This week’s roundup includes tips to create an effective content marketing strategy, increase website conversions, and rank higher in local search. Learn how to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns and automate your social media in the right manner. We’ve covered all of this news and much more below!

From the UpCity Blog:

  • Our own manager of content & product marketing, Jordan Stella, sat down with Rolando Herrera from Insignia SEO in our latest From the Ground Up interview.
  • Kitty Cobb offers her advice for optimizing your Google Shopping data feed to drive higher traffic and sales to your e-commerce store.
  • Dan Stark provides tips for knowing when it’s time to redesign your financial website.
  • Learn how to create highly-targeted PPC campaigns for your legal practice using negative keywords with help from Bill Hauser.
  • Michelene Maguire discusses how to create effective case studies that actually convert.
  • These tips from Eric Ritter will help you get started with Google My Business posts so you can improve your local SEO.

Content Marketing:

  • Jon Graves offers useful content marketing tips to drive qualified traffic and rank your website in search engines.
  • Paula Grochalova from G2 provides guidance to help marketers attract new customers and generate leads through content distribution.
  • Katy French highlights the importance of having a long-term content marketing strategy today.
  • Eric Melillo emphasizes the need for researching your niche, assigning clear goals, and optimizing content for SEO to create an effective content marketing strategy.

Conversion Optimization:

  • Follow the valuable tips from Todd Terwillegar to increase conversions on your website.
  • Learn how to increase the conversion rate of your website pop-ups with help from Thomas Shields’s blog.
  • Shane Barker discusses how strategies such as offering a personalized experience and providing answers quickly can enhance your CRO efforts.

Email Marketing:

  • Sam Stemler underscores the need to set goals, personalize emails, and perform A/B tests for improving your email marketing strategy.
  • Juhil Mendpara highlights the significance of email marketing for businesses today and discusses how marketers can benefit from it.
  • Marianne Chrisos discusses how techniques such as using a CTA, personalizing content, and keeping your copy concise can enhance the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Local SEO:

  • Brandon George draws special attention to a number of local SEO tactics that can help businesses rank their better locally.
  • Kayla Matthews discusses how local voice search and online brand mentions will contribute to local SEO in 2019.

Mobile Optimization:

  • Kevin Chow’s blog offers guidance to help marketers get started with mobile SEO.

Reputation Management:

  • Diona Kidd discusses why review generation is imperative for building your online reputation.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • John Locke’s blog discusses why he thinks Google added favicons to the SERPs and the impact that that is having on SEO.
  • AZ Big Media highlights 8 major SEO mistakes that must be avoided at all costs.
  • Justin Zhao offers guidance to optimize your content from an SEO standpoint.
  • Corie Stark emphasizes the need for making voice search an inherent part of your SEO strategy.
  • Learn how to boost your SEO efforts by avoiding keyword stuffing with help from Devin Pickell from G2.
  • Roger Montti discusses how SEO rankings cannot be solely attributed to expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Social Optimization:

  • Learn how to build a brand using social media with these tips from Lance Concannon’s blog.
  • Ben Sailer offers guidance to help marketers automate their social media campaigns in the right manner.
  • Andrew Rayment discusses how social media posts, social media ads, and chatbots are emerging as the latest social media trends.

UI/UX Design:

  • Jonny Grass’s blog lists the key principles of UX Design that every business should follow.
  • Learn how to implement accessibility into the design of your website with help from Keaton Robbins’s blog.
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Jordan is the Manager of SEO & Social Media at UpCity. With almost a decade of experience designing websites and writing compelling copy, Jordan has helped countless brands find their voice, tell their story, and connect with real people.