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This week’s roundup includes tips to understand why website visitors do not convert, create an effective Email reactivation strategy, and rank for your competitor’s keywords in Organic Search.

Learn how to enhance the brand building power of LinkedIn, and improve your Content Marketing strategy. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

 Content Marketing:

  • Bill Widmer highlights the importance of having a purpose in Content Marketing and offers guidance to create a Content Marketing strategy.
  • Jarrick Cooper presents a Content Marketing checklist that would help marketers get more leads and develop brand awareness.
  • Jamie Cartwright gives an overview of the most preferred industrial Content Marketing strategies such as publishing a blog and showcasing your work.
  • Jonathan Franchell discusses how the Sales team and the Content team in an organization can work together to achieve targets and increase the revenue.
  • Learn how strategies such as defining your brand, and understanding your customers can improve your Content Marketing strategy from Michael Brenner’s blog.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Learn how syndicating your Content and Emailing your subscribers can increase website traffic, and drive more Conversions from Rebecca Pollard’s blog.
  • Vaishali Jain presents a four-fold approach to increase Conversions on your website.
  • Sheryl Davis highlights the specific aspects that you must check in order to understand why website visitors are not converting.
  • Aswin Kumar presents a checklist that helps revisit the building blocks of your website and make the key changes required to optimize the website from a Conversion standpoint.
  • Graeme Keeton cites examples of big brands who have created a sense of urgency to drive Conversions during the holiday season.

Email Marketing:

  • Jaina Mistry highlights the importance of web fonts and discusses how Email designers can implement them in their Emails.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Sharon Maneja to create an effective Email reactivation strategy.
  • John Hayes highlights the elements of a good “back-to-basics” Email campaign and discusses how it can help your business.
  • Jonathan Gebauer discusses Email Marketing strategies that help overcome your audience’s trust issues.
  • Learn how techniques such as resending Emails to subscribers and including personal elements in your Emails, increase your Email Open Rates and Email Click-through Rates from Jacob Mcmillen’s blog.

Local SEO:

  • Learn how improving Local SEO and using email marketing can help small businesses dominate Local markets from Derek Miller’s blog.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Gareth Simpson presents tried and tested link building strategies to boost your SEO efforts.
  • Ben Davis highlights the popular SEO trends that prevailed in the year 2016.
  • Ray Bennett discusses the algorithm change to Google Penguin 4.0, along with the impact it would have on SEO.
  • Learn how to rank for your competitor’s keywords in Organic Search from Neil Patel’s blog.
  • Joanne highlights specific aspects of SEO that Content Marketers must be aware of, along with specific aspects of Content Marketing that SEO professionals should be informed about.

Social Optimization:

  • Ann Smarty highlights the useful things that can be done on Instagram, apart from posting photos.
  • Follow the tips from Joshua Nite to celebrate the holiday season using Social Media Marketing.
  • Learn how techniques such as promoting your profile and publishing fresh content can enhance the brand building power of LinkedIn from Aaron Agius’s blog.
  • Joe Phelan discusses how Instagram Stories, a feature of Instagram can help boost your brand.
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