This week’s roundup, includes tips to improve your website’s visibility on Google’s Mobile SERPs, create Content that can enchant readers and create successful promotional Emails.

Learn how to increase your website’s Organic traffic, and engage your existing customers using Social Media. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

 Content Marketing:

  • Nate Smith highlights how to boost your Content Marketing efforts by guest posting on curator’s platforms, and targeting the most popular podcasts your audience listens to.
  • Learn how to write inbound marketing Content more efficiently by outlining Content before you start writing from Joe Gillespie’s blog.
  • Henneke emphasizes the need to harness the power of visual language, to create Content that can enchant readers.
  • Kaleigh Moore highlights how Interactive Content can effectively improve engagement rates, click-throughs and conversions.
  • Emily King presents ways to atomize your Content and make the process of atomization work for you.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Bob Ruffolo outlines the actual CRO tactics employed by successful business across all industries, to increase website traffic and get more Conversions.
  • Learn how presenting social proof and including benefits on your landing pages can give customers a strong reason to choose you over your competitors, from Ashwini Pai’s blog.
  • Inessa Brown highlights how CRO techniques such as A/B Testing and Sequential Testing can analyze customer interactions with your website and improve your profits.
  • Learn how to transform your email series subscribers into customers by leveraging your landing pages through links in your email automation, from Jon Correll’s blog.
  • Hammad Akbar’s blog discusses the best practices to create high Converting landing pages that makes visitors stay longer with real life examples.

Email Marketing:

  • Follow the tips from Letitia Petway to create and launch an effective Email Marketing campaign for your small business.
  • Ike Paz’s blog presents ways to help you to get the most out of your relationship with your subscribers, and make your email efforts worthwhile.
  • Learn how to keep your Email subscribers engaged, and stay clear of the spam folder in order to create successful promotional emails from Daniel Miller’s blog.

Local Optimization:

  • Taha Aziz outlines 10 easy-to-implement Local SEO tips that includes blogging, using local-type calls-to-action and using hashtags to improve your rankings.
  • Michael Cianciulli highlights best practices such as adding relevant categories and asking for customer reviews to rank your Google My Business page well in Local Search.

 Mobile Optimization:

  • Learn how to improve your website’s visibility on Google’s Mobile SERPs by integrating your website with Social Media, and fixing mobile friendly errors on your website from Alex Gomez’s blog.
  • Rune Jensen highlights how making your site Mobile friendly, researching for Mobile specific keywords and keeping the content simple helps your website rank well in Mobile Search Results.

 Search Engine Optimization:

  • Sam Allcock highlights how Content Marketing and SEO can create a powerful synergy to drive relevant website traffic and conversions.
  • Learn how adding fresh content and creating Panda friendly content can optimize your content that in-turn can improve your SEO rankings, from Joydeep Bhattacharya’s blog.
  • Erik Penn offers presents techniques such as optimizing the meta description and using Google’s Search Console to optimize your blog content from an SEO standpoint.
  • Matthew Woodward’s blog presents SEO case studies that highlight how On Site Audit and Link Building helped to increase traffic, increase revenue and secure top positions in SERPs.
  • Sophorn Chhay offers tips to increase your website’s Organic traffic using Social Media Marketing, Infographics and Reputation Management.
  • Search Gurus offers a great guide on Conversion Rate Optimization, and why it’s important in an SEO engagement.
  • Get a fresh perspective on SEO practices for an Australian client base from Rank First.

 Social Optimization:

  • Alex Sobal presents Social Media tactics like using a customer service, asking for user generated content and running promotions to engage your current customers.
  • Learn how YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn are changing the scenario of video marketing from Lisa Marcyes’s blog.
  • Andrew Gazdecki offers Social Media tips that presents ways to deal with negative comments, make your accounts secure and choose the right Social network for your business.
Director of Services at UpCity

As Director of Services & Customer Success at UpCity, Jack has led SEO and Social Media campaigns at both the local and national level. He understands the importance of a balanced, data-driven inbound marketing strategy and enjoys witnessing the benefits of this approach for clients. Outside of work, Jack can be found sipping good coffee, riding his bike, or testing out ways to do both at the same time.