This week’s roundup includes tips to help you create a bulletproof Content Marketing plan, craft an appealing design for your emails, and improve your performance in the realm of Social Media Marketing.

We’ll also be discussing ways to improve your Local Search visibility and use behavior data for your audience to boost your website’s Conversion Rate. We’ll be covering all this, and more, below!

Content Marketing:

  • Shane Barker offers guidance to help you create a content marketing plan by identifying objectives, setting priorities, and defining your target audience.
  • Perry Simpson’s blog presents several reasons for marketers to develop a variety of content formats, such as infographics and .PDFs, in order to deliver content that appeals to different types of engagement.
  • Content marketing works well for B2B industries and Krystal Overmyer’s latest post offers guidance on creating productive content (and she busts a few myths!).
  • Sam Slaughter highlights the importance of content marketing in the context of educating customers and building brand credibility.
  • Kevin Gates’s post helps you enhance your content marketing strategy by defining a variety of goals and repurposing content accordingly.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Rick Whittington’s blog highlights the latest content marketing trends to help you maximize your traffic (and your conversion rate).
  • Learn how to use the behavior data of your audience to increase your conversion rate with this post from Martin Zhel’s blog.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization efforts can actually have a negative impact on SEO. Sean Si’s post highlights the most common CRO mistakes that you must avoid for the sake of SEO.

Email Marketing:

  • Brian Basilico presents email marketing techniques that you can use to boost user engagement and make your campaigns more successful.
  • Paul de Fombelle highlights the importance of email design in grabbing the attention of your readers and maximizing engagement.
  • Andrea Simpson offers tips to help you grow your mailing list by optimizing your landing page, providing offers at the right time, and using an exit pop-up.

Local SEO:

  • Ben Silverman presents the pros and cons of Google’s new product – Local Business Cards – and highlights the impact it can have on your business.
  • Nicole Martin’s latest post offers tips to help you enhance your visibility by ensuring your information is consistent across platforms.
  • Rajvi Shah offers advice to help you climb in the local search rankings with citations, Google+ profiles, and Google Local Maps.
  • Learn how Google Reviews can help improve the local search visibility of your website (and drive conversions) in this post from Brodie Tyler.

Mobile Optimization:

  • This post from Amy Simone highlights anticipated trends in mobile marketing for the year ahead, with a focus on mobile marketing websites, vertical video ads, and social eCommerce integration.
  • Ciprian Borodescu shares findings from a survey that was conducted to evaluate the impact of Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon Update’ on small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Jacqueline Liyana’s blog presents ideas to help you come up with a successful Mobile SEO strategy and get more traffic to your site.

 Search Engine Optimization:

  • Olga Rabo highlights how SEO has evolved over the years and discusses the everlasting importance of quality content.
  • Michael Kiel examines inbound marketing trends for 2016 including an increase in campaigns and messages aimed towards specific buyer personas (micro-targeting).
  • Amie Marse discusses SEO techniques such as keyword integration, backlinking, and writing good meta tags, to improve the visibility of your content.
  • Pawan Diwakar covers on-page SEO factors, including content development and HTML optimization, to help you improve your website’s rank.
  • Julie Chomiak offers up a few tips to help you create quality content that’s effective for SEO. She focuses on selecting valuable keywords and crafting relevant headlines and meta tags.
  • Adam Bruk’s latest post reviews three free tools that you can use to measure and improve your website’s speed – and boost your SEO efforts in the process!

Social Media:

  • Vladimir Nagin shares his strategy for promoting your brand on LinkedIn through the use of rich media and the LinkedIn Publisher platform.
  • This week’s post from Abel Udoekene shows you how to promote your business on Twitter using Twitter’s list and chat features, as well as hashtags.
  • Andre Bourque covers the ways in which personalization, the use of emojis, and several approaches to content optimization can help you do well in the realm of social media marketing.
Director of Services at UpCity

As Director of Services & Customer Success at UpCity, Jack has led SEO and Social Media campaigns at both the local and national level. He understands the importance of a balanced, data-driven inbound marketing strategy and enjoys witnessing the benefits of this approach for clients. Outside of work, Jack can be found sipping good coffee, riding his bike, or testing out ways to do both at the same time.