This week’s roundup includes tips to optimize your website from a Mobile standpoint, leverage your Content, and avoid common mistakes.

Learn how to enhance your B2B efforts, and create an effective Social Media strategy. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!


  • Kevin Ho highlights different types of Content such as list posts, product releases and industry news that can consistently drive readership and traffic.
  • Heather Bonebrake presents a step-by-step Content creation process that includes strategizing the concept, writing the content and optimizing the content.
  • Learn how techniques such as documenting your Content Marketing strategy and developing your promotion plan can improve your Content Marketing strategy from Michael Brenner’s blog.
  • Eric Bandholz highlights how your company’s core values, and the questions posed by your shoppers can improve your Content Marketing strategy.
  • Brent Barnhart outlines ways to leverage your Content using social networks, guest posts and blog comments.

Email Marketing:

  • Follow the tips from Kasey Luck to organize your Email Marketing and achieve a higher ROI.
  • Bria Sullivan highlights ideal situations such as anniversaries or National Retail holidays for you to switch up your Email template.
  • Learn how to enhance your B2B Email Marketing efforts by avoiding jargons, and including alt-text to your images from Keren Mulia’s blog.
  • Will Devlin discusses strategies such as centralizing customer data and involving I.T. in vendor evaluations to boost your Email Marketing efforts.
  • Till Boadella outlines techniques such as keeping your Email list small and segmenting your Email list to improve your Email open rates and click through rates.

Local Optimization:

  • Virat S Shukla outlines the best practices for Local Competition Analysis and Keyword Research, to improve your Local Search rankings.
  • Ashley Mcnairy highlights the importance of Local SEO in the present scenario and lists the factors that can improve your local rankings.
  • Learn how Local SEO can improve your conversion rate, build long term networks, and create your brand from Mohit Arora’s blog.
  • Miriam Ellis highlights the common Local SEO mistakes that businesses must avoid such as incorrect implementation of call tracking numbers and neglecting consistency.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Learn how to optimize your website from a Mobile SEO standpoint, by improving page speed and optimizing for Local Search, from Ravi B’s blog.
  • Rudy offers guidance to make your website Mobile friendly for both humans and Search Engines and improve your Mobile performance.
  • Muhammad Akbar highlights how responsive web design and dynamic content serving can make Mobile content accessible to your users.
  • Annarita Tranfici highlights services such as Applause, Testdroid and TestFairy that can be used to optimize your Mobile apps.

 Search Engine Optimization:

  • Robyn Benensohn highlights the factors that can improve your rankings in a scenario where SEO is continuously evolving.
  • Courtney Tobin highlights SEO keyword strategies such as growing your content and using locally focused long-tail keywords to improve your rankings in 2016.
  • Kristy Smith debunks the SEO myths that are still prevalent and offers guidance to improve your SEO strategies.
  • Shri Hari highlights techniques such as creating high quality content, using relevant keywords, and internal link building to enhance your On-page SEO efforts.
  • Learn how complex themes, and unoptimized apps and plugins can have a negative impact on your website’s page speed and your overall SEO efforts from Chloe Evans’s blog.

Social Optimization:

  • Learn how a branded URL shortener can strengthen your Social Media presence from Derric Haynie’s blog.
  • Katelyn Rhoades outlines techniques such as choosing your networks wisely and engaging with your customers’ content to create an effective Social Media strategy.
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