This week’s roundup includes a selection of tips to help you improve your content marketing strategies to gain more leads, reach more prospects (and engage current customers) through email marketing, and grow your website’s traffic with social media.

We’ll also cover ways to improve your website’s rank on Google Maps and optimize your landing pages for better conversion rates. Keep reading for the latest news from the world of digital marketing!

Social Media:

  • Social Media and SEO really go hand in hand! Learn how to use Social Media to boost your SEO efforts and attract more customers to your website from Jonathan Emmen’s blog.
  • Facebook is a must-have tool for any marketer’s arsenal. Kate Endre’s post offers several tips to help you advertise your brands effectively on Facebook and enhance your overall Social Media marketing efforts.
  • Stephen Bavister’s blog highlights why leads from Social Media are superior to leads from other sources – and shares strategies for driving B2B leads from LinkedIn.
  • Manas Chowdhury offers valuable Social Media, SEO and offline marketing tips to help you generate more traffic to your website.
  • Learn how to leverage third party content to get more referral traffic to your website in Marguerite Inscoe’s latest post.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Annalisa Ratti sets the record straight on the importance of doing away with outdated SEO techniques like focusing on inbound link quantity over quality.
  • George Meszaros highlights several different SEO factors, such as bounce rate, security and encryption, and external backlinks, and discusses their importance.
  • Sarah Green uncovers the most common SEO mistakes that will sabotage your marketing efforts.
  • Matthew Capala draws attention to important changes in Google’s algorithms that will impact the field of SEO over the coming years.
  • Stephanie Sundheimer presents several tips for improving your search engine rankings without rewriting your website’s content.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Thomas Mathew discusses the growing number of mobile users and provides several strategies for mobile optimization.
  • Learn how to improve your eCommerce site’s mobile user experience in Diwiyne Johnson’s latest post.

 Local SEO:

  • Pamela offers advice to help your business perform better on Local Search and reach more of your target audience.
  • Eric Shanfelt’s blog highlights how new Facebook Reactions and Google’s removal of right-side ads can impact your local business’s SEO efforts.
  • Learn how to improve your rankings and market your business effectively on Google Maps in this post by Emily Weisberg.

Email Marketing:

  • Explore different ways to reach potential customers, and nurture existing relationships, using Email Marketing in this post from Katelyn Waara.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Daphne Sidor provides step-by-step guidance on optimizing your landing pages to generate the highest volume of quality leads.
  • Learn more about how positive user experience translates to increased visitors and better conversion rates in Marie’s latest post.
  • Syed Balkhi highlights the best practices for improving your conversion rate and maximizing your ROI.
  • Learn how to optimize your website’s forms to improve user experience and conversion rates in this post by Daniel Louis.
  • Take your landing page from “ordinary” to “high octane” with this post from Matt Lee.
  • Join Nicole Dieker and explore a number of ways to create the strongest call-to-action and maximize your conversions.

Content Marketing:

  • Larry Alton offers valuable Content Marketing hacks to help you maximize your ROI and enhance brand recognition with social media.
  • Elisa Gabbert’s post highlights how the incorporation of images into your content can help you achieve better results and improve visitor engagement.
  • Learn more about the role of Paid Search Ads, Boosted Social Posts, and Remarketing in a solid Content Marketing strategy with this post from Caitlin Burgess.
  • Gary Dek’s latest article offers up tips for improving your Content Marketing strategies and driving increases in traffic, leads, subscribers, and overall revenue.
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As Director of Services & Customer Success at UpCity, Jack has led SEO and Social Media campaigns at both the local and national level. He understands the importance of a balanced, data-driven inbound marketing strategy and enjoys witnessing the benefits of this approach for clients. Outside of work, Jack can be found sipping good coffee, riding his bike, or testing out ways to do both at the same time.