This week’s roundup, includes tips to create a data driven Email Marketing strategy, boost Conversions using any landing page, and optimize your website from a mobile SEO standpoint.

Learn how to use text Emails in your Email Marketing strategy, and market your business using Social Media giveaways. We’ve covered all of this news and, much more, below!

From the UpCity Blog:

  • Web Full Circle explores tactics for improving conversion rates for field service businesses.
  • Step one in building a business is crucial: choosing a name. River + Wolf has 5 steps to getting it right.
  • UpCity’s Pete Rufo gives an inside look at successfully selling SEO to small businesses.
  • Priority Marketing shares their expertise on finding the most cost-effective way to reach people in the non-profit sector.

Content Marketing:

  • Follow the valuable tips from James Scherer to create high quality Content for your website.
  • Kevin Joyce offers guidance to formulate your Content Marketing strategy in the year 2018.
  • Learn how to create an effective B2C Content Marketing strategy from Ariana Smith’s blog.
  • Claire Hawes highlights how Content Marketing can be integrated with SEO to get more traffic and sales to your website.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Christie Uzebu emphasizes the need to change the color of your Call to Action button, and have clear and precise headlines for increasing your Conversion rate.
  • Vivek offers valuable tips to boost Conversions using any landing page.
  • Learn why it is imperative to include social proof and focus on the most important message of the marketing campaign, from Connor Cranford’s blog.


Email Marketing:

  • Justin Herring highlights the need to test subject lines rigorously, and use powerful images and videos for improving the effectiveness of Email Marketing.
  • Learn how to use text Emails in your Email Marketing strategy, from Amie Perrott’s blog.
  • Janice Wald highlights why it is important to know your audience, create an Email list and build customer loyalty for improving your Email Marketing strategy.
  • Sarena Brown offers guidance to create a data driven Email Marketing strategy.

Local Optimization:

  • Jennifer Kelly highlights the significance of Google My Business page for ranking your business high in Local Search.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Andrew McLoughlin highlights how responsible digital marketing is changing SEO’s shady reputation.
  • Learn how to do keyword research like a 10 year SEO veteran from John Lincoln’s blog.
  • Brad Shorr’s blog presents the best practices for link building change and highlights how link building can give you a decisive SEO advantage.
  • Follow the valuable SEO tips from Swati Gupta to optimize your website from a mobile standpoint.

Social Optimization:

  • Maiya Wall highlights the mistakes that must be avoided in Social Media and offers guidance to improve the performance of your Social Media campaigns.
  • Lean how to improve your website conversion rate using Social Media from Tomer Harel’s blog.
  • Mantas Ciuksys emphasizes the need to track users who convert into leads after engaging with your brand.
  • Angela offers guidance to build your brand on Social Media.
  • Learn how to market your business using Social Media giveaways, from Krishna Shastry’s blog.


  • GoingClear Interactive explains that by using mobile optimization, you can establish a strategic advantage over your competitors, delight your visitors and increase conversions.
  • Learn how to create a fascinating UI or UX design for mobile applications from Harnil Oza’s blog.
  • Follow the tips from J.O. Miller to use UX for building better websites.
  • Roman highlights the role of UX design in mobile and web building.