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Hey everybody! Hope you’re enjoying the nice weather here in April! Now that we’ve nearly reach the end, we’re super excited for what’s ahead in the month’s to come. For now, let’s take a look back at this past week. There’s a lot of terrific social news, such as Twitter’s new profile pages, Facebook reaching 1 billion mobile users, and Google Plus social logins getting a massive boost.

We hope these stories put a spring in your step! Head on down to our top 25 inbound marketing articles of the week!

Search Optimization

Ever wanted to learn from one of the top experts in the search marketing field? We have one of the most prominent search figures in our presence today in a fascinating Q & A session! Gareth Davies interviews search legend Danny Sullivan with 10 of your most burning questions.

Get more traffic now: that’s our motto! We highly recommend taking advantage of SEO knowledge in order to boost the relevancy of your site. Nabeel Tanveer tells us the 15 SEO commandment to improve an ecommerce store.

A lot of once high-ranking sites are getting dropped in the reviled Google Sandbox. How do you avoid this fate from reaching your own site? Clay Adams speaks to us on understanding Google to avoid its penalties.

Ranking in Google has notoriously been an arduous task for small business owners and webmasters. Now that Google is hitting hard on unethical link building, is it easier than ever for site owners to rank? Rohit Palit makes a fair case for the leveling of the search landscape.

Social Optimization

There are some pretty interesting changes happening over at Facebook too; not necessarily good changes, however. How much are you in the know about Facebook’s new advertising program? Ryan Scott gives us the lowdown on Facebook’s marketing in a telling post.

Social media is pretty straightforward; be social and giving to your audience. There is a big advantage to use tools in conjunction with positive social networking skills. Ryan T. shows you a few effective tools and philosophies when it comes to social media.

Are you an avid Pinterest user? There’s no question that you’ll find exactly what you need to optimize for your ecommerce social strategy in this top post! Stacey Herbert authors this smart advice.

No one likes a copy-paste solution to any product or service. Learn to adapt your social media marketing to fit your audience. Jesse Jenifer teaches us three simple steps to effective social networking.

Local Optimization

Are you thinking of getting more local leads for your business? You’ll find that the process to doing so is simpler than you think; it just takes a bit of effort and planning. Rob Benson presents the guide to increasing local leads!

This next questions seems random, but what if you’re a law firm? How do you optimize your local SEO for better visibility in search engines? Phil Rozek puts together a superb interview with Mike Ramsey of NiftyMarketing.

It must be interview week for today’s roundup, because we have another one for you in top form! Get more insight into the local SEO industry in an interview between Aaron Wall and Vendrin Tomic, founder of Local Ants.

Email Marketing

For the more seasoned email marketers among us, we know that segmenting our lists helps in converting opens and clicks. However, how should we go about differentiating specific groups? Yael Grauer provides great ways to conduct email list segmentation.

Okay, so you want to send your first email. Which service provider offers the best bang for your marketing budget? Neil McKendrick lists five of the top ESPs in a post.

It looks like clear blue skies for email marketing ROI! Are you curious as to why? Craig Reardon points out terrific reasons why email marketing is on its way up.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile marketing certainly has its perks. If you can get your brand message to customers on the go, you’ve surely increased your rate of retention. Justin Olch brings us inside how Carl’s Jr. makes use of its SMS messaging.

Facebook’s new ad network for mobile ads has come calling. Ready to jump on the launch later this month? Mike Isaac has the full story right here.

Content Marketing

In regards to content, marketing your headline is just as important as marketing your copy. Learn how UpWorthy constructs its headlines by reading this top article by Michael Reid Roberts.

Your traffic looks to be on an upward spiral, but how can you verify this? All you have to do is perform a content audit! Jacey Gulden offers three easy steps to evaluating your site content.

Guest posting still has some exceptional benefits to it, despite its bad press, as of late. What’s the strategy on getting your posts accepted? Sophia Jennings posts useful tips on getting guest posts slots.

When you market your content, it’s important to use tools that are not only effective, but also work incredibly well as a team. Michael Keshen puts together a dream team of the top content marketing apps in a list.

Conversion Optimization

Figuring out conversion problems can be a tough job, but your business depends on whether you have the bandwidth to eliminate these issues. Go about this intelligently, and then problem becomes clear, in time. Jennifer Cardello aids us in showing the proper way to A/B test.

Not enough conversion advice for you? Neil Patel publishes a new guide to conversion optimization! We hope you enjoy the read.

Opt-in pop ups look to be all the rage in the inbound marketing world. How do you make yours stand out from the rest? Gael Breton publishes the story behind opt-in pop ups.

Do you want to increase your ecommerce sales in an instant? Use the principles of urgency and scarcity to increase revenue. Mohita Nagpal offers up a detailed post for our viewing pleasure.

Reputation Management

Only you know what your company’s messaging entails; this is why you need a hands on approach to managing your brand’s reputation. Alex Gutman presents his insights on the significance of taking on an ORM strategy.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.

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