Social media is all the rage. Businesses everywhere are capitalizing on the advanced features and functionality offered by today’s social platforms, with powerful tools to help build an audience and market services. But which platforms should you use? How often should you post? What features are the most beneficial for your company? And how the heck do you manage half a dozen different social platforms without developing social media analysis-paralysis?

It turns out there are plenty of leading ladies who rock the social sphere—and many of them are generous enough to share their deepest, darkest social media secrets for success. These 25 women know their stuff. If you want to kick your social strategy up a notch (or five) these are the social media blogs (written by women) you should be watching.

  1. Mari Smith – Mari Smith is one of the most well-known women who rock social media. She’s everywhere, and she’s got more social prowess packed into her mind than pretty much anyone we know. Mari’s blog focuses on her primary area of expertise—Facebook—but she shares an abundance of general social media goodies, too.
  2. Ann TranAnn Tran’s well-rounded blog covers all her interests, including traveling, culinary delights, photography, the great outdoors, blogging, and of course, social media. Along with advice on using social media right, Ann talks industry news, covers major social media events and much more. Among Ann’s many social media claims to fame is her expertise on responding to followers to build an audience.
  3. Social Media Delivered – Eve Mayer was ranked the fifth most influential woman in social media by Forbes and is the Founder and CEO of Social Media Delivered, a highly regarded social media agency.
  4. Down the Avenue – If you’re wanting to discover the Magic Sauce for social media, we strongly recommend that you follow Magic Sauce Media Founder and CEO Renee Blodgett’s blog at Down the Avenue. Renee has an impressive 25 years’ experience under her belt providing top-level, personalized social media and marketing strategy services to clients spanning four continents.
  5. Boom! Social – Kim Garst is a well-known social media thought leader. You can follow Kim’s social tidbits at Boom! Social, her company blog.
  6. Building Social Bridges – Intel’s social media innovator Ekaterina Walter shares her insights, opinions and news commentary on Building Social Bridges at her blog of the same name. Ekaterina is also the author of “Think Like a Zuck.” Pure brilliance.
  7. Deborah Lee – Deborah Lee is a social media advisor, coach, speaker and pretty much an all-around social genius. If you want expert recommendations and advice, check out Deborah’s blog for info on why social media isn’t working for you, avoiding obscurity, how social media is like chocolate—need we say more?
  8. Social CaffeineSocial Caffeine? Yes, please. Lori Taylor is an expert on generating social buzz. She covers everything from using hashtags (the right way), capturing the attention of influencers, what she’s reading currently (trust us, you want to know!) and a whole lot more.
  9. Amy PorterfieldAmy Porterfield rocks the world of social media, dishing out an abundance of expert advice totally free through her blog, webinars, an email newsletter…you name it, this girl does it and does it well. Amy’s passion for what she does literally shines through in everything she does.
  10. Andrea Vahl – Andrea masquerades as “Grandma Mary: Social Media Edutainer.” Her philosophy is “If Grandma Mary can do it, you can do it too.” Check out Andrea’s blog for a totally fun and entertaining platform for learning social media.
  11. Connie Bensen – Connie Bensen is a leading expert in community building—and naturally, social media plays a big role in creating a community of followers. Connie’s blog is an excellent resource for learning to use social media as a powerful community-building tool.
  12. Deanna Zandt – Deanna Zandt is co-founder and partner at Lux Digital and the author of “Share This! How You Will Change the World with Social Networking.” She’s worked with a multitude of major brands to enhance digital marketing and social strategy—including the White House. Do you need more reasons to follow Deanna’s blog?
  13. prTini – Heather Whaling blends PR, traditional marketing and new media to develop comprehensive marketing strategies for clients. She’s got more than a decade of strategic PR and marketing experience under her belt. Definitely one to follow, you can find Heather at prTini.
  14. Leslie Bradshaw – Leslie Bradshaw is a “social scientist,” co-founder of JESS3, Chief Operating Officer at software company Guide, a contributor to Forbes and, well, has her hand in a multitude of high-profile publications and teams. She takes that wealth of experience and knowledge and delivers it up just for businesses like you through her personal blog.
  15. Pam Moore – Marketing NutzPam Moore is a self-proclaimed “social nut” who blogs about marketing, SEO, entrepreneurship and of course, social media. Her blog is jam-packed with valuable tips and actionable advice—definitely one to follow!
  16. Pamorama – Pam Dyer blogs at Pamorama, focusing on creating buzz in a connected world. Her blog is filled with social data, recommendations, advice, news and more—including plenty of roundups. Tools, infographics, statistics, tips—whatever your mojo, Pamorama’s got it.
  17. SpinSucks – Gini Dietrich is Founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, a Chicago-based integrated marketing communication firm. Gini is the lead author at SpinSucks, where you can also find insights from other Arment Dietrich team members on everything from advertising to SEO and social media.
  18. Brass Tack Thinking – Amber Naslund is a social business strategist and Co-Founder of the social media consulting agency Sidera Works. Amber blogs at Brass Tack Thinking, where she raises the bar with her thoughtful commentary on really getting into the business of marketing via social media.
  19. Linked Into Business – Viveka von Rosen is an expert on all things LinkedIn, blogging her expertise at Linked Into Business where she shares her vast knowledge of using the LinkedIn platform to its full potential.
  20. Women Talking Tech – You can find Bonnie Sainsbury and Margaret Reynolds at Women Talking Tech, where you’ll find more than just information on using the major social networks. Bonnie and Margaret cover social apps, news, and more to help you maximize your social efforts.
  21. A Real Change – Sandi Krakowski is a leading Facebook marketing expert. Her blog, A Real Change, covers a wide range of inbound and digital marketing topics, including copywriting secrets, time management, social media and more—all with an inspirational focus.
  22. Nilofer Merchant – A leader in innovation, Nilofer Merchant’s blog is a vast resource of mind-blowing insights into leadership, entrepreneurship and basically anything you’d ever want to know about totally rocking the business world. Her social category doesn’t disappoint, with thoughtful commentary on the social media evolution.
  23. Outspoken Media – Rhea Drysdale is the Chief Executive Officer of Outspoken Media. While the Outspoken Media blog features contributions from multiple team members, Rhea is a major contributor. Yeah, we’re calling her out as one of the best of the best–but the rest of her team offers some pretty great insights, too. Be sure to check out the Outspoken Media blog and if you’re interested in what Rhea has to say, these posts are all penned by Rhea herself.
  24. From Idea to Empire – Michelle MacPhearson covers marketing, SEO, content and social media optimization at From Idea to Empire. If you’re looking for a powerful woman who knows how to bring it all together, Michelle’s your girl.
  25. ClickNewz – Lynn Terry is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed in online marketing, and it shows in her work at ClickNewz. You’ll find plenty of advice on marketing through social media, but you’ll definitely want to check out Lynn’s advice on blogging, email marketing, SEO and SEM and, well, anything you want to know about rocking Internet marketing.


Marketing Profs – We can’t talk about powerful women in social media without mentioning Ann Handley, chief content officer at Marketing Profs. Oh, and she co-authored a book you just might have heard of before: “Content Rules.”

There are dozens of incredibly powerful women in the world of social media—we can’t possibly name them all here. So let us know who we missed in our list. Which women social media bloggers do you follow to get your daily dose of social expertise? Share your favorite female thought leaders with us in the comments below!