This week’s roundup, includes tips to improve User Experience by mastering content, improve your CRO strategy, and protect your business from deleterious reviews.

Learn how to improve your Email conversion rate, and get more people share your content on Social Media. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

From the UpCity Blog:

  • UpCity is giving away $30,000 in free marketing services to a member of our Top Local Agency community. Enter to win today.
  • Founder of Raincross, Kevin Watts, explores the benefits of working with a Google Partner Agency for PPC services.
  • If you handle your client’s social media marketing, read about the benefits of Instagram feature accounts from Websauce Studio.
  • Los Angeles-based agency Kobe Digital gives 5 reasons why SMBs need to invest in programmatic advertising.
  • Top agencies tackle one of our Agency Playbook topics: overcoming common barriers in the pitch process.

Content Marketing:

  • Gregor Schmidt offers helpful tips to create engaging Content that could prompt readers to share it with another audience.
  • Janeene High emphasizes the need to use SEO techniques and keep your calls to action simple, for taking your Content Marketing efforts to a new high.
  • Megan Duffy highlights how blogging can benefit your business.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Jake Kurtz to create an effective Content strategy for your business.
  • Learn how to take an audience first approach for your Content, from Carlijn Postma’s blog.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Shane Barker discusses how strategies such as optimizing your checkout page and using machine learning to identify website issues, can help marketers enhance their CRO efforts.
  • Learn how techniques such as writing compelling content, offering incentives and split testing your landing pages can improve your CRO strategy, from Yash Vardhan’s blog.
  • Irfan Yaqoob’s blog highlights the significance of keyword research, On-site SEO, Local SEO and social media marketing, in the process of Conversion Optimization.
  • Sam Reid discusses how marketers can increase Conversions and revenue using the site search feature on the website.


  • Jonathan Herrick highlights the mistakes that must be avoided while utilizing CRM data, to boost revenue and deepen customer relationships.

Email Marketing:

  • Kelvin Odanz offers guidance to create order confirmation Emails, that can create a positive impression for your brand and secure the loyalty of customers.
  • Kylee Brown emphasizes the need for customizing Emails and using social media to the fullest, to take the Email Marketing of your small business to a new high.
  • Learn how strategies such as establishing the client’s lifecycle, nurturing leads and sending reminder Emails can improve your Email conversion rate, from Ronald Dod’s blog.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Janice Wood discusses how responsive design and Mobile first design are different, and highlights how businesses can get affected by Mobile first design.
  • Sarah Wolterman explains why it better be as easy to view and use your website on the mobile phone as it is on the desktop.

Reputation Management:

  • Alan Rabinowitz’s blog presents strategies to protect your business from deleterious reviews.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Brian Miller’s blog lists clearly defined reasons for marketers to revamp their SEO strategies.
  • John Vargo draws special attention to black hat SEO practices that must be avoided for ranking high in Search Engines.
  • John Slimak highlights how posting inferior content, neglecting keyword research and stuffing content with keywords can be detrimental for any SEO campaign.

Social Optimization:

  • Lexie Lu discusses effective ways to capitalize on a platform’s strength and improve performance on Social Media.
  • Arthur Yao offers guidance to help marketers optimize their Social Media posts.
  • Follow the B2B Marketing tips from Chelsea Trautman to boost your Social Media presence and improve business results.
  • Learn how to get more people share your content on Social Media, from Neil Patel’s blog.


  • Learn how to improve User Experience by mastering Content, from Jamie Campbell’s blog.
  • Sean Si offers useful tips to revamp your web pages for better User Experience.
  • Bogdan Sandu draws special attention to the best practices for search UI design.