This week’s roundup includes tips to enhance the performance of your Email Marketing campaigns, increase the Conversion rate of your website using SEO, and improve your Local search rankings.

Learn how to optimize your Mobile landing pages, and control the narrative of your business with Online Reputation Management. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

From the UpCity Blog:

  • Katie Zillmer goes over how to get started with Accelerated Mobile Pages.
  • Sara Schleicher discusses the concept of content multiplication and how to quickly produce social media content.
  • Ben Precious describes how to get the most value out of your ad spend.

Content Marketing:

  • Allena Dominus discusses how the synergy of SEO and Content Marketing can create wonders for marketers.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Anita Petrie to improve your Content Marketing strategies.
  • Emma Miller emphasizes the need for utilizing interactive Content in your digital marketing campaigns and making Content voice accessible, to enhance your Content Marketing efforts.
  • Izea highlights how you can promote your brand by integrating the strategies of SEO and Content Marketing.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Nathan William discusses why it is imperative to have impeccable content and use effective CTAs, for increasing the Conversion rates of your websites.
  • Learn how to increase the Conversion rate of your website using SEO, from Elsa’s blog.
  • David Vu emphasizes the need to perform A/B testing, use Call to Action phrases properly and optimize your website interface, for improving your CRO efforts.

Email Marketing:

  • Follow the tips from Mike Zarella to improve the performance of your Email Marketing campaigns.
  • Kevin George discusses how an Email Marketing audit can help marketers discover new opportunities.
  • Jared Atchison offers guidance to retain customers and bring in new subscribers for your Email Marketing campaigns.

Local Optimization:

  • Isaac Justesen offers valuable tips to improve your Local search rankings and deal with the challenges you face along with the way.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Samuel’s blog presents an overview of Mobile first index and offers helpful tips to help marketers benefit from it.
  • Learn how to optimize your Mobile landing pages in 6 simple steps, from Kelly Main’s blog.
  • Ajay Bhargava highlights the importance of having a Mobile friendly website in today’s scenario.

Reputation Management:

  • Michael Chibuzor draws special attention to Reputation Management tactics that can help marketers control the narrative of their businesses online.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Craig McBreen offers guidance to create a business website that strikes a balance between web design and modern SEO.
  • David Reimherr’s blog helps marketers who aren’t tech wizards to master SEO.
  • Learn how to create a healthy backlink portfolio in your SEO strategy, from Jen Saunders’s blog.
  • Adam Torkildson highlights how voice search, video keyword research and content development would trend in the field of SEO.

Social Optimization:

  • Brian Gibson offers useful tips to create an effective Social Media strategy for the coming year 2019.
  • Kevin Urrutia underscores the need to leverage the latest trends and build a strong connection with influencers, for boosting your Social Media Marketing efforts.
  • Brandon Ferguson discusses how leveraging video marketing and Social Media tags, can improve the strategies of both Social Media and content marketing.

Website Design:

  • Sherice Jacob’s blog helps marketers understand the difference between custom Website Design from regular Website Design.
  • John Maccwa offers Web Design tips for improving the performance of your SEO campaigns.

UX/UI Design:

  • Kunjal Panchal lists the expected web design trends that can impact UX in the year 2019.