.

We found a couple of cool infographics for you this week, both focused on mobile marketing. One from KISSmetrics and one from GetElastic. Which one is your favorite?

Forbes has an interesting piece on finding time to dedicate to social media.

And finally, we want to close out today’s post with a comment we came across on Twitter: Thanks @Spotzwoj: “No one ever says, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a social media marketing guru with a blog,’ and yet here we are.” We love it!