This week’s roundup includes tips to create an effective content marketing strategy, improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns, and increase your organic traffic. Learn how to scale up your business with UX Design strategies, and determine product-market fit in your industry. We’ve covered all of this news and much more, below!

From the UpCity Blog:

  • S. Adam Rizzieri shares his insight on what we can expect from this is a huge rise in real-life use cases around the Internet of Things technology, and even stronger demands for data science outputs thanks to a newly strengthened, interconnected infrastructure that will carry unprecedented amounts of data.
  • Our manager of SEO & social media, Jordan Stella, sat down with Marton Varo of Brandefy to discuss how Brandefy got its start, how they approach the video production process, in our latest From the Ground Up interview.
  • Dan Lougheed chats about when it comes to creating effective video content for Facebook, he shares 5 key tips on the subject.
  • Daniel Klein provides insights on how crucial it is to understand that a business cannot succeed on Facebook without an organic social media strategy.
  • Grant Polachek highlights why audience testing is a vital step in the business naming process.

Content Marketing:

  • Anna Hrach highlights the importance of documenting your goals and researching the needs of your audience, for creating an effective content marketing strategy.
  • Nick Throlson discusses how content marketing can help businesses reach a wider audience, build trust, improve brand equity and enhance their SEO efforts.
  • Ahava Leibtag’s blog presents a checklist that can help marketers create valuable content.
  • Learn how to optimize your content for SEO, from Jeremy Hartt’s blog.
  • Meg Carpenter offers valuable tips for improving your content marketing strategy.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Moss Clement presents an overview of website conversion optimization and highlights the benefits of implementing conversion optimization.
  • Bruce Swann’s blog presents an overview of B2B and B2C strategies, to understand consumer journeys better and identify learning opportunities for the benefit of your business.

Email Marketing:

  • Litmus’s blog discusses how email testing can help marketers identify issues and ensure a great experience for subscribers.
  • Kimberly Jimenez highlights the need for creating a promotional calendar, split testing subject lines and including more stories, to improve email open rates and click-through rates.
  • Follow the valuable tips from Debolina Coomar to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns.
  • Alexander Porter emphasizes the need for email marketers to include interactivity and hyper personalization in their strategies, to increase conversions.

Local SEO:

  • Mike Speer offers guidance to help marketers dominate local search results with Google posts.
  • Barry Schwartz discusses how a drop in traffic from Google Maps, can impact local businesses in terms of foot traffic and website traffic.
  • Catherine Heath highlights how strategies such as claiming your Google My Business listing and overhauling your on-page SEO can boost your local SEO efforts.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Emir Ibric highlights how a mobile responsive website can affect the ranking of your website.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Learn how to create a favicon for your site and avoid penalties in the SERPs, from John E Lincoln’s blog.
  • Jakub Rudnik offers guidance to help marketers increase their organic traffic.
  • Ryan Esco discusses how user experience, voice search, and images will trend in SEO this year.
  • George Nguyen draws special attention to the present scenario of SEO and offers guidance to prepare your business for Google’s new search customer journey.

Social Optimization:

  • Follow the tips from John W Hayes to enhance your social media marketing efforts.
  • Learn how to market your brand effectively using social media platforms, from Denies Branson’s blog.

UI/UX Design:

  • Daniel Schwarz highlights the UX mistakes that must be avoided and outlines UX strategies to scale up your business.

Website Design:

  • Danny Hall discusses how trends such as easy navigation and micro interactions will define the field of website design in 2019.

PPC Strategy:

  • Joel Bondorowsky discusses how the right tools and well optimized ads are imperative to drive PPC traffic successfully.

Product Marketing: