This week’s roundup includes tips to improve the performance of content marketing campaigns, increase profits with email marketing, and boost your SEO strategy. Learn how to increase sales with CRO and start a social media optimization campaign. We’ve covered all of this news and much more, below!

From the UpCity Blog:

  • Our manager of SEO & social media, Jordan Stella, sat down with Kriston Sellier of id8 to discuss how the agency got its start, id8’s approach to building client relationships, and the booming Atlanta tech market in our latest From the Ground Up interview.
  • Steve Wiideman discusses how small businesses can start addressing voice searchers.
  • Kristen Friend goes over how to use design elements to keep your website’s visitors engaged.
  • Lauren Snyder provides tips for optimizing your company’s Instagram profile.
  • Kristen Bryan explains how focusing efforts on creating a brand identity will in turn improve sales.

Content Marketing:

  • Chakraborty discusses the commonly made mistakes of content marketers and offers guidance to improve the performance of content marketing campaigns.
  • JD Maleh highlights the significance of content marketing in today’s scenario.
  • Kim Moutsos offers guidance to revamp your content marketing campaigns when your content has not achieved the desired results.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Kaya Ismail to improve your content marketing efforts.
  • Learn how to improve your content marketing strategy with Instagram from Shane Barker’s blog.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Amrit Hallan offers copywriting tips to boost your website conversion rate.
  • Follow the conversion rate optimization tips from Jacel Booth to increase sales.
  • Haley Carpenter presents an overview of CRO and discusses how it helps improve the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Email Marketing:

  • Learn how to increase the chances of getting your emails opened from Garry West’s blog.
  • Mahesh CK discusses how email marketing can help marketers narrow down their audience, measure results, and have personalized interaction.

Local SEO:

  • Learn how to rank higher in local search and gain more customers from Ryan Duke’s blog.
  • Shane Black highlights the significance of Local SEO in today’s scenario and discusses the strategies that will improve Local SEO.
  • Mark Coleman discusses how Local SEO can help businesses know their audience, benefit from targeted searches, and attain higher search rankings.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Guido Bartolacci discusses how it is imperative for marketers to keep CTAs accessible and understanding user behavior when they optimize the site for mobile.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Brent Wildman details the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO.
  • John E Lincoln discusses how image schema markup can create rich results with pictures.
  • Richard Dean draws special attention to the white hat link building techniques that can be implemented right way.
  • Ryan Kh highlights how techniques such as identifying niche keywords, conducting a site audit and acquiring high quality backlinks can help you improve your SEO strategy.

Social Optimization:

  • Learn how to start a social media optimization campaign with Ryan Andrews’s blog.
  • Follow the tips from Shay Cronin to improve the performance of your social media campaigns.
  • Mashum Mollah emphasizes the need for engaging with influencer marketing and creating share-worthy content to boost your SMO efforts.

UI/UX Design:

  • Chris Kirksey discusses how user experience presents a key to unlock loyal customers and achieve higher search engine rankings.
  • Zach Naylor provides a guide to user research analysis.

Website Design:

  • Kelly Groover discusses how a website that is optimized for both Google and your users will help drive traffic, create higher conversion rates, and increase sales.
  • Andrew Cabasso shares a detailed guide of questions web designers should ask new clients during onboarding and why it’s beneficial to do so.
Manager of SEO & Social Media at

Jordan is the Manager of SEO & Social Media at UpCity. With almost a decade of experience designing websites and writing compelling copy, Jordan has helped countless brands find their voice, tell their story, and connect with real people.