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This week’s roundup includes tips to generate leads using LinkedIn Groups, rank high in Local Search, and improve your Email Open Rate.

Learn how to grow your email list using Social Media, and benefit from the synergy of Content Marketing and PR. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

Content Marketing:

  • Sujan Patel’s blog emphasizes the need for marketers to set tangible and achievable goals for creating Content that can attract customers.
  • Sonia Simone highlights the ways to approach Content Marketing from an artistic mindset, in order to improve the performance.
  • Learn how the synergy of Content Marketing and PR can pave the way to create innovative ideas, and facilitate influencer marketing from Kyle Harper’s blog.
  • Meenakshi Krishnan offers guidance to create high quality contextual Content, format Content according to the need of the target audience, and distribute Content using proper channels.
  • Hesh Hague offers helpful tips to make Content compelling, and help businesses stand out in the competition.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Learn how to generate leads using LinkedIn Groups from Iris Hearn’s blog.
  • Rikke Thomsen offers guidance to create powerful call-to-action phrases that can increase Conversions.
  • Brandon Weaver outlines the best landing page design practices that can influence visitors to Convert.
  • Shayla Price highlights the steps that you must take, to meet the challenges and improve customer experience when there is a drop in sales.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Joanne’s blog to write a landing page copy that can convert visitors into customers.

Email Marketing:

  • Learn how techniques such as removing inactive subscribers, and sending Emails at regular intervals can improve your Email open rate from Daren Low’s blog.
  • Guy Hanson emphasizes the need to understand how subscribers use their Email addresses and optimize the send frequency, to increase Email subscriber engagement.
  • Hank Hoffmeier discusses how marketers can increase Email Conversions by using personalization and automation in their Emails.
  • Shireen Qudosi highlights how engaged subscribers curated from Social Media in your Email list, are a tangible asset in today’s scenario.
  • Kayla Lewkowicz busts misconceptions and offers guidance to improve Email deliverability.

Local Optimization:

  • Jason Bayless emphasizes the need to have a mobile friendly website, claim your Google My Business page, and ensure that NAP information is consistent for ranking high in Local Search.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Sean Butler lists the reasons for marketers to invest in an SEO strategy.
  • Nick Stamoulis offers SEO tips for web developers to maintain consistent Organic traffic, and preserve SEO trust.
  • Govind Agarwal’s blog presents the steps to predict Organic traffic, and make changes from the SEO standpoint to improve the ROI.
  • Walter Moore discusses the SEO traps that can hamper the SEO efforts of marketers.

Social Optimization:

  • Michael Brenner emphasizes the need to make videos more sophisticated, and focus on the influencers, in order to enhance your Social Media efforts in the year 2017.
  • Tina Courtney’s blog discusses the trends expected in the year 2017, to understand how Social Media could evolve this year, and proactively improve the performance.
  • Follow the tips from Olivia Dello Buono to grow your email list using Social Media.
  • Melanie White presents the merits of using Social Media to leverage your email marketing efforts.
  • Sapir Segal highlights the common mistakes that marketers should avoid, to protect their Social Media reputation.


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