This week’s roundup includes tips to help you devise a strong Content Marketing strategy, make your Email Marketing messages more effective, and optimize your professional image on Social Media.

We’ll also be exploring how to perform an SEO Audit on your business, boost your Conversion Rate using A/B Testing and Mobile Optimization, and much more!

Content Marketing:

  • Learn how to devise a strong content marketing strategy (and improve your website’s rankings) in this post from Alexandria Nardoni.
  • Follow Michael Brenner as he presents valuable tips to help you get the budget and support you need from your CEO in order to achieve your content marketing goals.
  • Learn how documenting your content marketing workflow can save you time, provide a greater degree of structure, and increase your efficiency from Raechel Duplain‘s blog.
  • Rizvan Ullah shares a series of tips to help you promote your content more effectively (and get more visitors to your blog).

Conversion Optimization:

  • Tyler Thurby highlights how conversion optimization methods, like including visuals in your content and testing landing pages, can actually improve your site’s SEO.
  • Isabella Andersen‘s blog reviews how A/B testing, mobile optimization, and adding “social proof” can help to improve your website’s conversion rate.
  • Learn how to boost your site’s conversions by optimizing your website with testing and personalization in this post from Drew Burns.
  • Follow Dennis Le as he explores how your website’s contact form can help you generate more leads, increase sales, and boost your conversion optimization efforts.

Email Marketing:

  • Karolina Jasvinaite‘s latest post draws your attention to Gmail’s DMARC policy and highlights how it can have a serious adverse effect on your email marketing efforts.
  • Kylie Fennell shares information on how customer relationship management and email marketing can work together to create an effective marketing stream for any small business.
  • David Kiger covers how a series of different strategies, like finding the right software, using the right subject line, and including social share buttons, can help boost your email marketing efforts.
  • Learn how maintaining a well-segmented list, writing engaging content, and sending your e-mails in the middle of the week can make your e-mail marketing plans more effective from Pam Matthews’ blog.

Local Optimization:

  • Sahil Kakkar‘s blog highlights a series of techniques, including creating lists on Google My Business, being consistent with your NAP, and local link building, can help you rank better in local search.
  • Follow Jonathan Foster as he shares information on how to perform your own SEO audit on your local business’s website to better understand and evaluate your current SEO situation.
  • Tony Messer offers local SEO tips with a focus on optimizing web pages and creating authority content to boost your place in local search.

Reputation Management:

  • This post from Adam Frankel helps us understand the reputation management challenges posed by online review sites and social networks (and ways to overcome them).

Mobile Optimization:

  • Learn how optimizing your content for a more positive user experience can help you improve your mobile search ranking in this post from Brian Hughes.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Razvan Gavrilas‘s latest post highlights SEO techniques that are not commonly used – like Wikipedia Link Rot and Synonyms Ranking – to double your website’s traffic.
  • Learn about the importance of ranking your site on Google, along with ways to improve that rank by following these recommended practices, from Shaun Anderson.
  • Check out Dateme Tubotamuno‘s latest post and follow along as he highlights how content, links, and “RankBrain” can help you improve your website’s rankings.
  • Nick Stuart‘s blog provides insight into Google’s recent algorithm changes, including Google Panda, Penguin, RankBrain, Hummingbird, and Pigeon, and how they impact your site.
  • This post from Ben Sailer offers up a series of SEO tips to boost your website’s traffic through the use of the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool and SEMRush.

Social Optimization:

  • Learn how to create a solid Twitter strategy, and nurture relationships for your business, using well-planned messaging in this post from Olga Kolodynska’s blog.
  • Gregor Schmidt offers a series of social media tips, on topics like selecting your target audience and the importance of setting realistic goals, to help small businesses enhance their performance.
  • Follow Jerry Adu-Asare as he highlights ways to optimize your professional image on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
Director of Services at UpCity

As Director of Services & Customer Success at UpCity, Jack has led SEO and Social Media campaigns at both the local and national level. He understands the importance of a balanced, data-driven inbound marketing strategy and enjoys witnessing the benefits of this approach for clients. Outside of work, Jack can be found sipping good coffee, riding his bike, or testing out ways to do both at the same time.