roundup_banner_nov4This week’s roundup includes tips to create short form Emails, develop an effective Content Marketing strategy, and set targets at the beginning of a SEO campaign.

Learn how to create landing pages that convert, and leverage Social Media networks to promote content. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

 Content Marketing:

  • Learn how to adapt Content creatively and improve original Content formats from Amy Wilson and Andrea Dona’s blog.
  • Frank Isca offers guidance to create a Content calendar that aligns with the needs and constraints of SEO.
  • David Doughty outlines practical ways to create a vlog at a minimal cost for your B2B business.
  • Michele Linn presents ways to find, track and leverage Content essentials to boost your Content Marketing efforts.
  • Michael Brenner highlights techniques such as defining your target audience, and promoting your Content to develop an effective Content Marketing strategy.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Khalid Saleh’s blog presents the four proven principles of psychology to increase your website Conversion Rate.
  • Learn how to create landing pages that convert by presenting your offer and clearly stating the next step that your prospect should take, from Beth Hayden’s blog.
  • Zach Bulygo offers guidance to use the Funnel report to find the biggest Conversion drivers on your website.
  • Mike Lieberman highlights inbound marketing techniques that can generate leads for your business.

Email Marketing:

  • Liz Willits highlights the merits of short form Emails and offers guidance to create short form Emails.
  • Jaina Mistry’s blog busts the myths associated to Email development, and offers tips to improve the performance.
  • Peter Ansbacher offers useful tips for Universities and Colleges to make the most out of their Email Marketing campaigns.
  • Alex Mohr highlights Email A/B tests for feature planning, branding, sales and retention to improve your entire business.
  • Sharonpaul discusses how proven techniques such as building a strong Email list, and sending mobile friendly Emails can increase the ROI of your business.

Local Optimization:

  • Rahul Alim’s blog highlights the sites that every Local business must focus on, and offers guidance to enter information for each of them.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Jacob Maslow presents reasons for you to consider optimizing your website from a Mobile standpoint, in this technologically advanced market.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Sean Si offers guidance to understand why websites have not recovered from Google’s Penguin update.
  • Chris Smith’s blog highlights the importance of site speed from an SEO standpoint, and offers tips to improve site speed.
  • Robert Allen’s blog highlights how Google’s announcement of a separate mobile index can affect SEO and marketers.
  • Follow the tips from Timothy Carter to set targets at the beginning of a SEO campaign.

Social Optimization:

  • Follow the tips from Tori Tsu to boost your Holiday Social Media campaigns.
  • Michael Lundberg highlights techniques such as linking external content in your Social Media profiles, and strategizing analytics, to generate leads using Social Media.
  • Susanna Gebauer presents the important attributes of Pinterest’s smart feed.
  • Learn how to leverage Social Media networks to promote content from Mary Cate Duffy’s blog.
  • Caitlin Burgess offers valuable tips to make your brand more likeable on Social Media, and stand out from the competition.
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