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Each week, we scour the web to uncover valuable articles and blog posts for our readers on the topics of inbound marketing, local optimization, search optimization, social media, and much more.

Welcome to another edition of our weekly inbound marketing roundup! We hope you get a kick out of some of the top stories in our newsfeed. This week, Google ends search query data for its ad service, Google schema updates for small business, and Twitter profiles get a whole new look.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this terrific week! We sure have. Let’s not keep you waiting. Here’s our top 25 inbound marketing articles of the week!

Search Optimization

SEO tools are a dime a dozen. Which tools do you use that are most effective? Mike Essex asks 22 marketers to share their favorite tools.

It’s easy to go after links that boost your search ranking. However, what would happen to your site if you stopped actively chasing links? Gael Breton teaches us how ditching traditional link building tactics got his company traffic.

A lot of marketers tend to go after the easy SEO strategies that only last a short while. How much thought is put into building a sustainable link building strategy for the future? Venchito Tampon shows us the exact steps to create this strategy plan.

Okay so you’ve built your links; congratulations! How are you going to make sure they’re doing their job in getting you search traffic? Matthew Woodward shows us how to index our backlinks, easily!

Social Optimization

In social media, the higher the number of fans or followers you have, the better. Although it’s tempting to go the easy road and buy your followers, there are much more effective ways of growing your influence. Lewis Crutch publishes an insightful post on building social authority without bots.

Trust us when we say that building a brand on social media isn’t an easy task. Want to learn from world-class experts? Harshajyoti Das talks with 11 influencers on building a brand with social media sites.

Pinterest is one of the most trafficked social media sites on the planet. How do you optimize your images for success? Peg Fitzpatrick teaches us how to master the art of Pinterest images.

It can be difficult to maintain a connected relationship with your customers as a business. What’s your strategy to engage followers? Kim Garst lists 50 ideas to aid in your efforts to build effective relationships with your audience.

Local Optimization

Optimizing local SEO for one business can be challenging. How do you rank your business if it has multiple locations? Brandon Seymour crafts and incredibly detailed guide to ranking a multi-location business.

When optimizing your SEO, it’s just as important to know how to configure your off-site attributes. For instance, do you know how to display your business’s contact information in Google SERPs? Vishal Vivek points us in the right direction in a smart post.

Email Marketing

Marketing your company through email isn’t just about sending messages about your product to your customers. It’s about understanding the experience from their perspective. Alex Turnbull shares intriguing lessons from the onboarding optimization project from his startup, in a post.

There are marketers how send emails to customers without real awareness of their emails’ effectiveness. Do you have any ideas on tightening up your email campaigns? Helen Nesterenko posts nine email marketing mistakes that screw with your conversions.

No matter how positive or targeted your emails can be, there are still guidelines you must follow. Whether it’s for engagement or email protocol, sending a proper message is imperative to your business. Lisa Furgison prepares seven email etiquette rules we should always send by.

Mobile Optimization

The mobile web is definitely thriving! No longer do customers focus the majority of their attention through the desktop; now they search across devices. EMarketer posts a summary on how mobile revolutionizes the path to purchase, in an article.

While many of us see the mobile web as increasing in prominence, there are others that believe otherwise. Are apps on the path to mobile domination over the mobile web? Chris Dixon shares his thoughts in a concrete post (check out the comments too!).

Content Marketing

Content is all around us, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Does your content stand out above the rest in any particular way? Kelly Brown shares simple tips on using content to foster strong bonds with customers.

In B2B content marketing, you need to use strategy to reach business owners on a deep level. Before you commence marketing to other businesses, you need to know the ever-changing landscape you’ll be dealing with. Ron Sela puts together five presentations to get us knowledgeable in B2B marketing.

A lot of the time, business owners tend to focus on written content along with the occasional infographic. However, podcasts are an invaluable piece of content that agencies could make use of. Max Traylor proposes three reasons why your company should invest in a podcast.

There’s no doubt that “content” is one of this century’s biggest buzzwords. It’s simply because content and the mediums by which we consume are constantly changing. Nevertheless, Scott Aughtmon shows us four content lessons that stand the test of time.

Conversion Optimization

When should offer your visitors more value in order for them to stay? The instant they come to your website is when you make your move. The AnnexCore team illuminates us to a tool it uses to increase conversions.

Even though online marketing seems to extremely different from real-life marketing, the truth is the two couldn’t be more alike in execution. Interested in learning how? Ritika Puri presents three offline marketing lessons that impact our CRO.

When it comes to conversion, color is a significant aspect of your funnel to consider. What’s your strategy on color usage? Tarek Riman illustrates a compelling infographic on color conversion tips.

Reputation Management

When it comes to reputation, consider your presence outside the scope of reviews and social media. Remember that your blog also has a reputation to uphold! Mustafa Khundmiri points us to five scientifically-backed ways to build trust with our blog readers.

Now we know that being everywhere online can be difficult, even for a team with expert social search skills. Tonya R. Taylor helps us put together a checklist for an precise online reputation strategy.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.

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