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This week’s roundup includes tips to create high Converting landing pages, optimize pre-headers in marketing Emails, and optimize SEO title tags and meta descriptions.

Learn how to use hashtags in Social Media platforms, and enhance your Online Reputation Management efforts. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

 Content Marketing:

  • Learn how creating different Content types and producing engaging Content can boost your Content Marketing efforts from Kristen Hicks’s blog.
  • Jessica Mehring highlights the importance of interactive Content with examples.
  • Stefanie Flaxman discusses how Structure and Intrigue can make a winning difference to your Content.
  • Heidi Cohen presents ways to thank customers using Content Marketing.
  • Rebecca Lieb outlines the important aspects of the strategies adopted by global Content strategy leaders.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Ayat Shukairy highlights the most common problems on websites that affects the customer’s trust and offers guidance to improve customer’s trust.
  • Learn how to optimize websites that do not have clearly defined Conversions from Alex Birkett’s blog.
  • Amrit Ray discusses how techniques such as making landing pages mobile friendly, and creating an engaging copy can help create high Converting landing pages.
  • Nealcole presents the advantages and disadvantages of Bandit Tests along with a comparative overview of Bandit Tests and A/B Testing.

Email Marketing:

  • Bettina Specht discusses how Europe’s new privacy law would impact Email Marketers.
  • Laurel Morse highlights the importance of preheaders in marketing Emails and offers tips to optimize preheaders.
  • Learn how to integrate User-Generated Content into your next email campaign from Shayla Price’s blog.

Local SEO:

  • Learn how to identify errors and review current listings, to improve the digital presence of your Local business from Tracy Lewis’s blog.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Nikhil Agrawal highlights how a responsive Mobile website can improve user experience and boost your Mobile SEO efforts.

Reputation Management:

  • Learn how conducting a Social Media review and using criticism constructively can enhance your Online Reputation Management efforts from Simon Wadsworth’s blog.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Heather Bonebrake offers tips to perform a self-assessment of your website when you want to optimize it from an SEO perspective.
  • Jason Lucarelli offers helpful tips to optimize SEO title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Govind Agarwal highlights the expected SEO trends in 2017, that center around voice search, social content and AMPs.
  • Follow the tips from Nate Dame to enhance your SEO efforts from both technical and engagement standpoints.
  • Bodhisattwa Debnath offers guidance to reverse engineer SEO rankings from your competitors.

Social Optimization:

  • Susanna Gebauer offers guidance to use hashtags in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • Tamara Littleton highlights the benefits and risks of Instant Social apps with examples.
  • Mandy Edwards outlines the key takeaways from State of Social Media 2016 report that help come up with Social Media strategies for the year 2017.
  • Chris Kyriacou discusses how Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Snapchat Filters serve as cost effective platforms to promote your brand.



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