This week’s roundup, includes tips to optimize the responsive Mobile design of your website, create high-quality online marketing Content, and create a strong Local strategy.

Learn how to improve your Email Click Through Rates, and make the best use of Social Media as a marketing tool. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!


  • Learn how Content Marketing techniques such as creating a free e-book, promoting content, and guest blogging can generate leads from Amy Cowen’s blog.
  • Ahava Leibtag’s blog provides a step-by-step checklist to create valuable content using benchmarks.
  • Danielle Cyr provides actionable marketing tips to create high-quality online marketing content that is creative, compelling and audience-centric.
  • Kayla Tarantino offers guidance to create better content than your competitors, improve the conversion rate of your content, and make your site’s content more link worthy.
  • Ashley Zeckman outlines ways to create earned authority with your audience by building advocacy, and using Content to build authority and boost SEO.


  • Martin Greif highlights the best practices to get your Call-to-Action button clicked to make visitors take the desired action on the website.
  • Learn how to improve your website Conversion rate by performing A/B testing, and personalizing your website based on customers’ behavior from Romeo Man.
  • Seb Hardman emphasizes the need to have a proper process for CRO, and highlights how the “Pie Framework” can help boost Conversion efforts.
  • Sarosha Imtiaz discusses how techniques such as targeting the right traffic and optimizing for mobile platforms can increase website Conversions.
  • James Timperley offers guidance to choose the best marketing channels and right Conversion strategy for your business, and calculate the ROI.


  • Learn how to bridge the narrow gap between creativity and deception when you create Email subject lines, and set the right expectations from Bettina Specht.
  • Amber Humphrey offers guidance to create birthday Emails to engage your subscribers.
  • Neil Patel highlights effective techniques such as including a clear CTA, and paying attention to your style of formatting to improve your Email Click Through Rates.
  • Follow the tips from Brad Smith to strategically delete Email Subscribers and improve your Email CTR.

Local Optimization:

  • Mamoona Naseer offers valuable tips to create a strong Local SEO strategy by paying attention to NAP data, strategizing keywords, and claiming company profiles.
  • Learn how to rank your Local business in Google by creating content around local keywords, and gaining backlinks from relevant local sites from Zac Johnson’s blog.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Learn how to optimize the responsive Mobile design of your website, by paying attention to the page speed, font and colors, and navigation from Mark Fulton’s blog.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Learn how to leverage user behavior optimization to future-proof your SEO strategy from Meghan Durett’s blog.
  • Shivam Trika highlights how link building, mobile friendliness and content can impact your SEO rankings in the coming year 2017.
  • Warren Knight discusses how you can improve traffic to your website with On-page SEO and link building.
  • Denise Lazaroo emphasizes the need to optimize file names, and use keywords in the alternative text function to optimize images from an SEO standpoint.

Social Optimization:

  • Follow the tips from Maria L. Muniz to craft a “perfect” tweet that will reach as many people as possible, and increase your Twitter confidence.
  • Krista Wiltbank’s blog presents the merits of using Instagram with real life examples, to promote your B2B business.
  • Stacey Marone outlines the most effective ways to improve important Facebook metrics such as Organic Reach, Engagement and Share of Voice.
  • Dustin Ford highlights unworkable tactics such as overusing hashtags in posts and using automated messages to engage with followers, to make the best use of Social Media as a marketing tool.
Director of Services at UpCity

As Director of Services & Customer Success at UpCity, Jack has led SEO and Social Media campaigns at both the local and national level. He understands the importance of a balanced, data-driven inbound marketing strategy and enjoys witnessing the benefits of this approach for clients. Outside of work, Jack can be found sipping good coffee, riding his bike, or testing out ways to do both at the same time.