Top 25 Inbound Marketing Articles on the Web: September 4th, 2015This week, there’s been plenty to catch up on in the digital marketing world and we have all the latest news.  We’re wondering if the expansion of Yahoo’s Gemini Preferred Partner Program will lead to the development of a suite of managed local advertising services.  Social selling has been a hot topic lately and we have a great resource that demonstrates how to put the theory into practice.  Looking for tools to help you manage social media tasks?  Jeff Bullas has a great recommendation on five mobile apps to help you with social media.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Google can’t seem to go a week without finding itself at the center of some new media frenzy, and this time the artists and designers are weighing in: the search engine launched its new logo this week. Some love it, some hate it. What’s your take? At the Google Design blog, Alex Cook, Jonathan Jarvis, and Jonathan Lee discuss the change and the evolution of Google’s branding.
  • For the uninitiated, Google Search Console can be daunting to learn. The tool offers a rich array of analytics tools, but none of these are particularly useful if you don’t know what you’re doing. At the Moz blog, Angela Petteys has put together an excellent introduction to Google Search Console for beginners.
  • As of yesterday, the death blow has officially been dealt to Flash. Since the first of September, Google has been blocking Flash ads. At Business 2 Community, Laura Donovan examines the implications for website owners and advertisers.
  • How does Google sort through the infinite layers of content and profiles to determine what individual “entities” are? At Seo by the Sea, Bill Slawski takes a look at a patent Google recently received, which deals with the creation of entities based on categories, location, and other factors.
  • What is topical trust flow, and how can it boost your SEO results? At Majestic, Jacob Hagberg explains.

Social Optimization

  • If Twitter is an important element of your social media strategy, then Kevin Strasser‘s article at TribeBoost this week should be on your reading list. He discusses Twitter retargeting, how it works, and how it can be used to target some of your most qualified potential customers.
  • We talk a lot about social selling these days, but how confident are you that you can put theory into practice? At sellbrite this week, William Harris has some practical tips for driving ecommerce sales via Instagram.
  • Shirley Pattison‘s review of this week’s online advertising news at Imonomy takes a look at a recent dive in mobile ad revenue, LinkedIn’s new messenger feature, and of course, Facebook’s new personal assistant ‘M’.
  • Did you know that on-site tweaks can strengthen your social media strategies? This week, Ben Brausen walks us through how to use schema on your website to strengthen the content that’s shared from there on social networks around the web.
  • At Wired, Cade Metz has the story of how Facebook’s spam-removal system could inform the future of programming language use in apps and development.

Local Optimization

  • Yahoo’s Gemini Preferred Partner program is expanding, and it’s moving into local territory. Recent partnerships with small business and local marketing platforms indicate that Yahoo is looking to provide its own suite of managed local advertising services. At Search Engine Land, Greg Sterling takes a closer look.

Email Marketing

  • Sometimes, it helps to have a cheat sheet of compelling email marketing facts and statistics handy. Justin Bryant has a great list of 62 email marketing statistics and metrics at Self-Made Success this week that’s worth a read.
  • Could you be sabotaging your own email marketing campaigns? If you’re making any one of the eight mistakes identified by Hassan Ud-deen at Firepole Marketing, then chances are you’re standing in the way of your own success.

Mobile Optimization

  • If you’re employing some kind of popup to push app installs on your website, then Frederic Lardinois‘s article on Google’s response to mobile app install ads should be the next thing that you read. Why? On Tuesday, Google announced that it will start penalizing websites employing invasive app install ads that block content.
  • In the SEO world, everything is changing, all the time—and nowhere is that happening faster than in the mobile segment. Anna Francis has some great tips for how to “future-proof” your mobile marketing tactics in this constantly evolving digital landscape at Search Engine Land this week.
  • Jeff Bullas has a list of five social media mobile apps that can make it easier to take care of social media tasks on the go. Take a look at

Content Marketing

  • Mobile isn’t the only arena where marketers must stay on top of multiple trends and updates. Content marketers are always coming up with new ideas, brainstorming ways to increase reach and readership, and produce the best-looking content possible. At SpinX, Sukesh Jakharia looks ahead at 2016 to project the evolution of content marketing.
  • If you find yourself spending a lot of time on on-page content auditing, then this one’s for you. At My Quick Idea, Nikhil Saini highlights the benefits of Yoast’s non-Wordpress content analysis tool.
  • We all probably know, unconsciously, what “content noise” is. The internet is incredibly cluttered with articles, blog posts, social media posts, infographics, slides, and webinars; but if any of these things wasn’t designed to meet a specific goal, are they of any value? At Marcel Digital, learn what several trusted SEO experts have to say about the value of content, and what separates the music from the noise.
  • How should you approach developing content if your goal is to improve ROI? At, Daniel Glickman has three basic steps to leverage creation and curation to bump up ROI.

Conversion Optimization

  • What can a Republican pollster teach you about writing website copy that converts? Quite a lot, it turns out. At ConversionXL, Alex Birkett analyzes some of Frank Luntz’s top points on creating effective, persuasive copy.
  • Looking for ways to improve your site’s checkout process? Magda Baciu has ten tricks to try that will help make the shopping process smoother and amp up conversion rates at Marketizator this week.
  • Are your calls to action as effective as they could be? If you aren’t seeing the conversions you want, then maybe it’s time for a fresh look at your strategy. At The Daily Egg, Sid Bharath has some good advice for figuring out how your CTAs make your visitors feel, and how to address any obstacles they have to converting.
  • Offering a free trial is a great way to nurture prospects into paying customers. But once you’ve got people trying out your product or service for free, will you be able to nudge them to buy? At RightMix Marketing, David Schneider summarizes the approach that successfully earned his company a 20% increase in conversions in one month.
  • A/B testing isn’t worth much if you aren’t clear on what exactly you’re testing. At the Brand24 blog, Steven Sanchez has seven steps to formulating effective A/B testing hypotheses.
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