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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

Spring is finally on the way! It might be harder to stay inside and read the top 25 inbound marketing articles, but rest assured, they’re well worth it! It’s been quite an entertaining week in the marketing world. Check out the latest stories, such as Twitter promoting mobile app downloads, Google testing products ads in its Knowledge Graph carousel, and United Airways lets loose an unauthorized tweet.

Get ready for our top inbound marketing stories! Check them out, now!

Search Optimization

While Google has provided a top notch service that billions use everyday, you have to admit, its search standards can be lofty. Indexing your site can even be at the cost of your privacy. Barry Adams points out the intentions behind Google, the company, for its webmasters.

Once you get a website up, optimize its backend for optimal search crawlability. Do you have most of your on-page SEO up to par? Take note of this list by Chris Simmance to keep your site in check.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Heartbleed bug (if not, check out the details here). It’s no surprise that more secure sites benefit from immunity with problems such as this. Matt Southern writes on Google considering a boost in search rankings to better-protected websites.

Some guys get all the links! Well not for long; there are many ways to peer into your competition’s content and view their links. Matt Beswick unveils the best method to view another webmaster’s linking strategy.

Social Optimization

One of the most intriguing aspects of Facebook is that you can view your audience’s interests. Think of the possibilities for your marketing strategy! Kevin Brown speaks on leveraging your audience’s interest in Facebook marketing.

It’s already clear that social media has a long-standing presence in our lives. Now, bigger brands are finally starting to take notice and involve social media in more proactive, creative forms. Seema Nayak reports on three fashion brands integrating social media into stores.

Images seem like an easy thing to optimize, but on social networks, detail is key. Are you making use of the versatility of these photo-centric social platforms? Kinjal Adeshara writes on eight ways to a winning Instagram profile!

Twitter offers robust, real-time interaction capabilities for both businesses and users. Are you taking advantage of this feature with the right tools? Mike Fishbein shares 13 tools to automate your Twitter campaigns.

Local Optimization

The local industry is undoubtedly booming, what with there being massive opportunity to help local business owners get optimized for the web. The company, Yodle, steps up to serve small business needs. Steven Jacobs presents his interview with the chief executive of the company, Court Cunningham, on the evolution of the local marketing landscape.

How does your local business fair on Google Plus? Make you’ve taken as much information on your business as you can and transfer it online. Daniel Kosir sends us five tips to optimize your Google Plus Local page.

Getting noticed on the local web isn’t as difficult as think, considering it conceptually. You just need to add local indicators to your website (that should also be mobile optimized). Bill Hipsher provides more tips on your business’s local SEO.

Email Marketing

In an ideal world, our email autoresponders would go out exactly as we want them to, just as everyone of our customers is most receptive. In reality, there are times when business can overstep their boundaries with the level of frequency and value put into their emails. Gary Hennerberg posts an article on autoresponders and their threat to email marketing.

Email should be easy, but often times marketers don’t think carefully enough about their campaigns. Consider the variety of minds within your audience and bring the same complex value in your marketing. Shannon O’Brien lists the top five ways to fail at email marketing.

Should we keep sending email blasts to our customers? There is something to be said for efficiency with email marketing. Larry Tiblis shares email marketing performance indicators to monitor in your own campaigns.

Mobile Optimization

Right before your eyes, you see your favorite websites transform their layouts to a more more responsive design. Don’t you think it’s your turn to step up to the plate? Murray Newlands gives us tips on responsive mobile design.

Mobile is already locally-integrated, so what’s the next step for the medium from a marketing perspective? Retail don’t have to get too creative to conceive of the possibilities. Linda Bustos urges us to think beyond push notifications in a smart post.

If you think getting on mobile is irrelevant to your business, consider this; those of your competitors that think outside the box are already ahead of you. 80% of mobile phone searches end in a purchase. Vee Popat shares his thoughts on the current landscape and the statistics on the industry.

Content Marketing

Do you remember writing your first essay in school? Content marketing is very much like that; idea generation. Tara Alemany teaches us nine ways to generate content ideas for our sites.

Oftentimes, people don’t go to businesses just to read content. Most of the time, people go to websites just to read the writers they recognize. Grant Draper exemplifies a prime examples of build out a credible personality for your content strategy.

Curating content doesn’t have to be the same, old process. You can incorporate new methods of crafting content uses various web tools. Jason Delodovici points out his new take on content curation, in a post.

Content marketing isn’t just about written content; it encompasses video as well. How do you plan to promote your video content? Ajit Singh gives us a lesson in Video Promotion 101.

Conversion Optimization

Sometimes removing features can improve click through rates on your links. Testing to comprehend the psychology of your users helps in this respect. Matt Byrd demonstrates how removing a feature from the Litmus newsletter improved its click through rate by 13%!

What’s your perspective on required fields? Some research suggests that the more you require fields in web forms, the less of them users fill out. Anthony of UX Movement presents the research for us to learn from.

Reputation Management

Every company’s reputation matters. Keep on top of your online communications to ensure it stays pristine. Tarun Gupta highlights five mistakes that could potentially damage your online rep.

A good reputation can go a long way to improving your consumers’ perception of your brand. Shaun Raines aids in emphasizing the importance of a top reputation well-written post.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.

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