Crazy stuff going on in the world this week. The news is packed with the latest details on the manhunt for the Boston Bombing suspects, and it’s hard to focus on much else when your social news feeds are filled with the latest facts to emerge from the investigation and plenty of speculation on the real motivations behind these horrendous acts of violence.

But the world is still full of plenty of good vibes and experts who are kind enough to share their lessons learned, best tips and expertise with marketers like you. We’ve rounded up 25 of the best, most insightful articles to hit the Web this week, just for you!

So what’s in store? Facebook hits the streets, long-form landing pages could be more effective than above-the-fold CTAs (say WHAT?), and 15 content marketing tactics that WORK. Take a reprieve from following the major news outlets and take a look at some of the positive vibes flowing through the Web this week!

Search Optimization

  1. We talk about all kinds of different SEO practices, factors, terms and so forth. But what if you need a good primer on SEO and where to begin? Marcela De Vivo, Founder of Gryffin Media, has those answers in a guest post at The Next Women.
  2. Why is SEO vital for small business? Timothy Carter reveals four reasons it’s essential.
  3. Ribbun Software rounds up 11 of the coolest SEO tools. Some of these you’ve heard of, some you haven’t. Check ‘em out!
  4. Brian Easter needed a new dog bed for his dog, Cami. Where did he turn? Online, of course. Find out how the simple process of buying a dog bed is impacted heavily by SEO, and how you can use it to your advantage at Nebo Blog.

Social Optimization

  1. Your social media strategy isn’t effective without a powerful content plan to go along with it. Vickie Pittard of Little Black Dog Social Media and More covers the why, where and how.
  2. Catherine Jones of Rave Publications talks about the common challenges faced by corporations in implementing a social media campaign, including lack of time, lack of content and disjointed schedules.
  3. The Boston Marathon Bombings were all over the news this past week. Our thoughts are with all the families affected by this terrible tragedy and those that followed. As of this morning, the entire town of Watertown, Massachusetts is shut down as police try to track down the remaining suspect. It’s interesting to see the social effects that come out of these major news stories, and Nieman Journalism Lab takes a look at the new “breaking news,” where journalists and citizens cover the same story simultaneously.

Local Optimization

  1. Not all of Google’s initiatives are successful, a fact we addressed in a recent blog post. But sometimes marketers overlook what could be the next big game-changer. Google Glass, for instance, is largely a tech-geek gadget. But Jason DeMers, Founder and CEO of AudienceBloom reveals why Google Glass might just be the next big thing in Internet marketing. Find out what he has to say at Search Engine Watch.
  2. Sharon McMillan of talks about the local opportunity and how to get started at Sparkplugging.
  3. Facebook is using feet-on-the-street strategies to capture the attention of small businesses. Get the scoop at Small Business Search Marketing.

Email Marketing

  1. Is your email marketing plan due for a renovation? Loren McDonald reveals why it might be time for a re-make and shares some valuable tips on meeting the new email marketing challenges at Silverpop.
  2. Need some convincing that email marketing is a viable marketing channel for business? Grasp It Marketing shares some compelling reasons why you should be using email as part of your overall marketing strategy.
  3. Pop quiz: Which is better, email or direct mail? MarketScan reveals why you might be missing out on 80 percent of your audience—yep, 80 percent—by failing to capitalize on the right strategy.

Mobile Optimization

  1. Should you be using push notification marketing in your mobile apps? Get six creative ways to do so at Parse Blog, but be careful the tactics you employ aren’t in violation of the platform rules.
  2. We’ve recommended that you optimize your email campaigns for mobile before, but Simply Zesty takes it one step further with seven specific tips for effectiveness.
  3. Want some mobile conversion optimization tools and tricks? Amman Badlani has you covered at Search Engine Watch.

Content Marketing

  1. What’s the state of content marketing these days, anyway? And where is it headed? Sunil Rajaraman from Young Entrepreneur Council has the scoop in a guest post at Venture Beat.
  2. Are you buying into common content marketing myths? Are you too focused on form, format, noise and channels? Find out at Content Marketing Experience.
  3. If you’re overwhelmed by all the data, myths, recommendations and tips surrounding content marketing, you’re probably getting really frustrated and just want someone to tell you what you should be doing. Not to worry: SocialMouths delivers with 15 types of content marketing that work.

Conversion Optimization

  1. Long landing pages could net you 220 percent more leads than above-the-fold CTAs. What? Unheard of, right? Get the details from Marketing Experiments Blog.
  2. Florist 2.0 has a great tutorial on using Google Analytics goals and funnels for conversion rate optimization.
  3. Struggling with landing page optimization? Tried all the usual tricks and tips without success? Affilorama has three less common tips for boosting landing page optimization.

Reputation Management

  1. What is it exactly that reputation management companies do, anyway? Big Mouth SEO reveals the big secret.
  2. Made a reputation management blunder and found yourself with a not-so-great online reputation? MemeBurn has nine strategies for repairing it.
  3. Did you know that diversifying your online presence is one way to effectively manage your online reputation? It seems counter-intuitive, because that means you’ll have more stuff to keep track of, but it’s actually a solid tactic. Blogging Tips shares why and has some other tips for managing your online reputation.



Do mobile marketers understand teens and social media? Find out in this infographic at Mobile Marketing Watch. shares four big ideas for your social media strategy.

You know social media is big when sites like start talking about it. In this post, they suggest creating a social media will. Yes, we’re serious. How do you want your social media profiles to be handled when you’re no longer able to manage them?

EConsultancy shares their ten favorite mobile marketing stats for the week.

Social Mouths is rocking it this week. In their second post to make our roundup, find out who is more likely to see your posts on your Facebook news feed. Good stuff!

Turns out you have to be careful what company information your reveal on your social accounts. JDSupra reports on the Netflix CEO disclosing that one billion hours of programs were streamed within a month. The issue was that it was not accompanied by a press release or a post on the Netflix website. It’s an interesting read to learn more about how the SEC is becoming more involved in social corporate communications.

Let’s end this week’s roundup with another infographic. This one from Content Amp provides a visual representation of the current content marketing landscape.