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This week’s roundup, includes tips to write inspiring meta descriptions, engage your Email subscribers, and improve Conversions using dynamic content.

Learn how to boost engagement on LinkedIn, and create a successful Content Marketing strategy. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

 Content Marketing:

  • Learn how to amplify your Content and build links from Steve Rayson’s blog.
  • Shayla Price highlights how adding customer validation, and creating episodic Content can improve your Content strategy.
  • Brian Clark presents a simple three step process to create a successful Content Marketing strategy.
  • Kathy Klotz outlines ways to create engaging Content that can create interest in the audience.
  • Marcus Tober draws attention to the areas in which insights from Google, can help marketers create relevant Content.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Learn how to generate traffic and leads using creative content from Jamie Cartwright’s blog.
  • Ayat Shukairy offers guidance to map buyer personas and improve Conversions.
  • Huba Gaspar presents ways to improve Conversions using dynamic content.
  • Barry Feldman offers helpful tips to optimize your landing pages and improve Conversions.

Email Marketing:

  • Aaron Orendorff busts Email Marketing myths that can have a negative impact on your ROI.
  • Kim Stiglitz presents effective tactics to engage your Email subscribers.
  • Julie Fjeldgaard highlights ways to boost your Email list using offline marketing strategies.
  • Learn how techniques such as focusing on automation, and establishing authenticity can enhance your Email Marketing efforts in the year 2017, from Ryan Phelan’s blog.

Local SEO:

  • Learn how to generate more traffic for your Local business using images and content from Darcy Grabenstein’s blog.

Mobile Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Dan Shure offers guidance to write inspiring meta descriptions with examples.
  • Follow the tips from Ryan LeClaire to avoid Google’s Mobile Interstitials Penalty.
  • Mike Lieberman presents tried and tested SEO tactics to increase visitors to your website.
  • Carlos Guzman highlights SEO strategies that can prevent your website from getting penalized, and offers guidance to stay safe.
  • Learn how to increase your page authority from Joanne’s blog.

Social Optimization:

  • Anupam Rajey offers guidance to build your Social Media presence.
  • Maria L. Muniz presents ways to boost engagement on LinkedIn.
  • Learn how to make optimal use of Facebook app’s video tab from Carolyn Edgecomb’s blog.
  • Susanna Gebauer highlights the mistakes that must be avoided on Social Media.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Erik Emanuelli to optimize performance on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.
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