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Search Optimization

Things are changing quite rapidly in the SEO world. Tactics that were once seen as advantages by many are now being deemed irrelevant by search engines altogether. For example, exact-match domain names and title tags have FAR less influence today than they did in the years prior. Google has gotten much more sophisticated. To learn the rest of the SEO predictions from our great experts, here’s Roy Hinkis with the full article.

In the world of SEO, sometimes minor changes to an algorithm can completely tank your site’s traffic… other times, however, not so much. Of course, you’ll really never know unless you start asking the right questions. Can moving your site to an HTTPS increase rankings? Likely not, but keep that in mind going forward as a sign of what Google expects on a massive scale in the future. Elena Terenteva highlights answers to great questions (we don’t think they’re dumb!) from smart SEOs.

What other trends are becoming more and more prevalent today? Lets see… long-tail keywords are likely going to be even more important, given the excess of content published at increasingly astonishing rates. Searching across platforms and mobile-friendly websites are certainly becoming more prevalent as well. Hold onto your hats, folks – it’s going to be one interesting year for SEO. Dave Lane lists the rest of the predictions.

Running an ecommerce website? Be sure to take in the fundamentals of SEO so you can maximize your potential reach. Kinga Hulewicz posts the full article right here.

Social Optimization

The way you publish on social media (across networks) makes a big difference. All too often, most authorities share the same message without much differentiation (guilty as charged, sad to say). But what better time than now to turn over a new leaf, and start sharing a diverse range of quality social content. Let’s plan our social editorial calendar with Nathan Ellering!

A lot of us try to sound “professional” online, as if to feign authority and leadership. However, more often than not, the resulting conversation comes out scripted and stifled instead of organic. Social conversations that flow are much better for organic discussions, often leading to new ideas you’d have never thought of within a more closed approach. Danny Brown introduces a neat app that helps the your conversations online evolve.

Ah, the power of lists and likes! We’re well aware that creating these lists creates a lot of buzz for the marketers who make it, while at the same time building credibility for us by sharing good content. Sebastian Gräf employed a similar promotion technique in order to gain more than 3,450 shares to his brand new blog (hint: all it takes is good content and a little promotion to get the ball rolling!).

Looking for the right social analytics tool for your business? Keep in mind that it’s about increasing BUSINESS, not just social shares. Make sure the social analytics tool you buy can translate actions into sales. Sam Oakley continues with his five tips for picking the right tool.

Local Optimization

Plain and simple, local SEO is about cultivating a team effort that captures the right people as customers. If you’re in multiple cities, forget duplicate content and focus on creating a personalized experience for each city. Chris Marentis continues with this article for franchisors and franchisees.

Don’t count out Google Plus just yet! It’s the key to a lot of the great services for local businesses, like Google My Business. Using Google Plus’s other ancillary features, like hashtags, certainly puts you ahead of the game in local. Christopher Meier has the full article.

So you’re looking for better online reviews for your business, eh? Be prepared to provide exceptional customer service and ask your customers for feedback. Remember that you have plenty of time to get reviews – don’t pressure your customers! George Aspland outlines his method to getting good reviews.

Email Marketing

When you send your customers emails and put them on a list, it’s inevitable that some are going to fall off the map in terms of engagement. The solution: send out well-crafted re-engagement emails. You’ll to test a variety of subject lines, copy, and goals in order to reach the outcome you want. Sujan Patel puts this all in a top list.

If you’re looking for ways to get more subscribers, you’ve come to the right place! There are a myriad of ways to collect emails – from the oh, so familiar email popup to the ever present ask at the bottom of a blog post (don’t forget to subscribe *wink*!). There are a lot more than we could list out here, so check out Jurij Burchenya’s post on the subject.

Email is still one of the best ways to boost your sales. You’re hitting customers at their most personal accounts on the web – you’d be hard pressed to find someone who valued their Facebook account more than their email address! Treat email like a one-on-one message and less like a sounding board in order to see the power of email marketing. Armando Roggio has the full post.

Content Marketing

When online, as in real life, the key to everything is value. If you’re not offering value, you’re just as bad as the spammy commenter who everyone KNOWS is just trying to build traffic without giving anything in return. To get guest post spots, you have to lead with ideas and benefits that will entice blog owners. Read Tom Demers’s post on the topic.

Writing good content takes more than a good idea – it takes lots of research and a lot of reading. Browsing community sites is one way to get ideas, but take it to the next level by putting those very ideas to the test and sharing our results! Now that’s what we call a next level content marketer. Tim Soulo puts together a substantial guide with all the content tips in hand.

Content marketing is very easy to mess up, like most things in life. Putting in little effort, writing only to promote your brand, and neglecting creativity are several mistakes that you want to avoid while practicing the medium. Didi Zheleva adds more value in her article.

Who can say no to more traffic? Those who neglect content marketing are certainly in that category. Content helps increase your reach with new customers and improves service to the ones you already have. Read this post by Ozzy Torres for more.

Mobile Optimization

53% of consumers prefer SMS promotions as opposed to installing apps. This might be something to keep in mind before investing in a full-blown app for your business. Paul of Local Text Marketers has the full infographic right here.

For mobile landing pages, feel free to take out what isn’t necessary and get users right to the good stuff. The more digestible the content, the easier it is for a mobile user to stay. Amanda Durepos puts things in perspective with some phenomenal page examples in this post.

Conversion Optimization

Doug Baltman helps us increase our sales by listing 10 top landing page examples to follow.

Focus is incredibly important when trying to increase conversions. When Bryan Harris took the sidebars off of his blog, conversions increased by more than 26%! Go through his post for more insight.

Alright, we’ve teased you enough with all of these landing page examples – this post gives you free wireframes in order to make them instead. Get a behind the scenes look at the tech behind these pages by Puya Turkiyan!

Reputation Management

What are the keys to a great branding reputation? It takes memorability, consistency, and a little emotion. People have to CARE about what you do and where you’re going. Sourov De provides a little more background for you to learn from.

The list above includes some of the most interesting articles we caught in our streams this week. If you want to share other great inbound marketing news, please let us know below in the comments.