When we published this blog post, 75.5 million WordPress sites were live worldwide. Think about how many millions of bloggers exist all over the world and how the platform’s influence grows with each passing year. Whether they want to make money (only 20,000 websites actually make money on WordPress), build a community, or create great content, passionate bloggers continue to love WordPress,.

Hundreds of tutorials are available to take advantage of all over the web, teaching you how to create a WordPress blog or increase blog engagement. In this blog post, we’ve included some of the top free WordPress plugins for bloggers. Not only can these 25 plugins improve your blog optimization, but they can also foster simpler usability and a more comforting environment for your visitors.

Without further ado, here are the best plugins hand-picked especially for bloggers!

1. Ad Injection – If you want to make money as a blogger, ads are necessary to create success. Ad Injection makes it easy for you to inject ads into your WordPress widgets and posts. You also get to manage who sees the ad by post length, IP address, and more.

2. AddThis Smart Layers – Customize your content for the ultimate multiplatform experience! Smart Layers shows visitors the best content depending on what platform they’re on, and it also identifies which social network to engage and share with your site.

3. Better Search – Better Search grants a more improved search that the default WordPress engine provides you. Search results become relevant to the content and title of the post. The most popular searches in the app are saved for faster searching.

4. Broken Link Checker – Are you wondering whether your blog has broken links? Use the Broken Link Checker to put your worries to rest! Detect images, links, and redirects that no longer work through email notification with this fully featured plugin.

5. Co Authors Plus – A common problem that bloggers face is that assigning more than one blogger to an article is difficult. With Co Authors Plus, multiple authors are credited to posts, pages, and custom post types of your choosing.

6. DW Question & Answer – There is no question that a dynamic Q & A section does wonders for engagement, as we’ve seen with sites like Reddit and Quora. DW Question & Answer inserts a robust Q&A section in any post or page of your blog.

7. Jetpack – Let’s just say that Jetpack enhances your site in immeasurable, quick ways. View statistics on your website’s performance, include a URL shortener, post to your blog from any email client, and more! These features are barely scratching the surface of what a blogger can do with Jetpack.

8. Juiz Social Post Sharer – Social share buttons are added to your posts when you install the Juiz Social Post Sharer. Choose from all available networks in social media, and customize the aesthetic look and feel way you want.

9. Limit Login Attempts – To increase security and lower the potential of hacking attempts, limit successive login attempts with this smart plugin. Monitor IP address, check cookie and IP authorization, and add optional email notification.

10. Linked Image – If your blog displays an image above the fold in a blog excerpt, chances are you have visitors who click on the image to access the complete post. The Linked Image plugin takes the first image in your post and links it to the complete post.

11. Meta Slider – Meta Slider is an intuitive WordPress slideshow plugin. Make search optimized responsive slideshows, choose from four different slideshow types, and take advantage of free support. Get started today!

12. Pinterest Pin It for Images – Make it easier for visitors to share your photos on Pinterest by adding pins for images! All the user has to do is hover over the photo with the mouse and an instant Pin It button appears. Your Pinterest subscribers will love you for it.

13. Print Friendly and PDF Button – We’re certain there has been times when some of your audience asked for an easier way to save your posts. The solution is here with the Print Friendly button! Download your favorite posts with no coding or hacking required.

14. Redirection – Do you have too many redirects for you to manage on your own? Download the Redirection plugin for WordPress! Create redirects based on your URL, monitor 404 errors, and more.

15. Related Posts by Zemanta – Bring in new visitors to your site and across your blog network by using this special Related Posts plugin. Zemanta’s network offers exposure to new audiences, attracting visitors from other related sites with the same plugin.

16. Shareaholic – Add an attractive social media bookmarking menu anywhere you want on your site with Shareaholic. Track social analytics, promote related content from across your site, and encourage your readers to share with the top social networks on the web.

17. Social Author Bio – This plugin automatically generates a custom bio, Gravatar, and social media profiles for the specific author of a blog post. Adjust the location of the bio, number of social media profiles, and use short code to quickly implement the bio.

18. Starbox – Starbox is another variant of the author bio that integrates both Google Authorship and Facebook Authorship. Add links to your other posts, insert your own custom image, and customize your bio with stylish themes.

19. Thank Me Later – If you are looking to increase engagements, leaving comments on your blog should be incentivized. What better way to do this than by sending a thank you email. Send an automated email response at a later date to increase engagement on your blog.

20. Widget Logic – Some widgets don’t have to be live on every page of your blog. Utilize the ability to restrict widgets on specific pages with Widget Logic! It makes widget customization that much simpler.

21. Word Stats – If you want to know how many words you repeat on your blog on a regular basis? Download Word Stats for instant results on the frequency by which you use individual terms. Keep track of your content and improve its quality using this effective tool.

22. WordPress Notification Bar – This plugin is a quick and easy notification bar to add to your site. Write in a custom message or call-to-action to increase conversions or notify your audience of the latest updates to your blog.

23. WP Backup Lite – As a webmaster, bloggers inevitably face the possibility of losing their blog data. Back it up with WP Backup Lite! Backup, clone, restore, and store your WordPress website so you never have to fear losing anything if your site goes down.

24. WP Greet Box – To make new visitors feel more welcome, add a greeting to the top of your blog posts with WP Greet Box! Display a different message depending on the referring URL or social network. You can also detect the visitor’s search keywords to learn how he or she discovered your blog.

25. Visual Form Builder – Craft beautifully rendered contact forms in only a few minutes with Visual Form Builder. Send customized notification emails, export entries via CSV files, and issue form submissions to multiple emails. Check out the rest of the features when you download the plugin today!

We hope bloggers find a lot of value from this post! With that in mind, what other free WordPress plugins do you recommend for bloggers? Drop us a line in the comments section!