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This week’s roundup includes tips to create a Social Media Branding strategy from scratch, personalize your Emails for the right audience, and create viral Content.

Learn how to avoid SEO mistakes to improve website rankings, and prepare for Google’s Mobile-first indexing. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

Content Marketing:

  • Michael Brenner provides valuable tips to make Content more attractive for Google, and drive more website traffic.
  • Kelly Exeter offers tips to help marketers come up with Content ideas and make a strong impact on the readers.
  • Jeffrey L. Cohen highlights the steps that marketers must take when they are unable to generate leads with their Content.
  • Learn how to create viral Content from Ashley Carlisle’s blog.
  • Bill Widmer discusses how techniques such as creating an impressive headline, and paying attention to every detail can help marketers create attractive blog posts.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Jackie Van Meter highlights how strategies such as creating relevant offers, and using more images within your content can increase Conversion rates.
  • Learn how to launch a website and avoid the pitfalls that can have a negative impact on your Conversion rate from Dan Croxen-John’s blog.
  • Learn how your website’s internal site search can be used as an optimization tool to improve the Conversion rate from Sherice Jacob’s blog.

Email Marketing:

  • Monica Montesa highlights the best practices to personalize your Emails for the right audience.
  • Learn how to optimize your Email campaigns taking the psychology and behavior of consumers into account, from Niran Ranjan Rout’s blog.
  • Erin King provides valuable tips to use progressive profiling for delivering personalized subscriber experiences through Emails.
  • Rob Peck offers guidance to keep your Email Marketing strategy relevant in an ever-evolving digital scenario.
  • Matt McGowan discusses how pop-ups, social media and point of sale systems can help marketers with Email acquisition.

Local Optimization:

  • Learn how to get the best results from the beginning after switching to a new marketing keyword, from Christopher Bower’s blog.
  • Sagi Solomon’s blog presents Local SEO strategies to improve visibility and engagement.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Smith Big highlights the benefits of having a website that is optimized for Mobile devices.
  • James Andrews offers guidance to help marketers prepare for Google’s Mobile-first indexing.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Learn how techniques such as using keywords effectively, and optimizing for Mobile devices can drive web traffic and boost your SEO rankings from Simone Watson’s blog.
  • Follow the tips from Antonio to optimize your content for Google’s RankBrain algorithm and improve your SEO rankings.
  • Sakshi Anand highlights the SEO mistakes that marketers must avoid and offers guidance to improve website rankings.

Social Optimization:

  • Learn how to find new customers and generate leads on Twitter from Andrew Pickering’s blog.
  • Bruce Clay highlights ways to integrate Social Media data with other marketing channels, and target the right Social audience.
  • Matthew Foster offers guidance to help marketers capitalize on Instagram, as a small business.
  • Follow the helpful tips from Angela Myrtetus to use Facebook Messenger for increasing engagement with prospects and customers.
  • Shalini Bisht discusses ways to create a Social Media Branding strategy from scratch.
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